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Battle Guide: Championship, League, and Quick Battle | C.A.T.S. Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide

There are two ways to pit your battle car against another battle car in C.A.T.S. - Crash Arena Turbo Stars. There are also multiple different ranking systems that decide just how good your car is at destroying the competition. It might not be abundantly clear how each of these pieces fits together and what they all mean. What are the rewards from the championship? Why should I go for a high win streak in Quick Battle? What's all this talk about League promotions? In this CATS guide, we'll explain what the major differences are between "Quick Battle," "Championship," and "League" are.

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Audio Technica ATH-AG1x Review

Audio Technica has a long and storied history in the realm of audio products. These guys make most gaming headset manufacturers look like newborns by comparison. Founded in the 1960's in Japan, Audio Technica has been producing high end audio products for longer than there have been personal computers. Their gaming headset line is fairly new, though, having started with the ATH-AG1 in 2013. At SxSW Gaming, we chatted extensively with the Audio Technica team, and they graciously sent us their second generation ATH-AG1x for review.

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Has-Been Heroes Review: Too Old For This

Has-Been Heroes wowed us at PAX South 2017, walking away with a total of 2 awards from us. A couple more months have passed, and Has-Been Heroes is just about to land on your favorite download services. Did Frozenbyte live up to the hype? Or is Has-Been Heroes too old for this... stuff. Find out now, in my Has-Been Heroes review!

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SxSW Gaming 2017 Con Awards

SxSW Gaming 2017 changed up the formula from previous SxSW Gaming events. This year, entry wasn't free! There were still a lot of booths occupied by award nominees from all corners of the globe, but there was also a section dedicated specifically to student game developers. All this mixed together to create a different SxSW Gaming experience from what we're used to. Let's take a look at the "best of the best" games that we picked from SxSW Gaming 2017!

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LucidSound LS20 Review

Certainly the star of our LucidSound care package is the LS30, but LucidSound also sent along a sample of their wired headset, the LS20. The two headsets have a lot in common, and it's clear they share a lot of the same DNA. If you're on the fence about the LS20, chances are you're comparing it to its bigger brother. Coming up, we'll take a close look at the LS20 vs the LS30 and see what you give up if you save a few bucks going for the lower-cost LS20.

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LucidSound LS30 Review

Back in January, we checked out the LucidSound booth at PAX South. If you missed that coverage, go get caught up! LucidSound is a relatively new name in gaming-grade audio devices, but as I mentioned in our PAX South coverage, these guys have been working in gaming audio for quite some time now, previously under the Tritton brand name. That pedigree would give the impression that the LS30 is going to be more polished than you'd expect a first offering to be. Now that we've got our hands on a pair of LS30's, let's put them through their paces in this LucidSound LS30 review!

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Automata Empire Review: Automata for the People

Automata Empire first popped up on our radar after a most unlikely demo - we saw it at an afterparty during PAX South 2016. It took home our Pleasant Surprise award at the con for popping up out of nowhere and stealing our hearts. Automata Empire released last April, but somehow we lost track of it until we bumped into Nonadecimal Creative again in an unlikely place - the Black Ice booth at PAX South 2017! We're not letting this one get away again - let's nail down these little fuzzy monsters before they head off in a random direction. It's time for our Automata Empire review!

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