How do I clear Candy Crush Level 125?

Candy Crush Level 125 is a lot like another hard level you may remember, another level that perhaps haunts your nightmares. Yeah, I’m talking about Level 65. If Level 65 is considered one of the hardest, or the hardest level – what does that make Candy Crush Level 125? Well, it is arguably even worse. You don’t have Chocolate to deal with, but wrapped Licorice is everywhere. Take deep breaths, we’ll get through this together. Read on for tips and tricks to defeat Candy Crush Level 125.

Candy Crush Level 125 Guide

Room to breathe

While there is no Chocolate in Candy Crush Level 125, the Licorice and Meringue more than make up for it. In order to have any chance, you’re going to need to make enough room to increase your odds of getting Special Candies and Combos. Your first goal should be to clear all or most of the Meringue, and in the process as much Licorice as you can take with it.

Pro Tip It is easy to forget that wrapped Licorice is one of the few obstacles that you can move. You may find that you tend to think of them as being static like Meringue and Chocolate, but this is not the case! Keep a keen eye for chances to swap Licorice, as it will ensure the Licorice is destroyed and help your candies penetrate the pockets along the sides.

Out with a bang

Once you finally have some space cleared up, you will need to work very efficiently clear left over Jelly and Obstacles with Special Candies and Special Candy Combos. The last few rounds of Candy Crush Level 125 are bound to be a nail biter, but Special Candies are the key. Even with the Licorice, Striped + Color Bomb is usually the best option. As usual, try and make sure you have as many candies of the Striped Color as possible, and consider spending a move or two to wipe out any pesky Licorice that will block the Striped blasts.

Pro Tip After the Meringue is clear, Candy Crush Level 125 is an excellent candidate for Color Bomb Chaining. If you haven’t had luck with other strategies, you might want to give it a try. Chaining Color Bombs will allow you to target the last few pesky candies that are often out of reach of regular matches. It also increases the odds of Striped + Color Bomb or Wrapped + Color Bomb, which can do wonders to clear out remaining Jellies and Obstacles on the level.

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