Unlocking New Episodes in Candy Crush Saga | Mystery Quests

Unlocking new episodes in Candy Crush Saga can be a tricky (or costly!) process. If you’ve endured the wall of pain that is Lemonade Lake, you’re well aware that in order to get from level 35 to level 36 you need tickets.

Candy Crush Saga Mystery Quests for Tickets

Get used to this, since you’ll need tickets again to get from level 50 to level 51. You can always buy these tickets for $0.99, or bug your friends, but you can also play a set of Candy Crush Saga Mystery Quests. What are Mystery Quests? Read on to find out! Besides paying or bugging your friends, as I mentioned in my CCS guide, the other option is to play three Candy Crush Saga Mystery Quests. Mystery Quests are random repeats of levels you’ve cleared, with a higher score threshold than the normal levels. You can play only one Mystery Quest per day, although I’ve heard of people having luck moving their phone’s clock forward a day in order to bypass this restriction.

Getting Mystery Quests in Candy Crush Saga

You can’t get Candy Crush Saga Mystery Quests via Facebook, or so I’ve been told. Bummer for those of you who don’t play on a mobile device!

Warning! A few people now have mentioned that if you’ve got a massive stockpile of lives (in most cases I’ve heard, it’s been more than 50), logging out of Facebook will reset you to the default maximum of 5. If you’ve got a lot of friends giving you lives, it might be better to ask them for tickets rather than doing Mystery Quests.

UPDATE for December 2014! In December 2014 King pushed a new feature called “Kingdoms” to Candy Crush Saga. They took away Mystery Quests as an option – unless your phone/tablet is completely offline!

To be considered offline, you can’t be connected to wi-fi OR 3G/4G data. The easiest way to get offline is to turn on “Airplane mode.” Turning on Airplane Mode requires that you go into the settings on your device. It will be under the data settings header on most devices.

Then you should go back to the map, and tap the plane/train/boat/etc icon that is past the last level you’ve been to, and the Mystery Quest option should appear.

If you’re still having trouble, make sure your Candy Crush Saga app is the latest version. If you’ve been holding off on downloading updates for the app, you might be missing this feature.

Winning Mystery Quests in Candy Crush Saga

Playing a Mystery Quest is challenging, so I highly suggest you read and follow the tips and strategies in our two part guide to the best tips and tricks for playing Candy Crush Saga – you’ll avoid a lot of frustration!

The primary difference between a “normal” version of a Candy Crush Saga level and the “Mystery Quest” version of that same level is that the score threshold is significantly higher in a Mystery Quest. If you just squeaked by on score the first time you played a particular level, you may have trouble with the Mystery Quest. To max out your score, try some of these tips:

  • Clear the objective early. Like I mentioned in the guide, clearing the objective with moves to spare gives you a massive score boost.
  • Make special candy and then ignore it. All special candy is detonated when you run out of moves, so don’t bother with these candies unless you need them to complete the objective. They’ll clear out and give you points for free.
  • Watch for score boosts that you’re awarded for clearing other obstacles. For instance, bombs are worth 3000 points when you clear them, and the average 3-in-a-row is only worth 60.

You can still roll Mystery Quests, but it’s a bit more involved since you’ll have to do a few more taps. (New to rolling? Click here to learn more about this handy technique!) Make sure when you’re rolling that you’re tapping on the plane/train/boat icon instead of the last level you were on!

If you’re having issues, remember that these are recycled levels from earlier in the game – you can look at the screen before you start to figure out what level you’re replaying. Then you can search online (or, better yet, in our Candy Crush Saga article archives) to find a strategy to help you out.

  • Katrina

    I just finished all three Mystery Quest levels but I moved my date on my phone so I could complete all in one night instead of waiting the 24 hours. Everything was fine I moved on to level 36 but then when I was done playing I set my phones date back and now I have 3000.08 minutes to wait before I get anymore lives. What do I do to fix this??

    • EBongo

      If the other comments on this post don’t answer your question, there are also some helpful suggestions in the comments on this post. Hope that helps :).

    • MikeN

      Move your clock or date forward until you have 5 lives. Then open candy crush, see the 5 lives. Then exit, and set the date back to normal. Go back to candy crush, and you will still have 5 lives, as the counter doesn’t start until you are down to 4.

    • Travis

      You have to first do the clock then go to candy crush. Then close the game, go fix the clock and then go back to game.

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  • nana

    I completed 2 quests after levek 110, having serious issues beating the third quest so i asked a couple friends, they both gave I me a ticket. The game is not giving me the option to use the ticket(s). I accepted the ticket on the Facebook screen, where did they go? Do I have to get 3 tickets even though I only have one quest left? Thank you for your assistance.

    • I have heard anecdotally that you’ve got to either do 3 quests or get 3 tickets. I’m under the impression that you can’t mix and match! I think you’ll have to either get a third ticket or do the third quest. :(

      • Gigi Marie

        Hi, I actually did “mix & match” when it came to unlocking the new episode from level 35 to 36 but without meaning to. I normally play w/ FB & at first it didn’t even give me the option to play the quests. I just happened to know about them because my boyfriend plays the game as well and had told me about them. I’m not sure which I did first but I think I figured out how to log out of playing w/ FB & then it gave me the option to play a quest, which I won. Then when I logged back in w/ FB, I requested some tickets from friends and received two. I accepted them and at first it seemed like nothing had happened. It still told me I had to wait 24 hrs to play the next quest. However, when the 24 hrs were up, it advanced me to the next level w/out having to play more quests so it must’ve combined them. Now I’m having a problem though w/ unlocking the new episode from level 50 to 51. I think my phone was acting up b/c I hadn’t done anything to sign out of FB and was under the impression I was signed in. I had saved a ticket a friend had sent me previously so accepted it or thought I did. But then I saw it was giving me the option to play the quest which it didn’t last time when I was signed into FB. Im played the quest and won & then noticed on the bottom it said something like “sign into Fb to see how you rate against your friends”. So now I’m just confused. My phone seems to be just signing in and out of FB on it’s own. I can’t get anyone else to send me tickets so far but I’m hoping once my 24 hrs is up from the first quest I completed, that it will have combined it w/ the ticket i accepted and I’ll only have one more to go. I was actually on here searching for the info on how to set your phone clock ahead so it will let me play a new quest but I keep finding different info & am afraid of doing the wrong thing. Also I’m finding a lot of info on getting more lives by doing that and that’s not what I’m interested in. Does anyone know the correct way to do set your phone ahead to unlock the next quest and then set it back? Any info appreciated, thanks.

  • Bek

    I cannot get past the Mystery Quest Level 77. I can get rid of all the jelly, I just cannot get anywhere near the required score, even with color bombs, striped and wrapped combinations. what am I doing?

  • For hi

    Ok I’ve just seen this info. Stupid me couldn’t unlock 35 so I payed 99. Now big question….! If I reset clock and continue playing instead of waiting 30 min. Wil they charge me since I’ve payed thru App Store ? I’m not trying to c my acc crushed by candy? Help

    • Vjhoneycut

      I’ve tried changing the clock, it do anything but let me help others with their lives. I logged out of fb on my tablet and then went back and it let me try to unlock some quests so I can get to level 36. I’ve passed level 35 days ago and noone on fb will give me a ticket to level 36. It’s kinda lame if you ask me, but I see their point- this is how they make all their money.

  • NewmanME

    I logged out of Facebook and LOST 18 lives that I hadn’t used…suckalotimous!!

  • Jackie Hargis

    I have beat level 110, 3 times. But it will not move me forward to the next level. Has anyone else had this happen and what do I need to do. This is driving me crazy.

  • Helen258

    so to do all these stuff i need to be one step behind the train/airplane? Meaning that i need to be able to unlock another episode? Because I am currently stuck at 165

  • Helen258

    Try to unistall and then install the App again or check for latest versions. It might be some bug that has been fixed. If nothing is working just try finding some time to log on via PC/Laptop so you an move to the next episode.

  • Tessa

    I am currently stuck on the third mystery quest after level 140 and I don’t think it is even possible to get the 60000 in 11 moves. I have brought down the 1 cherry ingredient most times, and once i did that in only two moves, but the remaining moves do not created enough striped candy to get me the points. I’ve even combined a chocolate sprinkle thing with a striped candy and haven’t got enough points. This level just seems impossible. How have others passed it?

  • Kristin

    To try to get tickets to the new level as it says above and to log out of FB via phone, I now cannot make purchases for new moves, lives, etc. via Verizon. But I can, if I am online. Yes, my phone bill is paid up. Thoughts?

  • kelly

    that worked for me too. but when i set my phone back to the normal time i have to wait a really long time for more lives

  • Renee

    Is there any way of getting through the quests without having to wait 24 hours and bugging people on FB? I wish the quests didn’t exist haha

    • Some folks like to move their clock forward a day, although sometimes that causes issues for your phone or for the game when you set it back properly. My advice is just to wait it out :)

  • dhb54

    I completed level 95. Moving forward to new episode. Logged out of FB on my phone and accessed Mystery Quest. However, it reads level 79 target 120000. Should it read 96 or is it a glitch in CC?

    • The Mystery Quests are old levels you’ve already beaten, but with higher minimum score requirements. So, you’re on the right track – you have to clear this level in the Mystery Quest in order to proceed.

  • Nancy

    I cannot get beyond level 35. why cannot get the quests?

  • jhonyjr

    I completed one quest after level 80 and usually its a 24 hour wait till I can move on to the second quest but its been a week and I’m still getting the same message that the candy hasn’t been created for that quest! I feel like an idiot cuz I don’t know what to do next!

    • You might want to make sure you have the very latest version of Candy Crush Saga – have you downloaded the latest updates from the App Store or Google Play?

  • Buzz8121

    Got to level 200 Mystery quests. The third quest is impossible 115000 points in 25 moves. I have not bought any special candies from the makers and don’t plan on ever doing so. Has anyone ever beat this level without purchasing assets. I can’t find one demonstration for this. Looks like my crushing days are over.

    • Jo

      Buzz, i was Stuck here for weeks too. No buying ever. I gave up went to play lower levels trying to get 3 stars. Couple of days later went back to quest and the target went down to 103500 instead of 115000. Definitely more doable. Scored 108000 now at level 201. That quest is the level 97 puzzle but target increased from 100000 to 115000. Good luck.

  • Krissy

    I completed Level 110 twice in a row reaching over 100,000 points. The last time was 190,460, but it said I failed. All bombs were dismantled and used all the turns, but it still said I failed. Why? I did what the goal was.

    • EBongo

      Hi Krissy! That sounds like a bug. On my device (iOS) the target score is 150,000 – and it does seem that they change that up from time to time. Still, if you blew up all the bombs before they counted to zero, and you got 190k points, I would think you should have won. This is probably something you should bring up on the new King Candy Crush Saga Forum. Hopefully they can help you there.

      • Krissy

        Ok. I tried that and it’s just another thing one has to create a user and log in, so I reluctantly did. I cannot post anything as it keeps bringing me back to the sign in page and a vicious circle and am unable to post anything. From what I can tell, people just post complaints but there is no one from Candy Crush, telling that they are fixing the bugs or addressing the complaints of losing lives sent or not being able to access your “free” boosters you apparently have earned unless you purchase them, etc. Sounds like a lawsuit to me.

  • Kyle

    Did I understand correctly that the mystery quest uses a RANDOM level? Because in order to get past level 35 it is requiring me to play the ridiculously difficult level 33 again, which I just defeated after many many failed attempts. Really frustrating.

    • EBongo

      Hi Kyle! It appears to be random, but possibly not perfectly random. I think it tends to choose from the harder levels, and sometimes it even will give you one of those harder levels with an even more difficult target (fewer moves, higher target score, etc). “Mystery Quests” to King is just a synonym for wouldn’t it be easier to just give us some money? If it makes you feel any better, I had to replay both level 33 and level 29 as Mystery Quests at the end of that checkpoint. If you hadn’t already seen it – we have a guide on Level 33 here which may help you out on your second attempt. Good luck!

      • Kyle

        Thanks, I’ll check that out. Also good to know that rolling does actually work. I had wondered about doing that but wasn’t sure

  • I have been sending requests to friends for a ticket to unlock level 36. I found your article about Mystery Guest. I did exactly what the directions you posted said and it worked for me. So far I have completed one Mystery Guest level and Im waiting on the time for the other two. Thank you for your help so very much. I was stuck for weeks trying to figure out how to get a ticket to continue playing candy crush saga.

  • Melissa

    I logged out and played the mystery quest but needed to log in to request more friends to help me unlock the next level and noticed that the 50+ lives I had are gone!!!!!

  • I have finished Level 80 and want to move on to the next episode, but can’t with out paying $.99 to move on. It’s been over 24 hours since I completed Level 80. WTH is up with that? I don’t want to have to pay for it and none of my friends have had too.

    • EBongo

      If you check the details in this article, it gives you the options. You can either harass friends via FB for tickets, or if you play on mobile you can disconnect from Facebook and play Mystery Quests. You don’t get to proceed automatically after 24 hours, you have to meet one of the two conditions (3 tickets collected, or 3 Mystery Quests completed).

    • I paid .99 at 51 and when I finish it and go to 52 do I have to pay .99 again

      • If you pay to move on to the next episode, you unlock 15 more levels (typically). At the end of those 15 levels, you’ll have to do this again, either pay, bug your friends, or play the quests.


    How are tickets credited and how can you tell if you have tickets? Where do bonus moves go when you click on some that were sent to you?

    • EBongo

      Hi Nancy, welcome to WOTS! When you click the first “level” at the beginning of the next episode, it will show you what you have to do to proceed. It will either show you how many tickets you need, or how many Mystery Quests you have yet to complete. I’m not that familiar with the Facebook “friend” bonuses, as I usually don’t use them. If you are referring to a “bonus moves booster”, I believe that will be offered when you run out of moves, and it also appears at the top of the screen on eligible levels.

  • I followed the directions and it worked for me. I am working on unlocking my next level.

  • Ale

    I asked my friends for tickets but only one friends has gave me one. The mystery quest option isn’t showing but I am playing in my phone. Can. someone help me.

    • EBongo

      Hi Ale, welcome to WOTS! As agent86ix mentions in the article, you need to go to your game settings on the title screen and sign out of Facebook if you want to get the Mystery Quest option. As long as you are signed into Facebook, Mystery Quests will not appear. You can still sign back in later – just wait till you have completed the quests.

      • nancyjean

        EBongo. Are you still here? I am logged out and it still will not give me mystery quest. Any help?

        • EBongo

          Hey nancyjean – we have had some folks report difficulty with this trick on certain Android devices, but agent86ix and I continue to use it without issue. You may try your devices airplane mode, which would also block Facebook login – but if you’ve followed the steps to logout of Facebook I’d expect the result to be the same. If you have any other devices available to you, you could also try one of those. Sorry we couldn’t be more help.

  • Up to level 110 target150000 I reached 160000+ and still didn’t move a level

    • EBongo

      Hi Irene, welcome to WOTS! Various readers have complained about this, so I suspect there may be a bug in the game. Do you play on Facebook by chance? Most reports I’ve seen seem to implicate that version of the game. For these types of bugs, we unfortunately can’t help much – but you may find more help by reporting your experience over on the King Forums.


    I need the Color Bomb at Candy Crush Saga, I can’t complete finish that’s so very hard on Level 109 challenge dislike the colors, shapes and BAD positions no match to attack the number of bomb enemies and unlocked jelly clear unfriendly BAD challenge, I got 1000 times or more many failed so I quit!

  • shilpa shah

    what is a play quest?

    • EBongo

      Hi Shilpa, welcome to WOTS! Mystery Quests are an option to proceed on to new Episodes when playing via the mobile version of Candy Crush. King wanted to offer a completely free option to play the game, and since the mobile version does not require you to sign into Facebook, the instead offer Mystery Quests. Note that this option only exists if you are signed out of Facebook. Once you sign in, it disappears.

  • Jenn

    Yesterday I finished my second quest on level 36. Today I opened up the game back up and both of my previous finished quests were gone and I had to start back on quest #1. Ugh!!! Did I do something wrong? Also, why is Level 35 have a ring around it that is flashing even though I’m on level 36? Thanks.

  • Elsie Malebye Hlahaswane

    I’m using Samsung S3, it doesn’t give me the quest option even after I’ve deactivated mobile data and disconnected from Facebook.

  • jill boldy

    Can’t get unlocks for level140 friend list want come up its asking to type names in tried that for 6 days

  • Marie Barnett

    I have cleared all the jellies several times and have scored over 2000000 points but still can’t move on to level 51 help?

    • Penster

      You need to sync with facebook and send requests to friends…you’ll need three friends to respond; giving you a “ticket” that will unlock the next episode.

      • Joicy Grace

        What if I don’t have Facebook for friends to respond? How do I proceed!

  • jafarsharmi

    i want ticket, there is only one friend in my facebook and how i got other two tickets then what i can do? any one help for me

  • Master Danny

    Hello everyone, I just started Candy Crushing a few days ago and now stuck at *35. Need tickets to progress. Any short cut idea on how to do that? Be my guest, be my friend. Add me: Master Danny :)

  • JET314

    Too many games are tied to f’n FB. I hate FB, don’t have it, don’t want it, don’t need it. It’s an evil pestilence on the planet.

  • ruby

    I have resched level 95. I can only play one mystery quest then I recive a message that the cany for this mystery has not yet been created.

  • Aletta Barendse

    Please explain to me how to use a mystery guest

    • EBongo

      Mystery Quests are just like normal levels, but they are only offered a) at the end of an Episode b) when Facebook login is disabled. You’ll be offered 3 random levels from the game to unlock “candy keys”, and you are limited to completing a max of one per 24 hours.

  • Lorri

    If I have given up on a level is there a way I can pay to go to the next level? How much is it and how do I do it?

    • agent86ix

      If you’ve given up on a Mystery Quest, you could always pay the dollar and buy the ticket you need.

      If you’ve given up on some regular level, you could pay for extra moves over and over again, or buy boosts. However, there’s no guarantee that even if you pay that you’ll win.

      If you’re frustrated and bored enough that you don’t want to play a particular level, you might want to go looking for another game. The levels just keep getting harder and more frustrating, and when that stops getting fun, there’s not a lot of reason to keep playing!

      We have two articles about similar games, here and here.

  • eAbyss

    Whenever I get stuck at the pay wall I just go back and start 3 staring everything and eventually the next episode unlocks on it’s own. This is while connected to Facebook and not requesting tickets or completing quests.

    The Tooth Fairy will just show up and say here’s your ticket. This never happens mid day. It’s always the first load of the day.

  • Beth

    If you are playing Candy Crush on your mobile device and its not giving you the option to beat the quests to enter the next episode close the candy crush app then turn off your mobile data in settings. This way the game doesnt connect to Facebook

  • jim

    I am trying to get by a mystery quest after level 170. This is a repeat of level 158 which you only needed 10000 points. I’ve completed it a couple of times but it says I’ve failed and need to beat 45000. Any idea why this is ?

    • agent86ix

      Mystery Quests almost always have a much, much higher score target than the initial goal for the level. I’ve heard people say that over time the score requirements tend to go down somewhat, but I’ve not studied it enough to say that for sure. You’ll just have to keep trying in order to beat the (really freakin’ hard) score target!

      • jim

        Thanks for the info. I tried again a few times and managed to beat it. Won’t give up now

    • EBongo

      As agent86ix mentioned the score target often goes up, and in fact the number of moves also often goes down. If mystery quests are getting you down my best advice would be to reroll until you get a good level, or make use of free boosters from the new booster wheel.

  • stamford gold

    Does that mean 1) rolling is not possible on a computer? I know how when I am playing on my mobile. 2) Mystery quests are not available when playing on a computer?

    • agent86ix

      Yep, you’re right on both counts. If you’re playing on the Facebook website, rolling will cost you lives and no mystery quests will show up. They reeeeeally want you to bug your friends on Facebook!

  • Hillyathome

    Great tip, logged myself out of the Facebook link & was able to move on

  • agent86ix

    Hey tracy!

    Usually after you’ve finished one Mystery Quest, it just takes 24 hours for another to unlock. Did you maybe mess with your phone/tablet’s clock?

    What does the timer read until the next quest?

  • Cathy Lucier

    please help!!! Hi I am trying to go into level 571 but there is r train or a robot or something I have never seen this b4 and I am wondering how to delete it or if you can thank you

    • EBongo

      Hi Cathy, welcome to WOTS! It’s a little hard to tell what you are referring to. Could you take a picture? I’d guess based on the description that you are referring to the Conveyor Belt, but you should have been seeing those every level for a while now so I wouldn’t expect it to look new. Is the issue inside the level, or before you get into it?

  • Rhonda

    we are at level 335 and for some reason the next pic shows a wrench and said new games will be available soon and it’s been over 2 weeks, but still nothing. does anyone know what’s up with this?

    • agent86ix

      Hey Rhonda!

      The “wrench” means that King hasn’t made those levels yet. You’ll just have to wait. Usually there’s an update in the iTunes or Google Play store for the game when the new levels are available.

  • Maria

    I have finished level 650 and can’t play quests as it’s not giving me that option anymore! Other than waiting for friends to send tickets and buying them how can I progress to next episode?

    • agent86ix

      Hey Maria,

      I am hearing reports of this from across the internet. I’m wondering if they took Mystery Quests completely out of the game!?!

      Other King games have moved on to making you pay or making you wait instead. I hope they haven’t removed them, but I don’t have any info from King or anyone else…

    • agent86ix

      Hey Maria!

      Good news, King didn’t remove this feature from the game. They DID, however, make it harder to find. Check out the update in the article!

  • pc

    I just finished level 200 and I am at the train, I have requested help from friends and when I open their gift it still tells me I need to buy gold. I do not have a mystery quest, so any advice besides buying gold??

    • agent86ix

      Sometimes this happens to me too. There’s a couple of things – did your friends send you tickets? Sometimes I open a message from a friend and they sent me lives or extra moves when I needed a ticket.

      Other times, the game doesn’t recognize that I have 3 tickets for a little while. Especially if I’m playing on my phone, if I open a ticket on Facebook it doesn’t show up on my phone right away.

      I’d try quitting the game (or restarting your phone) and then coming back in. If you’re still at the train, try asking for tickets again. That usually fixes it for me.

  • pc

    Reply to agent86ix,

    Thank you, you were right, it took 3 days for the “gift” to arrive and now I am on 201 and I am pleased for your wisdom and advice

    thank you so kindly pc

  • Sassafras Dent

    Thanks for the Dec update advice. I couldn’t move on to the next level as the quests had disappeared and ‘friend requests’ didn’t seem to be getting thru properly either! I tried offline/airplane mode as you suggested and can now work my way thru the challenges.

  • Gibson Burns

    I have just finished level 65, and I am at the train tracks. It will not let me play the mystery quests. It doesn’t have the button for it. It keeps asking me to buy instant access or ask my friends. Help?

    • Jin Khan

      Try turning on Flight Mode.

  • Jin Khan
  • Jin Khan
  • Jin Khan
  • Jin Khan

    Unlock Next Episode using Quests in 10 minutes- https://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjH6-l5YjMAhVItpQKHZ1EBH4QFggbMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hellpc.net%2Fblog%2F2015%2F08%2F01%2Fcandy-crush-pass-to-the-next-episode-without-getting-help-from-friends-or-without-waiting-for-72-hours%2F&usg=AFQjCNGOBmLD1j0yDlT2HABTmyT2wX2pVg&sig2=bJQj7Cg70OUKUmpVumQag&bvm=bv.119028448,d.dGo