Candy Crush Color Bomb Chaining: Advanced Tricks

The higher you go in Candy Crush Saga Levels, the more tricks, secrets, and strategies you will need in your candy tool belt. By now you probably know that Candy Crush Color Bombs are one of the main Special Candy weapons – but you may find them very difficult to make. In this article we’ll explain a tactic we call Candy Crush Color Bomb Chaining, that can help you beat those tough levels.

Candy Crush Color Bomb Chaining

The first one is the hardest

There are some levels where you are going to have to manufacture Color Bombs, either as the direct objective of a “Complete the Order” level, or simply because it is an effective way of crushing a lot of candy, clearing a lot of spaces, and targeting specific colors or spaces. If you haven’t encountered such a level yet, don’t worry you will. What first seems impossible, actually becomes pretty easy with a sharp eye, and statistics on your side. The first step is to create a Color Bomb the old fashioned way. Manipulate candies until you’ve got one, nuff said.

Pro Tip Remember that if you are on a supported mobile device, you can reroll the level until you have a board with a “first turn” Color Bomb. This can save valuable moves, and cut down on some of the chance involved in starting your Color Bomb Chain.

Riding the Chain

With your first Color Bomb in hand, carefully inspect the board for other Color Bomb opportunities. If you can form any already, lucky you, go for it. If not, look at the colors near your Color Bomb and consider what will happen with each if you chose to match your Color Bomb with that color. This part takes a while, but it is worth it. Even if you don’t see any opportunities, sooner or later you’ll need to fire off the Color Bomb. Immediately after, carefully scrutinize the board for more Color Bomb chances, especially from the middle down. Often times there will be 1-2 more Color Bomb matches already present. Once you have a few Color Bombs on the board, it will get easier and easier to form more, creating a Color Bomb Chain!

Pro Tip One of the few, but important, places that the Wrapped + Color Bomb combo shines is when it comes to Color Bomb Chaining. Forming this combo will only net you one Color Bomb for “Complete the Order” levels, but it will eliminate two colors from the board. This will go a long way towards forming more Color Bombs, and other Special Candies.

Pro Tip In Candy Crush Dreamworld levels, the “Moonstruck” Event is a great time for Color Bomb Chaining. It’s really the only safe time to do it, to avoid tipping the scale too far – but it is also made fairly easy with 1-2 colors already eliminated for the duration of the event. If you have a Color Bomb, or Wrapped + Color Bomb set up, consider banking it for the Moonstruck Event if you can.

Warning Using this tactic, it’s often possible to get the rare opportunity for Color Bomb + Color Bomb. Even if you are playing a “Complete the Order” level that calls for this match, it is advisable to save it as long as possible. If isn’t a requirement, consider using the Color Bombs individually first. Color Bomb + Color Bomb will reset the entire board and force you start work on your Chain again, and the payout in points and damage to Obstacles is rarely worth it.