How do I clear Candy Crush Saga level 79?

Candy Crush Saga level 79 is a terrible, difficult, frustrating level. However, I’m going to do my best to help you get past it. Jellies and double jellies make it pretty annoying, but it is the chocolate and licorice cages that make Candy Crush Level 79 truly soul-sucking. Read on for some tips to crush those candies!

Candy Crush Saga level 79

The first priority (of many) is that chocolate in the bottom center. This level is nearly impossible if you don’t start by clearing it. I suggest rolling this level a good 20-30 times (Need info on rolling? Click here!) until you’ve got two matches ready made at the bottom to clear the chocolate. You just do not have the matches to mess around with the chocolate. If you fail to clear it early, it’s likely the bottom half of the board lacks the matches to contain it, and you’re going to end up stuck.

The screenshot I’ve provided has a sample of a starting position for Candy Crush level 79 where there are two matches ready-made. Be careful, as there are some patterns that break once you’ve made one match at the bottom. Depending on the positioning, the order in which you make the matches may differ.

Past that there are two major challenges to winning level 79. One is the licorice cages, which block some of the tiles in the bottom center. These are tricky because there are empty squares that block some of them from being valid matches. The center column is also problematic. Clearing the frosting requires matches in some very specific places, and then you’ve got some restricted tiles in the middle.

While you’re working on matches to clear these problem spots, keep your eyes peeled for special candy matches in the top third of the level, which will give you the extra “oomph” you need to clear the rest of the squares before your turns run out.

Keep your eyes peeled for that teleporter in the center column as well. It will prevent any of the candies at the top from reaching the center, which may screw up your plans for candy domination.

Suffice it to say, Candy Crush level 79 takes a lot of luck. When I finally cleared it (after several days worth of attempts) I ended up clearing the chocolate in 2 moves, then managed to make a color bomb, two wrapped candies, and about 12 striped candies throughout the course of the level. Even then, I only managed to win with one turn left.

  • Johnny

    Great advice! Thanks a lot man. Right after reading this I beat the level in 5 minutes! :)

  • Melinda

    THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I thought I’d be stuck on this level forever. Read a lot of tips but yours about beating the chocolate from the center was what did it for me my second try. I had not even thought about that strategy. Didn’t even need a chocolate Bomb and had 8 moves to spare!! I am sure to be visiting your site again in the future!

  • Annette

    Clear chocolate, don’t clear chocolate, it hasn’t made a difference. It’s been lose/lose. This us no longer fun, enjoyable or challenging. It doesn’t matter anymore. I won’t play on facebook & I’m getting a new phone so I’ll probably install & end up back at level I. I’m beyond annoyed & frustrated.

    • kcat

      I agree. I have also found that I can plan a move out but the game does NOT remove the candies it is supposed to. Plus I have had a colorbomb Not take out all of the candies that are that ccolor or switch on its own. I think they rig it so you have to spend money. No fun! I’m done with it. If every one stopped playing, maybe they would change their ways. I can’t even find somewhere to complain to them!

    • Tiki

      I agree with those who don’t find it fun anymore. Make it a challenge, but when you play for weeks it looses it’s entertainment value and people throw in the towel. It’s a conspiracy to make you spend money for sure!! I give up! It’s not fun!

      • Mavis

        I agree it is becoming annoying and no longeer fun or a challenge.

  • Wheel

    I love the way you say ‘roll the level 20-30 times’ to get two clearing matches at the bottom. I’ve just had 150 restarts on the bounce without the right configuration. I’m giving up for the evening.

    • Yeah, the random number generator is a real pain on this level. When playing it, I’d say I rolled 20-30 times on average, but it still took me a good 15-20 “good starts” to finally get the luck to clear this level. That’s like… 450 rolls on this level total in the best case. Seriously not fun. But when you think about how much time or money I’d have to invest in order to get that many lives, it’s a small(er) price to pay.

  • Thea

    What does roll the level mean? How do you do it?

    • Whoops, I usually link back to my guide when I mention rolling. Click here to get the scoop!

  • Cindy

    You are my go to for tips on candy crush. I don’t want to cheat I just want to learn to be clever about my moves. Which you help me do. Thanks!!

  • schreibey

    Thanks for the tips, but I want to learn about “rolling” and I don’t know the guide you are talking about. Can you please explain? I’m ready to throw my computer!

    • The guide is linked from the post, just click the words “Read the guide!” to go right to it :)

      • schreibey



  • candyaddict

    OMG! I never knew about rollin and I never used any tips until this level of hell. THANK YOU for the advice, my only way and tip for this level is to roll until u can get a chocolate ball and a stripe candy, and even then I had a hardtime getting through it, I cleared the chocolate and about 90% of the jelly with 36 moves left and still lost. My phone’s temperature is crazy right now and I don’t even know what date I have set anymore…probably 2014, but after 2 weeks of playing this freaking level I finally got it and now I’m uninstalling this shit, but thx for the tip

    • schreibey

      It took me 6 weeks to clear one level, so keep with it. I play on FB so I can’t roll on Level 97 and it is killing me! I feel your pain.

  • Ray

    Well, you might just be unlucky. Keep trying and you might make it

    • schreibey

      It’s been a month and I’m still on it. Grrrrrr.

  • Susie

    OMG! Thank you so much! I cleared it on my second attempt thanks to your advice.

  • Emma

    Thanks! Focusing on eliminating the chocolate did the trick, and after two frustrating days I cracked it now in 3 rounds. Great tip!

  • Dion

    Thanks a lot!! I used your technique and managed to clear this level in a few attempts – something I couldn’t manage for days.

    I finished the level on my last move.

  • Ray

    I have been playing this level for weeks. I have lost every time despite having cleared the chocolate.

  • Sandra Messina

    I get it all set up to clear both chocolates but after the first one clears the second one has a blank (no candy) jelly appear so I can’t get to it!. Help!

    • Blank squares mean that the candy can’t fall from the top of the screen to fill a particular area. Candies will shift sideways a bit, but they won’t always fill in every square that is blocked.

      In the case of level 79, it’s those licorice cages around the chocolate that are keeping the candy from filling in the jelly squares. You need to break those cages, and then candy will fill in and you can match to clear the jelly.

  • Jane K

    This level is stressing me out!

    • EBongo

      Hi Jane K! Sorry to hear that. Candy Crush Saga can definitely become intensely frustrating at times – it was designed to evoke that kind of emotion. Just remember that in the end it is just a game, and there are always more lives just around the corner. Sometimes I take a long break, and more often than not when I come back I beat that tough level on the first or second try. Good luck!

  • Bdox

    Thanks so much. Finally passed this level.

  • Marie

    Candy Crush is killing me. Now it is giving me 40 moves instead of 50. Anyone have that happen. It’s hard enough as it is, then to lose moves really stinks.

    • EBongo

      I don’t know what causes it, but occasionally I notice the “victory conditions” change. I can only recall seeing it change in my favor (more moves, or lower score limit, for example). I’ve also only noticed this on Mystery Quests, but it may occur everywhere. I suspect King is constantly tuning things in the background to keep things at right about the level of frustration that will make you want to pay them. :)

  • Jon

    Stuck on this %&@#ing level 3 weeks now. I just read that king makes $633,000 off of this game from in-game purchases worldwide DAILY!!! I am uninstalling and finding a game that is not made forpurchasing

    • EBongo

      Hey Jon, welcome to WOTS! Sorry to hear that you activated the CCS frustration algorithm. I actually respect the game and the amount of content King has added over time, but the randomness and harsh difficulty curve could irritate a saint. Something about it keeps me playing (at least for now), but I don’t blame those who bid it farewell. If you check out the articles here and here we’ve made some suggestions of similar games that aren’t as abusively free to play.

  • Debbie

    I was stuck on this level for 2 whole and very long weeks. I read this tip and collected this level on my first go. Fantastic I’m so glad to move on. Thanks your a Star!!!!

  • candyaddict

    Why did nobody tell me that the same level is showing up again as part of the 3 quests at level 110 ( i think) …cry…played it again for like 10 days, and all of a sudden a color bomb (stripped + wrapped candy) gave me about 90 000 points…IN ONE MOVE…I couldn’t believe it, so its all just about luck I think

    • EBongo

      It is hard to verify, but I believe the Mystery Quests are random, or semi-random. agent86ix and I seem to have played different one at the end of some episodes when we compared notes. I find that they are usually harder levels, but if you got 79 again, sorry :(.

  • Ashley

    After reading this, I thought “yeah right, Just a lucky ahole & then attacked the chocolate 1st & rolled the 1st time ever & beat it with 12 moves left my FIRST try! I am virtiually bowing down to you!

    • Hey, don’t get me wrong, you still have to be one lucky sun-of-a-gun to get through some of these levels. However, hopefully our tips and tricks will ease some of the frustration and get you focused on the right parts of the levels :)

  • Laura Hicks

    Finally cleared them all, but had no sugar crush. Ended the moves and it said I still had one more to get! Wtf?! One more try with this tip then time to delete I think!!

  • Nan

    I finally beat Level 79 purely by luck, and on the very last move! I wasn’t using even a bit of strategy and it happened. SUPER FRUSTRATING level for sure!!!!

  • Kristen

    once I read the tips I was quickly able to beat the level…however after you beat the level you have to either buy a ticket or play the quest, and I not buying tickets.Of course the first quest is to do level 79 AGAIN!!! ARGH!!

  • karen

    I love your tips, but this advice may be the best yet. I flailed around all morning before trying this and it really worked! Cleared it in two rries.

    • EBongo

      Thanks Karen! Really glad that you found this helpful!

  • T

    I struggled for days here and then came across your site. By the time I went back, the purple flower candy vanished. I cleared the level with 3 stars in minutes! I assume they made the level simpler because it was excruciating!

  • PK

    OMG! Read all this – went for the chocs and got a 3 star finish first time!

  • kai archie

    Did the exact opposite. kept the cages intact while I cleared the top & as much other stuff as I could, then destroyed the cages & the chocolate. True the chocolate grows while you do this, but it doesn’t grow very much because it can’t grow past the cages. If you break the cages before you’re ready & the chocolate escapes, you’re done for.

  • Alphie1

    Love this advice. Now how do I use unlock tokens from friends. I accepted and nothing happened and that was on my Samsung and Kindle Fire. What do I do?

    • EBongo

      agent86ix and I tend to play mystery quests to unlock new episodes and I don’t recall ever testing out the ticket method myself. Part of the reason for this is that we hate harassing our friends on Facebook; part of the reason is that the Facebook interface is notorious for bugs in sharing lives and tickets for new episodes. You need 3 tickets to proceed past the end of the episode, but I don’t know of anything special you should have to do beyond accepting them. If you disable Facebook like it mentions in the Mystery Quest article, you should have the option to play the quests instead as a work around.

      • Alphie1

        Thanks EBongo, I found out I have to use 3 unlock tickets some where on a site but I really appreciate your knowledge You are the first after such a long search. I guess that’s the equivalent of having to do three quests which isn’t an available option on my Samsung Galaxy note 2. Once I had the 3 tickets it unlocked. I was looking forward to doing the quest when I realized it’s a no go with my phone. It took about an hour to unlock once I accepted the last ticket. Good looking out for me.

  • agent86ix

    Nice! Good luck, though, as the levels right around 100 are just as hard. We’ve got some other guides for them, but oh boy you’re in for a lot of lost lives…

  • Anthony Mitchell

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