How do I clear Candy Crush Saga level 92?

Candy Crush Saga level 92 completely wiped the floor with me for a good long time. I blew dozens of lives here trying to get past it, but I finally did it! Want to learn my secrets so you too can clear Candy Crush Saga level 92? Of course you do! Otherwise you’d be looking at funny pictures of cats instead of reading this article. I don’t want to cut into your funny-cat-picture time, so let’s get this guide rolling.

Candy Crush Saga Level 92

Okay, level 92 is a real tricky level, even by Candy Crush Saga standards. This is an ingredient level, and so remember that the overall goal is to get the 2 cherries and the 1 apple (I guess, it looks like an onion to me…) to the bottom of the screen. Simple enough, except that there’s a row of those “rolled licorice” squares in the way, plus some licorice cages below that.

It’s really tricky to get anything to match on these bottom two rows. Therefore, your best bet for clearing the bottom is vertically striped candy – which you can only make with a horizontal 4-in-a-row match. Therefore, your top priority is getting horizontal 4-in-a-row matches.

However, if you leave the “rolled licorice” squares where they are, they will block your striped candy from clearing the column completely.

So here’s what you do:

  • Roll the level (Need a refresher on rolling? Read the guide!) until you’ve got at least two three-in-a-row matches that will clear two of the “rolled licorice” squares each. If they’re below your ingredients, double score!
  • Plan your moves so that you align candy in horizontal 4-in-a-row matches. This will create the vertically striped candies that you need to clear the licorice cages at the bottom of the screen.

If you can get a wrapped candy + striped candy combo, that will clear three rows and three columns, which can make this level significantly easier. Similarly, a color bomb + a striped candy combo is worth working towards. If you can do a couple of these combos, you can clear Candy Crush Saga level 92 in no time.

If you end up with a couple horizontal striped candies, remember that you can match them together (even in the absence of a 3-in-a-row) to clear a row and column. Since you need column clearing candies in order to win level 92, this can be a good way to use your horizontally striped candies.

I don’t really think it is worth the moves to try and align a 3-in-a-row to match the licorice cages at the bottom – the chances of getting the correct sequence of candies down there is really low. It’s highly likely that the bottom four rows of your level 92 are going to be full of stale candies you can’t match.

(If you look closely at my screenshot, you can see I started this iteration of Candy Crush Saga level 92 with not one, but TWO color bombs! And I still lost. Ugh.)