How do I clear Candy Crush Level 70?

Ah, the fiendish Candy Crush Level 70. It manages to mash up jellies, licorice, and chocolate with an obtuse “screen wrap” mechanic and mix it all together into delicious recipe of expletives and self-loathing. It is easy to hate Candy Crush level 70, but it is really just an example of what is to come. Like most of the tough ones, you’ll hate it for every failed attempt, but when you finally clear that last jelly and see the “Sugar Crush”, you’ll feel pretty awesome.

Candy Crush Level 70

Off to a bad start

When you first look at the Candy Crush Saga level 70 board, you may want to focus on the left side – but this is a mistake. The right side with the jellies is what it is all about. I recommend rolling the level until you have a strong opening on the right side (Need info on rolling? Click here!). You need to be able to break at least one of the licorice x’s and press the advance into the chocolate to kill it off. If you can’t defeat the chocolate within the first say 5 moves, your chances are pretty grim. Keep in mind our tips for chocolate, and remember that it can’t infect the licorice x’s, and will avoid special candies.

Block and tackle crushing

Once the chocolate is gone or sufficiently at bay, pay close attention to the secondary effects of any match on the right side to try and always keep at least one move remaining. Keeping movement on that side will give you the best chance to target matches that will clear out jelly. Don’t lose complete track of the left side though, as it is a great place to farm special candies. Horizontal striped candies are especially important, as they tend to be the only easy way to get the right side “unstuck” if you run out of moves. They are also a great way to clear a lot of jelly at once.

I also find it generally effective to farm special candies on the left and later drop them onto the right side for jelly devastation. Try to keep in mind that despite the weird wrap mechanic, it is all just one big screen, so you always have a lot of heads up about the effects of making matches on the right side. This can be crucially important when your moves are running low, and you’re trying to figure out the last few combinations to get those final one or two jellies.

Keep your chin up, as some attempts at Candy Crush Saga Level 70 are doomed almost by the time they begin. Any time you manage to clear all the chocolate, be sure to take your time and be methodical. I’ve often found a game winning move with only one or two moves left, so check twice before giving up.

If Candy Crush is getting you too stressed, check out some similar games here or here. Good luck, and keep crushing!

  • Maryb889

    Seems to me that rolling a level in order to win is too much like chess … too much thinking and not enough fun. If you can’t win without gimmicks and buying lots of stuff (with real $$ I don’t have) then this game isn’t worth it.

  • furqan

    please give me a cheat of level 70 to compllete

  • Tom Combo

    if you want the Cheat to beating level 70, you will find nothing. The only good explanation I have been able to find was at Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 70

  • Jake Cake

    There are no real cheats. Dont waste your time. It took me forever to beat the level til I found the right strategy. Take out the chocolate first, DONT BREAK THE LICORICE! It explains it well here on Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 70

  • tytyguyguy
  • Blue Lagoon

    Stripes, stripes and more stripes. Thats how I cleared it. I don’t want to seem smug, but I finished this level after 7 attempts.

    • EBongo

      Hi Blue Lagoon, welcome to WOTS! It will be the case that some folks beat they hard levels quicker, some even on the first try. Most of the time if one doesn’t get you, another one will though. Here’s hoping you don’t get stuck as you move up :).