How do I clear Candy Crush Level 65?

Wow. Candy Crush Level 65 ramps the difficulty of this game up to a whole new level. Minty Meadow introduces the “Chocolate” obstacle to overcome, and this level coats the board with Jelly and unleashes Chocolate enough to drive you to madness. In our Candy Crush Saga level 65 guide, we’ll teach you how to overcome the chocolate and get past this tricky level.

candy crush level 65 guide

One of the challenging aspects to this level is that all of the licorice and chocolate squares can only be cleared by matching into them one way. Odds are pretty good that if you’re stuck, it’s because you can’t get a properly oriented 3 in a row to clear these.

The priorities when playing this level are:

  • Clear the chocolate. The chocolate is going to cause you a world of pain here. Your first moves should always be towards the goal of clearing the chocolate before it takes over the level.
  • Clear the licorice. Breaking the licorice is going to start you down the road to clearing the really difficult squares on this level.

Ideally, you want to do these two things as fast as possible. When I finally cleared Candy Crush Level 65, I cleared the chocolate and almost all the licorice in about 10 moves, leaving me plenty to finish cleaning up the level.

You have to get three of the same color stacked in a column in order to clear the squares that I’ve marked with red in the screenshot. I’d suggest rolling Candy Crush Saga level 65 (Need info on rolling? Click here!) until you’ve a good number of the same color in these two columns. That way, you don’t have to wait around or rely on luck to get started at the bottom. The yellow squares can be relatively challenging as well, so having some nearby candy of the same color here is a close second.

The other critical thing is to get special candies. If you do a 5-in-a-row match and get a color bomb, and you match that with a striped candy, you can clear almost the entire board. This is critical to clearing out the little nooks and crannies. Without this, you just won’t have enough turns to align everything properly.

Make no mistake – Candy Crush Saga level 65 is a level intended to sell boosts. Clearing this without spending a cent is going to take a lot of luck. It took me several whole sets of lives to finally finish this, and I had several attempts where I got very, very close. In one, I even managed to match 3 or 4 5-in-a-row matches, which takes a ton of luck – and I still lost!

Good luck and happy crushing!

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    • RainK

      with anticipation I reached level 65- dreding what was to come…someone at Supercuts said they had been stuck for a month on it. In four lives i completed level 65. Four lives- let me tell you why.

      First and foremost a HUGE portion is based solely on how the candy falls.

      Second, look of course for fours while at the same time lining up the threes for outer edges, while at the same time keeping the chocolate at bay AND not waisting too much moves to do so.

      Thirdly, Calculate for a five in a row and swiping it with a striped candy. Seriously that play is the most needed and valueable for this level.

      Hopefully you have done all this with enough moves to still knock out the few remaining difficult jellies.

      This is how I completed in just four lives.

  • Lia

    65 is difficult level… i played for 3 weeks, and that’s make me annoyed

    • hibro

      I know you are very annoyed, just watch every walkthrough, if you did or it didn’t work, ask someone who has completed 65.

  • Crusher

    On a level like this where there are tough-to-reach spots either because they stick out on the edges, or are “trapped” in the layout, focus your early efforts on those spots, especially the ones lower down. The easily accessible spots are also the most likely to self-clear as replacement pieces drop down, so waste as few moves as possible clearing out the easy stuff, choosing instead to either clear hard ones, or make moves that set up clearing them, even if they don’t directly result in progress like clearing a jelly or moving an ingredient down. You can and will sometimes fail even if you got all the “hard” spots because you still run out of moves and luck to get the easier ones, but to the extent it takes some luck to succeed, you’re odds are better letting luck do its thing on the easy spots than the ones that take more advance thinking to get things to line up right.

    A few notes about the chocolate that are true on any level…

    1. Clearing chocolate is not dependent on direction. Chocolate will clear any time an adjoining candy is cleared in a match.

    2. If you clear at least one piece of chocolate in the turn, no chocolate will be added at the end of that turn. If there is any chocolate on the board and none is cleared during a move, one piece will be added. When I first encountered chocolate, I thought the speed at which it covered the board varied by level, but I finally realized that when it seemed to be expanding very fast, it was because I was playing fast and not clearing any chocolate.

    3. If a striped candy is activated and the row or column it clears out has any chocolate in it, it will clear out all the chocolate in that row/column. However, if a striped candy activates without any chocolate in that row, it will clear any chocolate adjacent to the row/column it’s clearing. It’s confusing to describe, but pay attention to how chocolate gets cleared when striped candies are activated, and you’ll see it’s not random. Knowing what to expect can make a big difference when up against very tough levels.

    • EBongo

      Thanks Crusher. Your contributions are much appreciated. I edited your comment to fix the typo you mentioned.

  • Melske

    FYI: If you go into a level and back out while on a PC, you will in fact lose a life. This must be available only on cell phone apps.

    • Yes, folks playing on Facebook can’t roll or change their clocks. I feel sorry for them, it’s about the only thing that makes the later levels bearable :(

  • Kim Hale

    I am on level 65, my problem is when I have a bonus (4 in a row) they do not burst like they use to. They may hit a jelly or two but that is it. They barely go across the screen. Why is this? I deflect it is cheating me out it winning.

    • Weird. The only thing I can think of is perhaps the chocolate is stopping the striped candy’s bonus? I can’t recall if that happens or not, it’s been a little while.

  • hibro

    I’m not yet on 65, i’m just on 38 but I heard that 65 is evil, the hardest and evilest level in the game. When you go to minty meadow, the first thing that you will be thinking is level 65. Arggh it’s such an evil level!!!

  • Cel R.

    I bet it in 2 days but you have to pay close close close attention and look for 4 candy combos in your next move. Get as many stripes as you can. The key is to try and get at least 2 donuts. You have to have patience and not rush thru it or you will be out of moves in no time. Another tip is that once you clear the chocolates try to make stripes combos near the bottom if possible if not just make regular ones. Also try to unlock the caged early as well. Hope this helps.

  • Ntg

    After being stuck on level 65 for two weeks I started reading forums for tips. I followed these tips and was able to beat level 65 on the second attempt!!!! Thanks for the help!!!

    • Hey Ntg, glad we could help :)

  • Pengu

    Hi, I was stuck at lvl 65 for a month and then I read your blog. I took to the trick of first removing the chocolates and then the licorice ones. But I struggled by clearing either 61 or 64. Then I tried a new method. I cleared the chocolate first, then concentrated on only those blocks that had jellies. I refrained from being lured to create the striped combos where there were no jellies underneath them. And voila I had just last 2 moves and 2 jellies. And I saw level completed status :)

  • I am stuck on level 65 I tried everything, let me out of it, so I can go to more fun levels. Yes, I tried all you suggested.

    • We’re just a couple of guys who like to play games and help people. We don’t make the game, a company called King does. Sadly, we can’t help you skip levels – we can only give advice. If I could do that, I totally would!

  • Ann

    I was on Level 65 and for some reason I am starting over, what can I do?

    • If you previously logged into Facebook from within the Candy Crush Saga app, you might be able to recover your progress by logging out of Facebook within the Candy Crush Saga app and logging back in again.

      If you haven’t ever logged into Facebook, you might be out of luck… I would probably try contacting the company (King) via their Facebook page and see if they’re willing to help you out. At the very least, they should be willing to give you the boosts you paid for and used back, I would think. I don’t work there though (I’m just a fan of the game, like you guys!) so while I wish I could help more, that’s probably the best I can do. :(

  • Mary Potts

    Thanks for the great suggestions! I just completed 65!!

  • I can’t believe it, but I beat this level the first time I played it. Go for the “four in a rows” and if you get the black bomb thingies, match them with a striped bomb and let it do its thing. This level can be beat, folks!

  • Bobbi Morgan

    I can’t get rid of the upper jellies that keep dropping new colors as you get rid of the first ones. How many times do you have to clear the spots before it stops?

  • Robert

    Unfortunately, I was forced to go the money route to win this one. I started out with jelly fish, bomb, and the striped-wrapped candy combo. After that is was just pounding away at the chocolate and licorice with “5 more moves” (4 times) until I got it. Sucks but most will unfortunately have to spend money to beat this one. I call 65 a “revenue round”.

    • Yep, I’m quite sure they make a lot of money off of these levels. I have yet to give them the satisfaction, although it has been quite tempting.

      Hopefully the tips I give can at least minimize your need to spend, or give you ways to tell when you’re likely to get close to winning.

    • Andrea

      I admittedly have bought my way out of a couple rounds. :) oh well. It has usually been when I have 1 left and could see the move to finish it off. I figure I’m just “investing” in King’s continued development of fun rounds…just NO MORE 65’s! Have fun.

      • EBongo does this often, he tends to like to support developers who are making games that he likes. Me personally, I’m crazy cheap and I will beat my head against a wall (or just stop playing!) rather than spend money. To each his own, I suppose! I certainly can’t argue with the amount I’ve “gotten out” of the game compared to how much I’ve put in!

  • Mamawnell1

    Well I cleared level 65 and it showed me completing the level. My fb pic is at next level and a train showing there also, but no number there. Do I have to clear this again to go on? I am very frustrated now.t

    • Just past level 65 is the end of that episode – you’ll have to either get 3 tickets from your friends, or do three Mystery Quests, which we cover in this guide.

      Then you can move on to level 66.

      • Tammy W

        I completed level 65 and moved on to the train. It’s not offering me the mystery quests.

        • EBongo

          Hey Tammy W! Welcome to WOTS! If you are not seeing the Mystery Quests, it is normally for one of two reasons: 1) You are playing the game directly on Facebook. King does not offer the Mystery Quests in the native Facebook version, and instead expects you to ask friends for tickets 2) You are playing on a mobile device that is signed in to Facebook. In this case, you need only to sign out, and the Mystery Quests will reappear. Hope that helps!

  • Pat G.

    I have run into something on level 65. A chocolate gets lodged in the most upper right space or left space. Below it is a white square and no candy fills it as candy falls. Essentially it is a dead zone so it is impossible to clear that chocolate. I haven’t seen that before. How does that happen and what can I do? Thanks!

    • Blank squares indicate that candies can’t fall down from the top of the screen in order to fill the space. They’ll spread out sideways somewhat, but you’ll have to clear the chocolate from the side in order to make a space where the candies can fall and fill in the rest.

      Yet another reason why chocolate is pure evil!

  • Puddiner

    I have been at level 65 for a few weeks. I got so frustrated that I deleted it and decided NEVER to play it again! But I’m hooked. I downloaded it again expecting to be back at the start but I was back at level 65. I’ve read through all the tips and suggestions and am hoping now that I will eventually beat it. At first I paid no attention to how the chocolate was created so wasted a lot of time and effort but now I have been eliminating, when possible, all the chocolate squares first. I wasn’t aware I could exit and restart without losing a life so that is a big help as well.

  • Penny

    I have been trying to win level 65. I did have 50 chances but now I only have 40. What happened?

    • I think sometimes King patches the game and changes the rules for a particular level. It’s not 100% clear to me how or why they decide to do this, but I have gone back to old levels before and seen that the requirements changed…

  • Eleanor Dinkins

    I finally got through 65. I have been there for about three months. Decided I would clear it only by luck and not skill. I played it as a finger exercise and used no strategy and sure enough the board cleared. Now I think I am ready to play the lottery to win. I enjoy the game, have spent no money, and will not pay the 99 cents to go further. Any ideas how to get around paying?

    • EBongo

      Hi Eleanor! Glad to hear you have Level 65 behind you. Are you referring to the 99 cents needed to move on to the next Episode? If so, you might check out our article on Tickets and Mystery Quests. These are the free alternatives to moving on to the next episode. They either require Facebook friend harassment, or a mobile version of the game – but at least they don’t cost money :).

  • sundance

    i got lucky and cleared level 65 in a day and that too without any purchases. only thing that seemed to work for me was rainbow candy and striped candy combo and of course one should get rid of the chocolate as quick as one can before you move on to that combo

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  • Even tho friends are sending unlocks, and I can see them, they are going on the unlock. Why does this keep happening?

  • nermeen

    How do i cllear candy crushblevel 100

  • Ann Johnson

    I just cleared 65 after a week of trying. I then went to move on to the next level and my pawn moved but when I touched the next level it asks me to pay $.99. I also noticed a small box that appeared in my bottom left corner of my screen (4 square box) now what?

    • agent86ix

      Hey Ann, you’ve got a few options. Paying the dollar is one, bugging your Facebook friends is two, and playing a set of 3 “Mystery Quests” is three. We’ve got a guide to Mystery Quests that you can check out here.

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  • Adele Mayhew

    I seem to be stuck at level 65. I have cleared 2 out of the 3 times. I have a score of 420,000 odd points as my best score. I hit the jackpot with striped candies. My problem is I can’t get a score higher than 1 of my Facebook friends 456,000. Do I really have to beat her score to get past this level? If I unfriend her in Facebook temporarily will this help me? I have been able to clear the jellies, licorice etc a few times since, but even with a score close to my top score it keeps making me replay the game. Can anyone help?

    • agent86ix

      Right after level 65 is one of those roadblocks that you need 3 tickets or 3 mystery quests to get past. You’ll have to tap the little “train” icon to get these options.

      If you haven’t already read up on Mystery Quests, now’s a good time to do so – just click here!

  • Jason Boit has really helpful tips for almost every level. They don’t just post a link to some unhelpful youtube video, but instead write useful strategies for individual levels. check it out

  • Kartica

    This really is one hard level, I recommend you watch this video and hopefully you will pass it easier: