How do I clear Candy Crush Saga level 79?

Candy Crush Saga level 79 is a terrible, difficult, frustrating level. However, I’m going to do my best to help you get past it. Jellies and double jellies make it pretty annoying, but it is the chocolate and licorice cages that make Candy Crush Level 79 truly soul-sucking. Read on for some tips to crush those candies!

Candy Crush Saga level 79

The first priority (of many) is that chocolate in the bottom center. This level is nearly impossible if you don’t start by clearing it. I suggest rolling this level a good 20-30 times (Need info on rolling? Click here!) until you’ve got two matches ready made at the bottom to clear the chocolate. You just do not have the matches to mess around with the chocolate. If you fail to clear it early, it’s likely the bottom half of the board lacks the matches to contain it, and you’re going to end up stuck.

The screenshot I’ve provided has a sample of a starting position for Candy Crush level 79 where there are two matches ready-made. Be careful, as there are some patterns that break once you’ve made one match at the bottom. Depending on the positioning, the order in which you make the matches may differ.

Past that there are two major challenges to winning level 79. One is the licorice cages, which block some of the tiles in the bottom center. These are tricky because there are empty squares that block some of them from being valid matches. The center column is also problematic. Clearing the frosting requires matches in some very specific places, and then you’ve got some restricted tiles in the middle.

While you’re working on matches to clear these problem spots, keep your eyes peeled for special candy matches in the top third of the level, which will give you the extra “oomph” you need to clear the rest of the squares before your turns run out.

Keep your eyes peeled for that teleporter in the center column as well. It will prevent any of the candies at the top from reaching the center, which may screw up your plans for candy domination.

Suffice it to say, Candy Crush level 79 takes a lot of luck. When I finally cleared it (after several days worth of attempts) I ended up clearing the chocolate in 2 moves, then managed to make a color bomb, two wrapped candies, and about 12 striped candies throughout the course of the level. Even then, I only managed to win with one turn left.