Candy Crush Levels Guide – World One Episodes 4 – 6

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Candy Crush Saga Episode 4 Chocolate Mountains

Chocolate Mountains Episode 4

Levels 36-50

If you are wondering how to get to level 36 like some others, check out our article on Unlocking New Episodes. Once you’ve got the Episode unlocked, your likely to find the Chocolate Mountains pretty enjoyable after all the pain of Lemonade Lake. The new Licorice Locks are far from the worst obstacles you’ll face – so enjoy the calm before the storm. Check out all our tips below and see if you can beat your friends and claim the title of Chocolate Mountaineer.

Candy Crush Level 36 The first official Licorice Lock level (recall you had a brief encounter in Level 25), you should find Candy Crush Level 36 to be pretty easy. Just focus on clearing out the Locks and Icing, and before long you’ll have space to make the Special Candies and Special Candy Combos you need to get a high score and clear this one.

Candy Crush Level 37 In Candy Crush Level 37, you can see more of the pain that Licorice Locks can cause. By dividing the level in half, the Locks make it hard to get started. Consider rerolling the level until you have a good starting move to break up some Locks. Once you get a toe-hold, try and maximize your moves by clearing Locks, Icing, and Jellies with Striped Candies, or Striped Candy Combos. A well placed Striped + Wrapped (towards the bottom center) can make short work of the level.

Candy Crush Level 38 While it looks different, the strategy for Level 38 is pretty similar to Level 37. Break through the Locks and Icing till you can get towards the middle bottom, then set off Special Candies to clear it all out. As usual, Striped + Wrapped is very effective.

Candy Crush Level 39 Level 39 is considered somewhat hard, and it can definitely burn through a few of your lives. The best strategy is to try and break through a few Locks on the bottom, and then fire off a Horizontal Striped Candy or a Striped Candy Combo to clear the rest. Remember that you can use Vertical Striped Candies to drop Ingredients all the way out, even if they are above the Ingredient. You’ll find that the are hard to make near the edge of the board where the Ingredients spawn, so look for chances to move the Ingredients towards the middle with matches. Striped + Color Bomb can be very effective on this level, and you have enough moves to feasibly get it.

Candy Crush Level 40 The stair-step design of Candy Crush Level 40 will pop up several more times throughout your Saga of crushing candies. It makes it harder to reach candies on the bottom left, and you’ll notice that where King put the Double Jellies… by no coincidence. Your 30 moves will run out quick, so you’ll need to get to work breaking down the Licorice Locks early on. Consider rerolling the level if you don’t have a good opening move against the Locks. Once you’ve got a hole started, try for a Striped + Wrapped. Just about anywhere on the middle or left side of the board will be a good place for one – and should net you the win.

Candy Crush Level 41 Level 41 is another bread and butter Locks level, where you need to clear Jellies. It would be no big deal, but the lack of moves will make it a challenge. Generally you should focus on clearing out the center, to try and make space for some Special Candy Combos, but keep an eye out for chances to clear the corner Locks/Jellies. A Striped + Color Bomb will be your best chance for success.

Candy Crush Level 42 A nice break after the Level 41, Candy Crush Level 42 is a classic tale of Licorice Lock meets Ingredient. Luckily, Vertical Striped Candies and Striped Candy Combos can rip right through the Locks and give the Ingredients a one way ticket to freedom. With plenty of moves, this level is no big deal.

Candy Crush Level 43 A Timed Level with Licorice Locks you say? It might sounds daunting, but its no big deal this time. Try and clear Locks early on, and pretty soon you should have a wide open board and plenty of time to get the Target Score. Remember to work from the bottom once the board is opened up, to maximize simple combos that you need to create the “+5 candies”.

Candy Crush Level 44 Another Locks with Ingredients level, this time with some open spaces to add a little more difficulty. You’ve got plenty of moves, so just start by breaking Locks that are in the way of your Ingredients, and then use the usual tricks for getting the Ingredients out.

Candy Crush Level 45 Candy Crush Level 45 has this weird candy right in the middle, with Jelly underneath it!! How are you supposed to clear that? Fear not, we’ve written a detailed guide on this level here.

Candy Crush Level 46 Level 46 is a lot like Level 41 you played not long ago, but it has punishingly few moves to clear all of the Jelly. Take your time and consider each move. A well placed Wrapped Candy, or Special Candy Combo, will make a huge difference – and is almost required to win. Keep at it, and you’ll get past this one pretty quick.

Candy Crush Level 47 After that last one, you could use a simple objective and plenty of moves right? Well lucky you, because Level 47 is just that. Clear out the Locks, make some Special Candy Combos, and you’ll have no trouble with this one.

Candy Crush Level 48 One of the many “intersecting squares” layouts, Candy Crush Level 48 is a typical “get rid of the obstacle” level. Focus early moves on clearing the Locks, then use Special Candies and Combos to clear the remaining Jellies.

Candy Crush Level 49 With 33 moves, Level 49 is a pretty straightforward Ingredients level. Vertical Striped Candies will make short work of this one, but if you are having trouble creating them, just focus on clearing out the Icing and Locks under each Ingredient. Once you’ve cleared a path to the bottom, Special Candies should make it pretty easy to get the Ingredients out.

Candy Crush Level 50 Candy Crush Level 50 is considered by some to be the hardest level in the Chocolate Mountain Episode. You might have another favorite nemesis in the group by now, but either way it will cause you some frustration. The choppy pattern of open spaces and Licorice Locks will make it hard to get at all of the Jellies. Look for chances to make Special Candies, especially Striped + Color Bomb which can by a huge help. When in doubt, go for moves that break Locks, as this will help you more easily make Special Candies in future moves.

Candy Crush Saga Episode 5 Minty Meadow

Minty Meadow Episode 5

Levels 51-65
The Minty Meadow comes with a whiny Unicorn that somehow lost his horn… I mean how does a Unicorn lose it’s horn? It also comes with something 100 times more annoying: Chocolate. Yes, you’ve made it to the big leagues now, and King is ready to dole out the pain in heaping handfuls. If you want to be the best of your friends and claim the coveted title of Lollipop Ranger, you’ll need to read on below for all our tips and tricks on the Meadow.

Candy Crush Level 51 Meet Chocolate. It hates you. It exists only to cause you suffering. It isn’t fair, it has no remorse, and it seems to be programmed to specifically target whatever candy you were about to move next. Pretty much every level in the Minty Meadow includes Chocolate, so now would be a good time to read up on tips and tricks to beat it. Level 51 isn’t that bad once you get the hang of the Chocolate. Try to plan your moves so you break at least one piece of Chocolate per turn, but remember that your objective is to clear the Jellies. Just like other Jelly levels, firing off a Special Candy from the middle of the Jelly bunch is a good way to secure victory.

Candy Crush Level 52 From the very first move on Level 52, Chocolate will start growing. This means it may be worth rerolling the level in order to get a board that starts with a match that breaks Chocolate. Your real goal is the nine Jelly squares at the bottom, behind the Licorice Locks – so don’t lose sight of that. Like similar levels, if you can punch to the bottom, Horizontal Striped Candies or Striped Candy Combos can make short work of things.

Candy Crush Level 53 With plenty of moves, and decent bit of space, Level 53 should not give you much trouble. Try to get an early break in the Licorice, then break your way through the Chocolate to get those Jellies. Your old friend Striped + Wrapped can do some major damage as usual.

Candy Crush Level 54 Once you punch a hole in the initial Licorice Lock barricade on Candy Crush Level 54, you open up a bunch more candies for Chocolate to expand into. Try and snuff it out early in the level, so it doesn’t become a distraction. After that, it becomes a pretty straightforward Ingredients level. Vertical Striped Candies to the rescue!

Candy Crush Level 55 No Chocolate – hooray! However, with only 15 moves, Level 55 can be a real beast. The strategy is to clear Icing over to where the Ingredient is locked up, and then use your remaining moves to get it out. Using a Striped + Wrapped or a Striped + Color Bomb can make this much easier – but even with them it can often come down to luck. Take your time, especially when you get to your last few moves. With enough attempts, you will eventually get lucky and pass this abuser.

Candy Crush Level 56 Candy Crush Level 56 can be a tough one, and in fact some now think it is tougher than the legendary Level 65, once revered as the toughest of them all. On the upside, you’ve got a decent number of moves to play with, but with Chocolate and Locks they can easily get burned up. The trick is to punch a hole into the bottom level AND choose the location of the hole in a place that you can make further matches to break Chocolate and gain control of the bottom. It can be helpful to make several Special Candies before punching your first hole, because they will often fall to the lower level and detonate, making it easier to gain control. It is usually worth it to reroll the level to be sure you’ve got some good Vertical Striped Candy matches to start. If the Chocolate takes over, you’re probably sunk – and don’t be surprised if this level does take a few attempts.

Candy Crush Level 57 By now another Ingredients level with Chocolate should seem no big surprise. Level 57 doesn’t add anything out of the norm, so just use your usual strategy of keeping the Chocolate under control and using Special Candies to help get the Ingredients out. Vertical Stripes will save you a bunch of moves, and well placed Striped + Wrapped can knock out all or most of the Chocolate and Icing.

Candy Crush Level 58 More than most of the other levels you’ve faced in this Episode, Candy Crush Level 58 is sort of a Chocolate “trap”. Perhaps the first, and certainly not the last of its kind, these traps present you with a situation in which it is hard to not create a match which will release the Chocolate. In this case, the Icing will hold the Chocolate at bay, until you break it. Use this to your advantage in the early moves, and clear as much Jelly as possible. If at some point you break the Icing (and you probably will), then try and eliminate the Chocolate as soon as possible.

Candy Crush Level 59 Level 59 is one of the few Timed Levels in this Episode. It is just about impossible to not release the Chocolate in this Episode, so don’t bother. Just keep matching, and try to break enough Chocolate to keep it at bay. Once you get the board opened up a little, you should find it easier to make Special Candies to increase your score – and possibly eliminate the Chocolate in the process. Even if you never completely get rid of it, this level should be no big whoop.

Candy Crush Level 60 Remember how I said there would be more Chocolate “traps”? Well you didn’t have to wait long. Level 60 is basically a re-tred of level 58, this time with Ingredients as the objective. You should find it easier than 58, because Ingredients are generally less vulnerable to the Chocolate as long as you don’t let it grow too much. Remember that Vertical Striped Candies can cut straight through Icing and Chocolate to get your Ingredients safely out of the board.

Candy Crush Level 61 It will take you a while to get to the abysmal Chocolate in level 61. At first you’ll have your hands full clearing Icing and Licorice Locks. If you get lucky, you may nab a Vertical Striped Candy that you can send down the center column. It’s such a good move that it is worth rerolling the level if you are having trouble with it. Usually, you will have enough moves that even a slow start can be overcome though. Once you get to the point where the Chocolate is released, keep your eye on it, but don’t obsess. It is very possible to beat the level without clearing all of the Chocolate – just keep it clear from the bottom areas where you still have Jelly to clear.

Candy Crush Level 62 Level 62 may take a few attempts just because you don’t get that many moves, and it is possible to get unlucky with falling candies. Like other Chocolate traps before it, this level will keep the Chocolate at bay, as long as you don’t break any Licorice Locks. Once the Locks are open, you’ll have the Chocolate to deal with in addition to your primary goal of moving the Ingredients down – so it is best to avoid it as long as possible. Beyond that this level is much like most Ingredients levels though – a few Vertical Striped Candies are sure to spell victory.

Candy Crush Level 63 Candy Crush Level 63 is a great example of what you’ll learn to hate about the game. The objective is basic enough. Clear the 4 double Jellies in 20 moves. Surveying the board you’ll determine you need to break some Chocolate to make that happen, and with your experience with Chocolate so far you’ll probably know that it’s a good idea to keep breaking it every turn, to avoid it spreading. Now, here are the fun parts of King’s hate algorithm. First, Chocolate seems to favor objectives like Jellies – the first turn you don’t break Chocolate you can expect it to go for one of your exposed Jellies. This really sucks, since Jellies covered by Chocolate take an extra move to clear, in an area which is probably already challenged for matches. Second, this level has a ridiculously high score target. Even if you manage to clear all of the Jellies, and even all of the Chocolate, it is still very easy to fail the score target. You almost have to create Special Candy Combos involving Color Bombs in order to get a score high enough to beat the target. Luckily, when you finally manage to make one of these difficult combos, it will do most of the work for you and wipe out all or most of the remaining Chocolate and Jellies.

Candy Crush Level 64 Level 64 should bring a sigh of relief compared to what you’ve been facing off against. It is a Timed Level, but don’t get to anxious. Keep making matches, watch for Special Candies, and don’t worry about Chocolate too much as long as it isn’t choking the candy supply. Clearing the Icing and Locks will help to open up the board and make it easier to form Special Candies and combos.

Candy Crush Level 65 While it is nothing like it’s former horror, Level 65 is still a beast. Check out our detailed tips and tricks for defeating the most notorious level in Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Episode 6 Easter Bunny Hills

Easter Bunny Hills Episode 6

Levels 66-80
The Easter Bunny Hills introduce the Teleporter, which I actually rather like. Unlike many of the other gameplay mechanics, it can often be as much of a help to you as an obstacle. I also just like the fact that it forces you to take non-linear paths and visualize them in a linear way. This is cool and interesting to me, the exact opposite of the computer always wins tactics of Chocolate. Hopefully you will enjoy the Teleporters as much as I do, and strive to gain the illustrious title of Chief Egglayer.

Candy Crush Level 66 Meet the Teleporter. It works much like you’d expect. This Ingredients level shouldn’t be a big challenge, but it will give you an idea of how Teleporters work. Striped Candies of both varieties are effective, with the Vertical Stripes having the usual advantage for Ingredients levels. Note that the Striped + Wrapped combo is even more powerful on this type of level, since the horizontal sweep can effectively counts twice as it hits the two sides of the column.

Candy Crush Level 67 To keep a small obstacle from becoming a game-losing nuisance, I recommend rerolling the level until you’ve got some good opening moves to knock out the Chocolate. From that point, the level just becomes about efficiency, and the proper use of Special Candies. Striped Candies in the unleashed on the rows or columns of Jellies are extremely effective, and in fact will be fairly necessary because of the limited move count. The Teleporters play a very minor role in this level, but keep an eye on them just so you can keep track of how candies are falling – it will be good practice for later.

Candy Crush Level 68 Level 68 is one of the levels where the Teleporter can be both a friend and a foe. Initially, Licorice Locks will keep the Teleporter bound up, and you may even reach the point of shuffling the board because you start to run low on candies. You may look at the move count and think the level will be nearly impossible. Luckily, once you break the Locks and set the Teleporter loose, you unleash a significant chain reaction that often clears a ton of Jellies. At first this seems great, but it does tend to make the area right above the Teleporter on the bottom right a difficult to clear zone, since candies are constantly shifting out the bottom, making it hard to plan moves. Try and hit those Jellies with Horizontal Striped Candies and Striped Candy Combos, and you should have this level bested pretty quick.

Candy Crush Level 69 In a brief departure from Teleporters, Level 69 pits you against another CCS trope – the “bottleneck”. In this case, you have a narrow column that is blocked with Icing which prevents you from reaching the target Jellies. The level is not all that challenging if you get a good start (rerolling the level can help here). Try to make use of Striped Candies and Striped Candy Combos to knock out as many Jellies as possible in one move.

Candy Crush Level 70 This level is truly a beast – the hardest in the Episode and one of the hardest in the game. We need to talk details. Check out our guide on Candy Crush Level 70 here.

Candy Crush Level 71 Candy Crush Level 71 fits another common Candy Crush archetype – the “Striped Candy Sniping” type. If you can think way back to Level 31, you may recall needing to use Vertical Candies to hit other candies in an off-the-board space where matches weren’t possible. Well, be prepared to see a lot more of those scenarios. In this case you’ve got some Licorice Locks* that are off the board and preventing candies from falling. You’ve also got another narrow patch with a **Jelly you need to get to. In both cases, Striped Candies and Striped Candy Combos are pretty much the only way to get at these candies. Keep an eye on the few long paths on the board, both vertically and horizontally. These will be the easiest places to find Striped Candy matches. Score a few of those, and you should be good to go.

Candy Crush Level 72 Level 72 is another “bottleneck” level, but this one is a little nastier. Clearing the Icing and Chocolate towards the center is your first priority. You then need to break the Locks, and ultimately the Icing and Chocolate below. The shortest path for the Ingredients is along the outside, and there is actually a dead spot in the very middle, so be careful not to switch the Ingredients into it or they can get stuck. Leaving them on the outside is best. Once they reach the bottom edge of the top half of the board, use Horizontal Striped and Striped + Wrapped Combos in the center to keep them moving across the break.

Candy Crush Level 73 Starting in the ditch, you have to dig your way out on Level 73. Jellies at the bottom of the board are completely covered by Chocolate. To free them, you need to start with Vertical Striped Candies or Striped Candy Combos. It is recommended to queue several up before you launch your attack, since the Chocolate will immediately begin expanding once you break into it and it can be hard to get a foot hold with the two or three candies a single Vertical Striped Candy will clear. One of the less obvious effects of Striped Candies is that they will actually clear Chocolate in the neighboring columns (or rows), but only if the column they are hitting has no Chocolate. This can be very useful for wiping out that last little bit of Chocolate that is in your way.

Candy Crush Level 74 Level 74 contains no Teleporters, but it is in the same vein of non-linear candy pathing. At the beginning of the level you’ll have a little bit of Icing and Chocolate to deal with, but if you are careful you should be able to take those out pretty quick. With your remaining moves, you just need to try and focus on Striped Candies and Combos to free all of the Ingredients. Like usual, Vertical Striped Candies help out a lot here.

Candy Crush Level 75 To really add some confusion, Candy Crush Level 75 presents a scenario where you expect Teleporter behavior, when in fact there is none. The game can be very inconsistent in this way, and it is definitely frustrating. For whatever reason, the row at the bottom of this level is isolated, and new candies will not fall into it from above. This means that if you don’t have initial matches when you start the level, then the only way to clear the Jellies is Special Candies. Luckily the board is pretty big, so they aren’t that hard to create. Rerolling the level to get a starting match on the bottom is an option, but even if you don’t, be sure you keep an eye out for any chance to clear Jellies down there. The Jellies on the very ends will be the hardest, since it can be tough to aim Striped Candies at them. Also keep an eye out for Striped + Color Bomb, because if you can get that combo you are often home free.

Candy Crush Level 76 Level 76 seems simple at face value, but it’s one of those times where Teleporters are both helpful and hurtful. We decided to give a detailed guide on it here.

Candy Crush Level 77 Coming off a hard one, Candy Crush Level 77 kicks you when you are down. Do not despair! We have a full guide here.

Candy Crush Level 78 Phew, finally an easier level! Level 78 is a pretty basic Ingredients level, with some Teleporters thrown in to spice things up. Pay close attention to their location, because the Teleporters will make or break you as you move the Ingredients towards the center bottom. You may be tempted to move the Ingredients out of the path they are following towards the center to speed things up, but don’t do it. More often then not this will result in an Ingredient getting stuck at the bottom of on of the “non-teleporter” columns, and once it is in this position it is very hard to dislodge. Both Vertical and Horizontal Special Candies will be beneficial for moving the Ingredients out – so try to just imagine the Ingredients on a long linear path to the exit, and keep making matches that move them along.

Candy Crush Level 79 Just when you are starting to feel better, King brings in another kidney punch with Candy Crush Level 79. Fight back with the detailed tips in this article.

Candy Crush Level 80 Finishing the Episode on a high note, Level 80 is pretty easy Timed Level that shows off some of the coolness of chained Teleporters. You need to keep making matches to clear the initial Icing and Chocolate, but once you get to the Teleporters you can string some pretty long combos together and should have not trouble getting extra time with “+5 Candies” using our tip on cascading combos. Remember that Special Candies that you don’t crush will still count toward your final score when time runs out. Enjoy this break, because there will be more challenges ahead in the next Episode.

Check back soon for more! Stuck on a later hard level? Check out our guide to hard levels in Candy Crush Saga!

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