How do I clear Candy Crush Level 86?

After crushing so many candies, you are occasionally going to get deja vu the first time you see a level. Haven’t you played this level before? Well Candy Crush Level 86 is one of those levels that looks very familiar, and that’s because it is a retred of Level 30. Great, you might think – you did already beat Level 30 after all. Well before you start celebrating, take a hard look at all that Jelly and Licorice, and that puny number of moves. This one is another bruiser – but fear not, we’ve got tips below.

Candy Crush Level 86 Guide

Licorice by numbers

There are 25 Licorice Wraps in the pyramid, on top of 25 double Jellies. Add this to the 9 Licorice Cages around the perimeter, and those 35 moves you have in Candy Crush Level 86 are looking pretty puny. Assuming you clear all of the Cages, you’ll need to average around 1.6 Obstacles per move. This is a tall order, and a few wasted moves will normally result in failure. If your device supports it, I recommend rerolling the level until you have a good layout for breaking through a few Licorice Cages. If you don’t start to penetrate within the first few moves, you’ll typically lose.

Pro Tip Try to prioritize matches which touch the most Licorice Swirls at one time. Because of the shape of the pyramid, these will usually be vertical matches of 3 or 4 candies. Matches which touch only one Swirl are better than nothing, but should be your last resort.

Pro Tip Don’t forget that unlike most Obstacles, Licorice Swirls are movable as part of matching. As you begin to penetrate the pyramid from different sides you will eventually get a mix of regular candies and Licorice Swirls. At first only matches adjacent to the Swirls will be possible, but keep an eye out once you have regular candies inside. Matches that involving swapping a Swirl often clear the most possible Licorice in one move.

Going out with a bang

By the time you clear all or most of the Licorice Swirls on Candy Crush Level 86, you are bound to be low on moves. You will probably get to this point multiple times and fail. The key is to slow down and use your remaining moves very carefully to ensure you clear as many jellies per move as possible. Look for combo opportunities (even simple match-3 combos) to stretch the effectiveness of your moves. Don’t give up till the end, since a Special Candy Combo in the final few moves can still win it for you.

Pro Tip Once most Licorice is cleared, Special Candy Combos will have a devastating effect on the Jelly when used from inside the Jelly pyramid. A Striped + Wrapped combo used in the middle bottom of the pyramid will have the greatest effect. Used at the ideal location (centered, one row above the bottom) this combo will wipe out 34 jellies, and by the time you clear to that point it will likely clear all but a few of the Jellies you have left.