Battle Guide: Championship, League, and Quick Battle | C.A.T.S. Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide

There are two ways to pit your battle car against another battle car in C.A.T.S. - Crash Arena Turbo Stars. There are also multiple different ranking systems that decide just how good your car is at destroying the competition. It might not be abundantly clear how each of these pieces fits together and what they all mean. What are the rewards from the championship? Why should I go for a high win streak in Quick Battle? What's all this talk about League promotions? In this CATS guide, we'll explain what the major differences are between "Quick Battle," "Championship," and "League" are.

CATS Guide: Championship

The Championship in CATS could be thought of as the "main quest" in the game. You're placed in a bracket of up to 15 cars total, and you can fight the other cars one-on-one to earn medals. When the Championship ends, the players with the most medals get promoted to the next rank in the Championship.

There's another way to get "instant" promotion in a CATS Championship, though, and that's if you win against every other car in the bracket in a single "Fight" session. Doing this means you basically crushed the competition, and you don't have to wait around for the Championship to end first.

Once you complete a "Fight" against all the cars in the bracket, you can go back and challenge the ones you lost to in single combat. This can be a good way to test out a new design.

If you can't beat a particular player's car, you can always "custom build" a car to fight them. Then you can challenge just that car to a rematch. If you win, you'll earn another medal and get closer to a promotion when the Championship ends.

Enemy cars can retake their medals by beating your last used car, though! Keep that in mind as the Championship countdown is nearing 0 - your enemies might be gunning for a few extra medals!

So why do you want to compete in the Championship? There are several reasons. One, losing a match in the Championship costs you basically nothing, so it's a good place to test out new car designs before going out on Quick Battles. Two, getting promoted in the Championship unlocks better parts, which is awesome. Three, getting to the top of the Championship allows you to "prestige" - reset your bracket and play through the game again with some of your stats carrying over.

Basically, winning the Championship is the point of the game, and it's the primary way you make progress.

CATS Guide: Quick Battle & the League

Quick Battle in CATS puts you in a single match against a randomly chosen enemy car. It's much like a single fight in the Championship.

Why should you play Quick Battle? Wins in Quick Battle give you boxes, which contain new parts you can equip on your car. Every 5 consecutive wins earns you a Crown. Want to know more about boxes and crowns? Click Here to jump to the CATS Box & Crowns Guide!

Wins in Quick Battle also give you points towards your Rating, which look like little blue cat-head icons. The higher your consecutive win streak in CATS Quick Battle, the more Rating points you will get for a win.

Your Rating determines your League in CATS. Much like the Championship, the League runs for a certain number of days, and the top players in each League are promoted when it ends. Higher leagues give more rewards.

Pro Tip You can also get Rating increases from winning bets - if you have parts you don't care about, you can always bet them and cross your fingers that you win and get a bit of free Rating score!

If we look at the way C.A.T.S. - Crash Arena Turbo Stars treats Quick Battle, it's clear that for the best results you want to win as often as possible, and avoid losing as much as possible. You really want to bring a battle-tested car here, and be careful who you fight.

Pro Tip For a small amount of coins, you can skip a battle in Quick Battle. If you look at the match up and aren't sure if you can win, skip! It's better to pay and keep your win streak than cheap out and lose it.

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