Candy Crush Levels Guide - World Two Episodes 7 - 9

Bubblegum Bridge Episode 7

Levels 81-95
A "troll" that looks like a pink blob? Well it's Candy Crush - no one ever said it was going to make sense. Aside from the cardboard plot, the more important fact is that this episode introduces the Licorice Swirl. While it is certainly not as hated as Chocolate, it will certainly have you shaking your fist in rage at least a few times. Don't throw your phone. Don't smash your monitor. We've got tips and tricks to help you beat all of the levels of the Bubblegum Bridge and claim the title of Troll Hunter - read on below!

Candy Crush Level 81 Candy Crush Level 81 is a pretty easy introduction to Licorice Swirls. Generally, you can think of them a lot like Chocolate that doesn't grow or cover other candies. They do have the one additional highly irritating quality of blocking the blast from Striped Candies though. This means it is always best to try and clear any in the path, before triggering a Striped Candy. For the set up on 81 you'll want to make some simple matches to clear out Licorice Swirls below the Ingredients. Horizontal matches will work best, since they'll clear 3 at a time. After you clear some Swirls, you'll just have the Licorice Locks you already know so well, and Vertical Striped candies will deliver a quick victory.

Candy Crush Level 82 Level 82 is one of the rare gifts from King that is almost impossible to lose. The large number of Licorice Swirls may initially seem daunting, but when you notice the Teleporters, you'll see that any move above or below the Ingredients will cause downward movement. When you add to the chain reactions that begin to occur as Swirls are cleared, you'll soon be moving Ingredients rapidly off the board in only one or two moves, and you'll likely have a ton of moves left over. Remember this level for future calm Zen puzzle meditation.

Candy Crush Level 83 When you first see levels like Level 83, you may have a hard time spotting the Jellies you are actually targeting. In this case there are only 3 - one at each corner, and one in the middle center. Hack your way through the Icing, Locks, and Swirls until you have access to the bottom row. From there you can either surgically strike each Jelly with simple matches, or line up a Horizontal Striped or Striped Candy Combo. Beware that the Swirls will block the progress of your Striped Candies if you don't remove them first.

Candy Crush Level 84 One of the two Timed Levels in this Episode, Level 84 is considered a break from the tougher stuff you'll face on the Bubblegum Bridge. If you haven't noticed already, now is a good time to point out that Licorice Swirls can be swapped when forming matches. As you are making quick matches to increase your score, this is an excellent way to penetrate into areas with a lot of Swirls and clear a bunch at once. Like most Timed levels, it is in your best interest to clear out the Swirls as you find other matches, so that you can make Special Candies and increase your score to hit the 15,000 point minimum.

Candy Crush Level 85 Candy Crush 85 is one of those cruel levels that starts out feeling not too bad, and slowly creeps up on you until you have only a few moves left and no chance of bringing down all 8 Ingredients. Eight is a lot of Ingredients to bring down, even with so many moves, and the blockers on this level (Icing, Chocolate, and Licorice Swirls) do what they do best: waste your moves. Keep in mind that is what King is after - they want you to become distracted chasing Chocolate, or clearing Swirls that drop down... so you spend just enough moves to miss the main objective of Ingredients. If you stay very focused on the Ingredients, and make proper use of Vertical Striped Candies and Striped Candy Combos, then the level is normally possible with a few attempts.

Candy Crush Level 86 Level 86 is probably the toughest of the levels on the Bubblegum Bridge. Check out our in-depth guide on it here.

Candy Crush Level 87 Compared to Candy Crush Level 86, Level 87 is a cakewalk. You'll need to tunnel through some Icing on the right side of the board, but once you start chipping into it the board Teleporters will help you out a lot with combos and rapidly moving Ingredients towards the exits. With plenty of moves, this level is unlikely to give you much trouble, even with 8 Ingredients to bring down.

Candy Crush Level 88 Candy Crush Level 88 can be tricky, and tricky is our middle name. Check out the details on this tough level here.

Candy Crush Level 89 Chocolate at the bottom of an area filled with Jellies. They wouldn't put Jelly underneath it though, would they? Of course they would! Now it isn't always necessary to clear all of the Chocolate on some levels, but on Candy Crush Level 89 it is borderline required. Because of the shape of the board, it will keep overtaking your Jellies, which will make it near impossible to win. Reroll the level till you have a good start for clearing some Chocolate, then work at it till you can eliminate it all (picking up as many Jellies as possible in the process. Once the Chocolate is gone, use Horizontal Striped and Striped Candy Combos to clear up any remaining Jellies, especially, on the bottom row. Be strong, this one will likely take a few attempts.

Candy Crush Level 90 Candy Crush Level 90 isn't that hard, but it does have a trick to it. At first you'll find it pretty easy to make matches on the right side and move the Ingredients through the Teleporters towards the exit. The trick is that as candies (and Ingredients) make their way into the last zone of the board (the one with the three columns), the candies will sometimes shift into the left and right columns rather than staying in the center. The Ingredients need to stay in the center so that they will move out of the exit. The trick is to get your Ingredients almost to the Teleporter just before the last zone, and then make only vertical matches in the center column. Vertical matches will not trigger the "shifting" that occurs with horizontal matches, and this will keep your Ingredients in the center column. Once they are there, just make simple matches and trigger any Special Candies you manage to make to get them the rest of the way out of the exit.

Candy Crush Level 91 28 Jellies and only 30 moves? Level 91 is brutal! Check out our guide here.

Candy Crush Level 92 Candy Crush Level 92 can be very hard, and like most tough levels there is some luck involved. Luckily there is a bit of a trick to this one though. The Ingredients get blocked by some Licorice Swirls and Licorice Locks, but that by itself isn't what makes the level so hard. The killer issue is the "chokepoint" design of the bottom of the level. Ingredients either spawn in a "good" column, where they can move straight out, or a "bad" column which they need to be swapped out of or they will get stuck. The location of the first Ingredient is random, but that can be controlled by rerolling. The second Ingredient spawns around move 8, and the third spawns around move 16. When you get close to this move count make only vertical matches in "good" columns. If you use this tip, you'll save tons of wasted moves trying to get the Ingredients out of the "bad" columns. Once you have all Ingredients spawned in the right place, it is just a matter of using Vertical Striped candies or other Special Candy Combos to get them all out of the exit.

Candy Crush Level 93 Level 93 is no big deal, and a welcome break from some of the tougher levels in this Episode. If you focus on Special Candies and Special Candy Combos this level should not be too much of a challenge. Do place a little bit of priority on the Jellies on the bottom row, as they are a little harder to get, but you probably won't have any trouble with them.

Candy Crush Level 94 Hopefully by now when you encounter a Timed Level you smile and think this ones going to be easy. There isn't too much challenge with Level 94. Try and clear some Chocolate as you are making other moves, but remember that Special Candies and Combos are your path to the Target Score you are trying to reach. One or two tries, and you'll be on to the next no problem.

Candy Crush Level 95 The Bubblegum Bridge and that weird Pink Troll go out with a bang on the very tough Candy Crush Level 95. Check out these detailed tips to get past this frustrating level.

Salty Canyon Episode 8

Levels 96-110
Do you remember all those levels ago, when you encountered Chocolate for the first time? It was kind of tough... sometimes even brutal, but you overcame it. After all, it doesn't make you instantly lose, it just makes it hard to achieve the goals at hand. Well the Salty Canyon has a new trap for you: the Candy Bomb (or sometimes simply "Bomb"). Candy Bombs at first just appear on the starting board, and later begin falling randomly with other candies. They have a timer, and when the timer runs out you lose. They are one of the most offensive obstacles in the game, and they will earn a spot on your list of things you hate about CCS - but you can beat them! Read on for tips on all of the Salty Canyon levels and become the Licorice Astronaut you were born to be!

Candy Crush Level 96 Level 96 is an easy level, and is almost a hidden clue from King about the true nature of Candy Bombs. Something deep in human psychology makes it hard to ignore Bombs, but it is often the right thing to do until they are very close to exploding. In this level, you don't need to clear any of the bombs because the "fuse" time is the same as the number of moves you have to reach the Target Score. Clear Icing, makes Special Candies, and crush Bombs if you get a chance and you should have no trouble meeting the Target Score.

Candy Crush Level 97 The gloves are off with Candy Crush Level 97. It's a bomb shaped level, that starts with two Candy Bombs and just keeps dropping more. We need to talk strategy. Check out the detailed guide for this level here.

Candy Crush Level 98 Candy Crush Level 98 is just another example of the torment of Candy Bombs. To spice things up, King adds in some difficult to clear Licorice Locks at the start of this level, which can cause you to be unlucky and fail before you clear enough space to effectively control the constantly dropping 8 turn bombs. If that wasn't bad enough, the extremely high Target Score means that Special Candy Combos are almost mandatory. Keep a sharp eye out for Color Bomb (the Chocolate sprinkly good kind of bomb) opportunities. If you get lucky enough to mix a Color Bomb with a Candy Bomb, it will give you a huge score boost and you'll easily reach the Target Score.

Candy Crush Level 99 Level 99 is quite hard. It is really worth rerolling until you have a good start, because it is often possible to have one or both of the initial bombs blow up before you clear them, just based on the luck of the initial board. Once you get past the first two bombs, the level eases up a little, but you still have very few moves to take out all of the Jelly. Special Candy Combos are a requirement to win, and a Striped + Wrapped inside the Jelly zone can be a big help.

Candy Crush Level 100 Keeping with the theme, Candy Crush Level 100 pours on another heavy dose of painful Candy Bomb punishment. You start with a difficult to reach Bomb that will probably explode before you get to it about half the time. There isn't much to be done, because even if you reroll you can still get stuck after the first one or two moves, and burn up so many moves that the level becomes un-winnable. Remember that Vertical Striped Candies can be used to take a shot at the Bomb from range - but the Licorice Lock means you'll have to manage to hit it twice. For this use, a nearby Wrapped Candy is also very effective, as it explodes twice. Once the Bomb is cleared, you need to very efficiently clear Jelly with Special Candy Combos. Striped + Wrapped, or better yet Striped + Color Bomb can make it much less challenging, if you get lucky enough to pull them off in the few moves you have. Hang on tight, because this one may take a while (and there are still rougher levels ahead).

Candy Crush Level 101 Level 101 is one of the few easy levels in this Episode - a chance to catch your breath from cursing King's name. The board is pretty open, so once you clear the initial Candy Bombs, you should have no trouble forming Special Candies and using your well honed Ingredients skills to get them all out of the level. Take a second to congratulate yourself on victory - the next one is a doosy.

Candy Crush Level 102 In an already hard Episode, Candy Crush Level 102 is among the hardest levels. Check out detailed tips and tricks on this oppressive level here.

Candy Crush Level 103 Level 103 is tough, and more unfortunately it is not the toughest you'll face in the Salty Canyon. Even still, a 7 turn Candy Bomb that is behind a wall of Licorice Swirls is a challenge, and the Chocolate just adds insult to injury. Focus your first few moves on breaking Chocolate and clearing as many candies per move as possible. This will draw the Bomb and the Licorice Swirls through the Teleporter and onto the right side of the board. At this point you need to change focus to clear enough Swirls to get at the Bomb and crush it before it explodes. Once that's done, you can finish up clearing the Chocolate, and begin to look for big Special Candy Combos to clear the tons of Jelly you've got to get rid of. Easy right? Not really, and it will take some luck and grit to keep attempting this one till you can get past.

Candy Crush Level 104 Candy Crush Level 104 has many of the offensive qualities of Level 102 (including Chocolate, like the original version of 102). The main difference is the shape of the board, which is a little more forgiving. Focus all attention at the beginning of the level on clearing the Candy Bombs, then click into your Jelly clearing groove. You'll need Special Candy Combos in order to clear enough Jelly and keep control of the Chocolate. Striped + Wrapped does a good job, but Striped + Color Bomb is the way to go with significantly increased clearing power. You've been through tougher than this up to this point - you can get past this one too.

Candy Crush Level 105 Another fairly tough level... but it's the Salty Canyon, that's kind of it's thing. Level 105 follows the same frustrating trend of short fuse Candy Bombs, including new bombs every 8 turns. Yay! When you start out, make sure to focus on clearing the center Bomb. After that you'll have to alternate between forming Special Candy Combos to mass-clear the Jellies, and crushing the Bombs that fall down. Striped + Wrapped in the corners are very effective, and any of the Color Bomb Combos also do a good job thinning the Jelly population.

Candy Crush Level 106 As it seems like is the case on almost every level in this Episode, brace yourself for the "race against moves" that begins Candy Crush Level 106 as you try to defuse two Candy Bombs. Following another trend in the Salty Canyon, you'll also have continuous new Bombs dropping down to deal with. To deal with the initial bombs, try rerolling until you've got a good starting move - then remember that the Licorice Swirls around the bombs are swappable. Once those Bombs are taken care of, try to open up the board with moves that clear Licorice and Jellies - but keep an eye out for dropping bombs. Often, you'll find yourself burn through moves to get to one that dropped into a bad spot. There isn't much defense against this, but as you create more Special Candies you'll have more weapons that can be used to ex out those damn bombs.

Candy Crush Level 107 In keeping with the cliche' life wasting tactics of this Episode, Level 107 starts out with some Candy Bombs beind Licorice Locks that you are sure to fail to free on some attempts. Once you do get them crushed, you'll have Chocolate and more Licorice Swirls to contend with, before you can get at the Jelly that is your target. Aside from controlling and eliminating Chocolate, try to knock out the Swirls before they fall onto the Jelly. Once the Chocolate is clear, it is just a matter of using Special Candies and Combos to clear out the Jelly. Striped + Wrapped or Striped + Color Bomb will make short work of it... if you can survive that long.

Candy Crush Level 108 Level 108 is pretty straightforward, and hopefully you will find it easy. The score target is low, and you should have no trouble reaching it. The main way to lose is the Candy Bombs that drop down, but once you've reach the Target Score you can just wait them out. It's fun to keep playing and go for 3 stars, but just keep in mind that once you have the first star you should keep a close eye on any Bomb timers, to avoid canceling out your win.

Candy Crush Level 109 Considered one of the hardest levels in the game, Candy Crush Level 109 is no joke. Check out our tips and strategy for it here.

Candy Crush Level 110 You may want to take a breather after 109, but unfortunately Level 110 is not much relief. You've got a wide open board to play with, but you start with two 5 turn Candy Bombs, and 5 turn Bombs drop almost constantly the entire level. You'll need to get into a pattern of clearing Bombs almost as soon as they appear, and then using the turns where all of the Bombs are gone to make Special Candies. Color Bombs are very important on this level because they allow you some safety to hit hard to reach Bombs, and they can give you a huge score boost if you match them with a Bomb (or even other Special Candies). Once you have one, I suggest you try for a Color Bomb Chain, because it will greatly increase your odds of crushing all of the hard-to-reach Bombs while at the same time making the Target Score not too big of a challenge. Slug your way through this one, and you can say goodbye to the Salty Canyon.

Peppermint Palace Episode 9

Levels 111-125
Not exactly known for originality (:cough: Bejeweled :cough:), King sometimes recycles a previous mechanic. Here in the Peppermint Palace, they bring back Icing, this time as "Multilayer Icing". I hope you like it, because you will be seeing a lot more of it as the levels continue. In my humble opinion it isn't nearly as tough as Chocolate or Candy Bombs, and by that rationale this Episode is bit easier than the last few. Strap on you puzzling hats and your match-3 fingers and get ready to duke it out for the title of Minty Sultan.

Candy Crush Level 111 Level 111 is a nice relaxing start to the Episode, and should not challenge you much. The key thing to recognize is that you must use Special Candies and Special Candy Combos in order to have enough moves to clear all of the Jelly. By this point I expect that is pretty easy for you, so enjoy the break.

Candy Crush Level 112 Another straightforward level, Candy Crush Level 112 is simply double Icing meets Ingredients out. Throw yourself a little party with this win, because the next one is going to hurt.
. Vertical Striped candies have the usual huge benefit, but you will need more than one to penetrate through the Icing. As with 111, use Special Candy combos to clear as much Icing as possible with a few moves, and you'll have no trouble with this one.

Candy Crush Level 113 Three softballs in a row... is King losing their edge? Don't count on it, but enjoy it while it lasts. Level 113 starts with a rare "deterministic" layout where you have basically only one possible move and rerolling is pointless. It's not a worry though, because if you use your Special Candy Combo knowledge, and focus on getting the Ingredient free, you should have no trouble clearing a path to get it out. Striped + Wrapped is hugely beneficial here, and Striped + Color Bomb can do some major damage as well, if you can manage it.

Candy Crush Level 114 Keeping with the easy trend, here comes Candy Crush Level 114. You might at first shudder at the 4 nearly unreachable Candy Bombs, but the fact is that you don't need to clear them to win. This is a Moves Level, so the main things you need to focus on are crushing Icing to open up the level, making Special Candies (especially Color Bombs), and reaching the Target Score. You can do it!

Candy Crush Level 115 You may feel a little short on moves in Candy Crush Level 115, but luckily, the level is overall not that hard. Punch your way through the double Icing either with simple matches or Special Candies to get access to the Licorice Swirls. Once those are free, try and clear most of them out with simple matches. Remember that you can swap Swirls, which helps to take out a bunch of them at once. Once you've got most of the Swirls taken care of, shoot for several Special Candy combos and you should be home free.

Candy Crush Level 116 Level 116 is not too bad, if you follow the right strategy. There are a lot of Jellies to clear, and a lot of double Icing on the board, so you must spend moves efficiently. This means using Special Candy Combos, and working from the bottom so that some lucky matches up top crush some Jellies for free. As you free up space, keep an eye out for Color Bomb opportunities, because Striped + Color Bomb is very effective on this level - and you should have the space and moves to get it in many instances.

Candy Crush Level 117 Well... it couldn't last forever. Candy Crush Level 117 is tough, not just because of the abundant double Icing, or the loathsome cancerous Chocolate. Really the toughest part of the level is the "stuck" zones at the bottom where Ingredients can fall to and not exit the board. Take a close look at the columns where the Ingredients can get out, and be very careful with your matches to keep them in those columns. On the first move, a vertical match under the Ingredient is safe. If you make a horizontal match, the Ingredient will tend to shift towards the opening that is created. This can cause it to shift out of the target column, so be careful. New Ingredients show up about once every 15 turns, so when you get close to that limit, start restricting your matches to the target columns, ideally vertical if possible. Once you've got all of your Ingredients in the correct column, the level becomes a much easier game of creating Vertical Striped Candies and Striped Candy Combos to blast your Ingredients off the board.

Candy Crush Level 118 Pitted against Icing, Chocolate, and Licorice Swirls you may find Candy Crush Level 118 to be rather tough. One easy way to reduce the difficulty is rerolling until you have some good opening moves against the Chocolate. Some boards actually even make it possible to completely clear it in the first two moves. Even with this leg up, you will still need to pierce through the Swirls and Icing to get to the main column. At this point its just a matter of block and tackle matching. Keep a keen eye out for any chance to launch a Vertical Striped candy down the center column, since this will bring you much closer to winning in just one move.

Candy Crush Level 119 Candy Crush Level 119, may cost you some lives, but that will mostly be due to luck. The Icing and Licorice Swirls will make the usual tactic of creating Vertical Striped Candies tough, but since there are only four colors on this board, you'll find that once you get a combo started the pieces that drop in will often clear many more just by random luck. Going through the middle is thus often very doable, but if you're looking for a shortcut I suggest rerolling until you get the Ingredient lined up with one of the outside columns. With this start, you don't have to worry about clearing blockers at all, just make simple matches until the Ingredient is out. Piece of cake.

Candy Crush Level 120 Like a lot of levels with Chocolate, Candy Crush Level 120 has a lot to do with how you start. This is one of the reasons why rerolling is such an important tip for hard levels. If you can take out the Chocolate in the first few moves, you probably won't find this level difficult at all. It will eventually be necessary to break the Licorice Locks and the double Icing that prevents candies from dropping to the bottom, but with the Chocolate gone, this is no big deal. If you don't control the Chocolate early, you won't have much hope since the Locks and Swirls in the bottom middle will make it hard to clear it out once it's taken hold.

Candy Crush Level 121 Candy Crush Level 121 may be the first fairly challenging Timed Level, but the challenge is somewhat deceptive. The board starts with an initial Candy Bomb at the center, trapped by double Icing. This will instill a certain amount of panic for newer players, and you have to keep in mind that this is what the developers intend. Instead of freaking out about the Bomb, just start matching near the Icing, and in most cases you'll be through it with many turns to spare. What you really to focus on is creating a Color Bomb. The easiest way to win this level is creating enough Special Candies to amp up your score, and the Color Bomb is almost a silver bullet. Once you have a Color Bomb, hold onto it until you can match it with the color of any Candy Bomb on the screen. This will give you a huge score boost, and should be enough for at least one star. At this point, check the time left and the timers on all Candy Bombs. If you are running low on turns to clear any of the Candy Bombs, just let the timer run out and you will win. Conversely, if you run out of moves and a Candy Bomb explodes, you will lose even if you had enough points to win. This can be heart-wrenching.... don't let it happen to you.

Candy Crush Level 122 If Candy Bombs make you pull your hair out, Candy Crush Level 122 is going to be a tough one for you. Out the gate you've got a 10 turn Candy Bomb stuck behind a Licorice Lock, with Chocolate everywhere. Be warned that no matter what strategy you try, you are likely going to burn through some moves on this one because it just isn't possible to reach the Bomb in time on many boards. That said, you can get to it, and there is a strategy that can help. I highly recommend that you reroll until you have a good board for opening moves, because so many boards are just a waste of lives with no chance of getting the Bomb. Once you see a good start, clear Icing and candies until you can get at the Licorice Lock. Try as hard as possible to not break any of the double Icing. This will have the direct benefit of preventing the Chocolate from expanding, but there is also a little trick for the Candy Bomb. If you can manage to break the Licorice Lock without breaking and of the other double Icing, the Chocolate will eat the Bomb! In most cases this is the best strategy to be rid of it, because more often then not it is hard enough to hit the Bomb once in 10 turns, let alone twice. With the Bomb out of the way, the level becomes much easier. A few other Bombs will drop, and the Chocolate needs to be contained, but if you focus on making Special Candies you shouldn't have much trouble hitting the Target Score.

Candy Crush Level 123 The challenge of Level 123 will depend a little on your luck, but overall it is pretty beatable. The main trick is to avoid releasing the Chocolate until you've had some time to prepare. Work through the center, and clear out the Licorice Swirls. It is even possible to shoot Horizontal Striped Candies through the double Icing and clear Chocolate that is still safely contained. If you've prepared enough Special Candies before unleashing the Chocolate, you shouldn't have much difficulty eliminating it quickly and getting back to clearing Icing and Jellies.

Candy Crush Level 124 What little threat the Candy Bomb at the beginning of Level 124 ought to be very manageable to a seasoned vet of crushing like yourself. The large number of moves on this level mean that all you really need to focus on is clearing enough Licorice Locks and double Icing that you can make enough Special Candies to get all the Ingredients out. Throw yourself a little party with this win, because the next one is going to hurt.

Candy Crush Level 125 Candy Crush Level 125 is the hardest in this Episode, so we're not going to mess around. See our detailed guide here.