How do I clear Candy Crush Saga level 95?

Candy Crush Saga is infamous for its challenging levels, and EBongo had warned me of the particularly high difficulty of Candy Crush Saga level 95. I hit it today and managed to get past it, using my keen eye for game strategy which I am far too humble to brag about. (FYI: I’m awesome.) Having returned from the depths of level 95, I’ve distilled my expertise into this guide, which I hope will get you over the “Candy Crush Saga Last Level of the Episode” hump and back to the “easier” levels that lie beyond.

Candy Crush Saga Level 95

Candy Crush Saga level 95 is a bit weird looking, almost like a Space Invaders alien. This odd shape means you’ve got a lot of tight corners to maneuver in.

The first thing you should note is that the only areas that will clear ingredients are in the far left and far right of the level. It’s impossible to match in order to move an ingredient down once it’s in these pockets, unfortunately. You’re going to have to rely on horizontally striped candy, which means you’re going to need vertical 4-in-a-row matches this time around.

The only way into these tiny pockets at each side of Candy Crush Saga level 95 is via teleporters you can see in the bottom center. In order to get into these, you’ve got to get your ingredients to the bottom and aligned just right. Unfortunately, the ingredients have a lot of places to get stuck here.

There’s not a lot of benefit to repeatedly rolling on Candy Crush level 95 (Need info on rolling? Click here!), really, since the first order of business is just moving the ingredients downward. You could try for some early horizontal striped candy, but it’s likely to just get in the way before you need it.

A vertical striped candy in the first couple of moves could prove useful, if it’s in the correct column to bring an ingredient all the way down, though. Just make sure you move your ingredient into the correct column before setting the vertically striped candy off.

My advice would be to try and get your ingredients aligned with the central teleporters before they end up at the bottom of the level. Otherwise, you’ve got a long road to hoe in order to bring them into alignment once they’re at the bottom. Candy Crush Saga level 95 is punishing in this regard, to be sure.

There are little “no mans lands” in the upper right and left corners of this level that can be a pain to work your way back out of as well. It can be hard to predict how the candies are going to move if you match and leave gaps, so keep your wits about you.

Ultimately, you’re going to have to rely on horizontal striped candies and any special candy combos you can pull off to win Candy Crush level 95. Here again, the “power moves” are really a striped + a wrapped or a striped + a color bomb.

  • Jon Wells

    Doesn’t explain how to get ingredients gone from the teleporters. Been there, done that, they never leave.

    • The only way to get the ingredients through the teleporters is to get them to that very bottom row you can see in the screenshot. It’s quite common for them to get jammed up in the row just above this – stuck in the corners and unable to move. If this happens, your only hope is to move them into the teleporter’s columns by switching them with some candy that is already there – a vertical 3-in-a-row or better is the only solution.

      It’s very rare to be able to move the ingredients out of that area, so once they’re stuck in those corners you’re more or less stuck on the level. It helps if you can move them into the teleporter columns before they get jammed in the corners down there, as I explained.

      • Jon Wells

        Thank you. I was finally able to move an ingredient out of the transporter, when it went to one of the farthest side columns. Apparently then it would be necessary to create a horizontally striped candy at its precise row, to clear it. And of course that all has to be done twice since there are two ingredients. Wow.

        • Jon Wells

          Was just a fluke getting the ingredient out of the transporter; just played a whole round with one stuck there. No idea how to exit it.

          • Mary Moore

            I have been playing on Level 95 for weeks! Many, many times, I have cleared both the cherries and the nuts….as well as continuing to achieve higher and higher scores…Last game after clearing, I scored over 133,000 ! But, I keep being sent back to level 95!!! Why am I not being sent on to Level 96??

      • Mary Moore

        Agent86ix…please read my comment below…stuck for weeks on level 95…have cleared cherries and nut….scored over 133,000….but I keep getting sent back to repeat Level 95….????

        • EBongo

          Hi Mary. This sounds like a bug that I’ve seen reported various times over on the King Forums. I wish I could say that I’ve seen a solution for it… but I haven’t. Two suggestions I have – 1) Try clicking on the little “plane” icon where you unlock the next episode. Unlikely to work, but worth a shot. 2) If you have access to a mobile device, try playing through 95 there, then syncing to Facebook. I’d rate this as pretty likely to work – assuming you have a mobile device to play on. I hope that helps.

          • Mary Moore

            Thank you very much for your response. I will try both and let you know…:-)

          • Mary Moore

            I tried your first suggestion many times to no avail. I currently play on my iPad because I dislike playing on my iPhone, so did not try your second suggestion. Finally, I paid the DARN $.99 !!!!!!!!!!! and could immediately move to Level 96. If this happens again, I will just abandon the game altogether, but thought it would be worth the $.99 just to see if it would work and continue playing for a while.

  • Digger

    Just beat level 95, with a few moves to spare and the game came up with a “fail” screen, though it showed both objectives accomplished. WTF?

    • √Āngela

      It happened to me too because I didn’t reach the required points to pass it :

  • Steph

    Digger, maybe you didn’t reach the target goal of points?

  • sparky

    I had two incidents of horizontal striped candies lined up exactly with the cherries and they didn’t move in either case. What up? ??

    • EBongo

      Hi sparky, welcome to WOTS! If I’m understanding you correctly, I think that is expected. The ingredients themselves are unaffected by the striped candy in either direction. You want to target horizontal striped candies below the ingredients, so that other candies are broken and it moves down. If you line it up directly, it will have no effect.

  • Steve

    Read this instruction and finished th efirst try. Was lucky enough to get a combo with a color bomb

  • MC

    Super excited that I just cleared level 95 on the first try after reading the tips on this pg! I cleared it with many moves left and not only scored 3 stars but the highest among my friends! I’d been stuck on this level for a while and couldn’t understand how to clear both ingredients. Thanks for very clear instructions. I particularly found EBongo’s explanation very helpful… that you need striped horizontal candy ‘below’ the ingredients to clear them and NOT in the same line. Like others I was also frustrated why the power moves had no effect on the ingredients till I read his write up. Thanks for the tips, much appreciated.

  • dorothy wood

    you’re great as an instuctor..ever think about writing a book? well, here’s hoping I’ll get through 95..thanks a million for the well written tip.

  • Hannah

    Wow, after reading this I decided to give level 95 another go after numerous attempts! ! Completed with 28 moves left On first go! Amazing, thank you :)

    • Dang Hannah! That’s awesome, congrats!

  • I have gotten all the ingred out 3 times but have not scored enough points to beat level….HELP!!! I cant get enough points!! :-(

  • KTP

    The acorn will not pass through the teleporter on the left side when I line it up. Is this one of the challenges of the level or a glitch?

    Thanks for all your tips thus far!

    • KTP

      By the way i answered my own silly question. They only go through if there is room for them, hence the horizontal striped candies. When i quit acting blonde finally, i beat it with 20 moves left

  • David Why

    Agent86 thanks for being humble and AWESOME! Cracked it on my first try with plenty o’moves left over. Although not as awesome as you missed 3 stars by maybe one or two moves. Thanks!

    • agent86ix

      I think that, for recognizing my humble awesomeness, you are at least as humbly awesome as I am. We are so awesomely humble it hurts!

  • Lisa Desjardins

    What is a teleportor? I’m struggling with this level. PLEASE HELP

    • agent86ix

      Teleporters are spots on the level where your candy will fall through and the pop out at another spot on the level. They have little green arrows on them to show where they start and where they end.

  • Pam

    This was the best help so far – I went back in and completed the level with ONE move to spare and earned 60,000 points, enough to move on. There’s no way to control the amount of points you get, you just luck out with combining a color bomb and a striped or wrapped candy – that’s how I made my last move. I had the two ingredients stacked together at the bottom for the longest time until the just-right combination of moves happened along – pure dumb luck.

  • tsunimee

    bastard game. just 100 points short :( x

  • tsunimee

    by the skin of my teeth, just did it. But not as bad as level 90. OMG that level killed me!!

    • EBongo

      Congratulations! Yes, I agree some of those early 90s levels were brutal. It’s all conditioning, because it just gets harder as you go up. It always feels good to get past a tough one though.

  • agent86ix

    Hey Robert, just after level 95 is one of those checkpoints where you have to bug your friends, pay $0.99, or play three Candy Crush Saga Mystery Quests. If you’ve already won this leve, check the bubble just after level 95 to see these options.

  • Aajaxx

    You mention those places that you can get stuck, but how do you get out? The only way seems be be moving the ingredient up to make a match. Fat chance of that! Am i missing something?

    • EBongo

      Hi Aajaxx! If you are flat up against the edge in a stuck location, the only way out is to make a match that causes the Ingredient to move. However, there are some dead spots on this level that are so bad, you are literally doomed if you get your Ingredient into them. This is because it isn’t possible to swap pieces to make a match, because there just isn’t enough space even for a 3 way match. To avoid getting into this circumstance in the first place, work from the bottom whenever the Ingredients appear. The natural pattern of candies falling will normally cause them to fall into a safe column. Matches in the center three columns are best for this, since they will draw the Ingredients towards the center.

      • Aajaxx

        Actually it is possible if you are very good or very lucky. Fortunately I won’t have to worry about it any longer. I beat the level.

        • EBongo

          Congratulations! I’m curious for posterity how you get unstuck from that scenario. It is possible to make a horizontal match with the candy above, but that won’t free the Ingredient (it will just fall back into the same spot). I don’t see anyway to move it horizontally out of that spot, once it is stuck there.

          • Aajaxx

            I stand corrected.

  • NancyG54

    I have to admit that this level has caused me to quit wasting my time on computer games and I’ve gone back to the NY times crossword puzzles. I prefer a challenge to keep my mind sharp and there is no skill to this level, it constantly reshuffles because there are no moves…what a waste of time.

  • NancyG54

    This level has caused me to stop playing computer games and go back to doing the NY times crossword puzzles. At least there the questions don’t change… This level keeps reshuffling so there is no skill involved, just watch the game keep resorting itself. Crosswords are much better for the mind.

    • agent86ix

      Yeah Nancy, I don’t blame you. The levels get even harder from here, and far more frustrating.

      Don’t judge all video games by these, though. There ARE better games in this vein, just don’t play King’s games. They’re psychological traps designed to get you to spend money. One of my favorites is Puzzle Craft, which my partner EB reviewed here. It’s also free, and far more fun in my opinion.

      He also suggests Dots in that article, and there’s a sequel that’s popular right now, Dots 2. There are some frustrating aspects to that game as well, though.

      • NancyG54

        Thanks for the suggestions agent, I’ll check that out. I enjoy challenging my mind but when skill doesn’t count it just becomes a waste of time. I’ve not paid a penny to play…this is about my enjoyment, not enriching some game company.

        • agent86ix

          Same here, Nancy. I’ve never paid a dime to King, but I have squeezed all their games for whatever enjoyment I could.

          I’ve played Puzzle Craft to completion on my Android, EB did so on his iPhone, and I suggested it to a friend who was really into Candy Crush at the time. She played it through twice in a row, which is no small feat! There is always more to play and no real “forced” parts where it’s clear they just want you to pay to continue.

  • LaVonne Mason

    I realize this is old, but I hope you still monitor it. I just have to tell you how much I appreciate you for putting this out here. I went out of this and started the game and won it with 7 moves left. I was fortunate to be on a treasure chest 6 hours of free plays, so up to a certain point I just kept challenging myself. I kept getting stuck in the transporters. couldn’t figure it out. This was a much more easier level because of you. Thank you so much.