How do I Clear Candy Crush Level 77?

Candy Crush Level 77 is one of those levels with a sinister simplicity that you’ll either fine interesting or maddening. On the one hand, one little row of Jellies isn’t the biggest challenge you’ll ever face – but add in Licorice, Chocolate, and a difficult ability to form direct matches and you’ve got a recipe for curse words. This level fits a model that I see with many of the tougher ones. You’ll almost always be able to make good progress, but without strategy and some luck, you are bound to fall just a few jellies short… and the bait on the “free-to-play” hook is revealed! Read on for some tips to make short work of this one.

Candy Crush Level 77 Guide

Distance Crushing

While you may occasionally start with matchable candies in the center row, quite often you won’t. This means you’ll need to depend on your old pal the vertical Striped Candy to crush candies from afar. This can be especially important for the one piece of Licorice, since you only have a few moves and it will be quite hard to match horizontally.

WarningBreaking the Licorice on this level can spell the end for you if you are not prepared. The Chocolate will remain “dormant” and will not begin to grow until the Licorice is broken. Once the Licorice is gone, the Chocolate will immediately expand into that candy and will continue to grow on each turn that you don’t break Chocolate. With so few moves, you should try and have a way to destroy the Chocolate lined up before breaking the Licorice.

Go Combo or Go Home

If you’ve banged your head on this level for a while without success, it is probably because it is nearly impossible without Special Candy combos. It very tough to clear all of the Jelly with vertical Striped Candies and simple matches, particularly because vertical Stiped is very hard to form at the two edges of the screen. Anywhere you can create a Striped, take some time to look carefully for opportunities to make it more effective with a Striped Combo.

Pro TipBe sure to play close attention to the flow of candies from the top to the bottom of the screen via the Teleporter strip. On the very top of the screen you are blind to the next candies coming in, but on the bottom you have good visibility and can manipulate the order candies fall. This can be key to forming the Special Candies and Combos you need to win this one.

Pro TipWhile a little tough to create, Striped + Color Bomb is almost always a game winner on this level. Before firing off a Color Bomb, try hard to create a Striped to match with it. You can do a happy dance while Striped Candies fill the screen and eliminate the evil Chocolate.