How do I clear Candy Crush Saga level 45?

Most of the time, the really difficult levels are the ones that come at the end of an episode. Candy Crush Saga level 45 is smack dab in the middle, though. This is one I really had to spend some time on before I could get just the right combo of candies to clear it. Hopefully, with our help, you too can clear Candy Crush Saga level 45!

candy crush saga level 45

One thing that jumps out at you right away is that center square of jelly. There’s no way to clear it with a normal match. Instead, you’re going to need striped candies or a color bomb if you plan to reach it. I suggest rolling the level (Need info on rolling? Click here!) until there’s a ready-made 4 in a row in an area where you can match it to clear the center square right from the start.

The game gives you a few lollipop boosts at one point, and if you have any of these left, this is a good place to use them! Just make sure you save them for the end of the level, when all that is left is clearing that center square. There’s nothing that stinks worse than using your boost at the start of the level, and then failing the level due to random bad luck.

Just to be clear about that center square – the only way to clear it is:

  • Match a candy that is vertically striped in the column above or below it
  • Match a candy that is horizontally striped in the row to the left or to the right
  • Use a 5-in-a-row “color bomb” to clear the same color candy as what’s on the center square
  • Use a boost, like the Lollipop boosts that you can buy or get for free the first time you play one of the early levels – if you used them up, they’re gone unless you pay!

These are the only ways to clear the center square!

You may be thinking you can ignore the licorice cages around the sides of the level, as there’s no jelly underneath. However, these cages can prevent a lot of the larger candy matches you’re going to need in order to clear this level under the move limit. Therefore, your second priority when rolling this level should be a lot of matching candy near these licorice cages.

If you can start the level off clearing the center square once, and then work hard towards a second striped candy or (better yet) a color bomb, the rest ought to fall into place.

Hopefully we’ve gotten you unstuck, and now you can clear Candy Crush Saga level 45. Are you stuck somewhere else? Leave a comment, and I’ll try to post an article with some tips!

  • Lin

    Hi again. I am still on level 45 and becoming very frustrated with this level. Almost to the point of quitting the game totally!!!!!! I have used the striped candies in line with the center jelly and it still does not clear it. What am I doing wrong. I have read the instruction above Thank you

    • Dave Young

      You need to clear the center jelly twice… This is my toughest level so far.. I’ve been able to get the center jelly but not all the other jellies or vice versa.

      • Yeah, that center jelly is a real pain, and you’re correct that you have to clear it twice in order to clear the level.

        If you think this one is a total pain, just wait for 65. Hoooooly mackerel! I’d be willing to bet most people that survived the onslaught of 33 get stopped either here at 45, or at 65.

        Really, it kind of comes down to how lucky you are with Color Bombs. If you can get one or two of these, and especially if you can match them with a striped candy, you’re well on your way to winning.

        • Dave Young

          I just cleared 45! I saved a colour bomb candy until the end and got the center jelly and last one outside the center on my last move… :-) It’s a real challenge trying to line up those striped candies properly and you need to get rid of the licorice cages along both sides to have a chance with the horizontal striped candies for the three in a row… I’ve heard #65 is the level from hell… can hardly wait.. LOl

        • Yes i passed level 33 after a month. Now on 45. Did not know i need to hit the center jelly twice. I just had 3 color bombs and several stripes. Blew them all out right away with no luck on the center. All the hours wasted if i add them up. Thanks for the tips!

      • Sharon

        How did you get the center candy to disappear?

        • A striped candy that is aligned juuuuust right can clear it, or you can use a color bomb (the candy that results from getting a 5-of-a-kind). Those are the only two ways to clear it!

          • itsallsgoofy

            I’ve had the color bomb twice in the same round and it doesn’t work. The striped ones might but the color bomb does not.

          • EBongo

            I just replayed the level and confirmed that Color Bomb does work. You need to match it with the color of the candy that is in the middle, and bear in mind that the middle is a double Jelly, so one way or another you’ll need to crush the candy in the middle twice to proceed.

            In addition to agent86ix’s comment about Striped candies, you can make the aiming slightly less sensitive if you can create a Striped + Wrapped combo, which creates an explosion three candies wide.

    • Lin

      YEAH!!!!! I cleared level 45. It took my Son-two color bombs and four stripped candies. Thank you guys for all your help. I will probably be back when I reach level 65.

    • Lin

      Help……….. cannot get past 45!!! How do I get rid of the jelly in the middle? I had EVERYTHING cleared but the jelly in the middle……..

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  • Ladygreen

    45 is the hardest level I’ve had so far!!!

  • Grrrrr 45 is impossible

    • 45 is pretty bad, I’ll grant you that. It gets even worse later, though! Keep on trying, and you’ll eventually overcome!

  • There should be a way out of a level cause after trying 100+ times people give up and start a different game, I know I am ready to do this. Too frustrating!

    • I know, right? Some of these levels are crazy random. Not even hard, mind you, just random.

      Farm Heroes Saga (another game by the same company) has boosts that recharge if you wait a bit and come back later, which is nice.

      If you’re on the verge of giving up on CCS, we’ve got a couple of articles on the site suggesting some different games for CCS lovers, you can check them out here and here.

  • Jyoti Shah

    Thanks for the tip.Did exactly what you said and beat it FIRST TRY!!!!

  • neoma

    I beat it in 3 tries. 1 colorbomb, and 1 striped. boom.

  • Nafiysa R

    Read this and beat the level right away! Thanks!!

  • Heather P

    I’ve played level 45 so many times now but have never run across a lollipop boost like you mentioned. Am I doing something wrong?

    • You get a few free boosts in the early part of the game. Although it probably doesn’t help you now, it’s a pretty good idea to save these boosts for some of these later crazy hard levels. I used up one of my free lollypop boosts on this level, is what I mean.

  • Betty

    I hate leval 45 . It’s hardto clear all the jellies in 50 moves. Then you reach the center and it want dispear, I think it sits there laughing at you.

  • shari

    My level 45(from hell!) only allows me 35 moves not 50 – why? This is so frustrating!! I would appreciate any help, I have read the comments and am trying!!

    • That’s really weird. I went back on my game (I’m on Android, and it’s the latest version as of today) and it still gives me 50 moves. Does your level 45 look like the screenshot on this page?

      I would probably go and bug King on their Facebook page (it is at this link) if you can’t get it figured out.

      • Shari

        Thank you! I ended up passing it and am stuck on level 48 now!!! LOL!

  • AnnMarie

    Level 45 is so frustrating. I want to scream at my daughter in law for even showing me this game now. It’s so addictive. I don’t want to put it down. Been stuck level 45 forever . Yesterday almost threw my phone. Do you have to have a color bomb or striped one in the middle to clear. Please help

    • EBongo

      Hi AnnMarie! Brace yourself, because it can be a frustrating game – but that’s why WOTS is here to help! For level 45 you don’t need a Striped or Color Bomb actually in the center. You just need to use a Striped or Color Bomb to clear our the jelly in the center. It is a “double jelly” which means you need to clear the candy in that space twice in order for it to be completely clear. agent86ix gives a few times in this article that basically boil down to: 1) If you are playing on a mobile device, keep “rerolling” the level until you come up with a guaranteed Striped Candy combo to start. That way you’ll be sure to get the center jelly at least once. 2)Focus on getting a second Striped or a Color Bomb to clear the center jelly the second time.

  • Ruth

    Sorry folks this stuff is sooo rigged, I have 1 jelly to eliminate with 20 moves and nothing in that area moves for me to get it accomplished, I reset my date/time clock back & forward which gives me FULL LIVES all day long. Can usually move to the next level in a day, but 45 has me stumped for 2 days now & that’s toooo long to suit me, (yes my date/time adjustment may be CHEATING of course it is) so what!!!! That’s the way I choose to play it, it’s a tip I read about and I like it. If I don’t get past 45 soon I’ll drop it and play solitaire, good look folks, it was fun while it lasted.

  • BluePotion

    I was able to do this on the first try, per your suggestion, by getting 5 in a row and matching it with a striped jewel of the center color.