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Frostpunk Review: Ice Cold

Frostpunk is a steampunk-themed post-apocalyptic city builder from 11 bit studios, who you may know from the Anomaly: Warzone Earth series or This War of Mine. I got a chance to check out a demo of Frostpunk while on the expo floor at PAX South 2018, and thanks to the folks at Evolve I got a review code a few days before it launched. Frostpunk's style and gameplay caught my eye, so I'm super excited for the chance to do this review! Let's get started.

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Monoprice Maker Select & Select Plus - Improving Print Quality

Once you've printed your first few objects, no doubt you will notice many slight (or maybe not so slight...) imperfections. In this article, I'll give you all the resources I have for improving your print quality. With these resources, you'll be able to troubleshoot bad prints, and make modifications to your printer or your slicer to avoid the problem in the future.

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Monoprice Maker Select & Select Plus - Designing Prints & Slicing With Cura

Now that you've got your printer up and running, it's time to actually print stuff! No doubt you've already gotten tired of printing the four basic files included with the printer, so let's learn more about designing your own objects and getting them ready for printing. This guide should be generally applicable to any printer, but when I talk about specific settings I'll be calling out my printer in particular. While my printer is a Monoprice Maker Select Plus, all of these settings also apply to the Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus, and most will apply to the Monoprice Maker Select (Wanhao Duplicator i3).

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Monoprice Maker Select Plus Beginner's Guide

I recently picked up a Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D printer, which is a rebranded Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus. The manual that came with the printer is utterly useless as far as explaining the setup process for this printer, though. After spending a week doing a lot of research and also a ton of trial and error, I've learned enough to be competent. I'm making this post to help me remember as well as to help others who might be trying to figure this printer out.

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A Case of Distrust Review

A Case of Distrust is a 2D narrative 1920's detective noir game from one-man indie dev The Wandering Ben, and published by Serenity Forge. Long-time WOTS readers will recognize Serenity Forge as a developer/publisher we've had success with in the past.

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DA:I: Why "Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts" is just The Worst

It's a bit late to write a full-blown review of Dragon Age: Inquisition, but I've had such a tumultuous time with it that I really just want to write something about it to let off some steam. DA:I definitely has some high points, but last night I was playing the mission Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts and I just about threw my controller across the room because of how bad a mission it is. So consider this a "mini-review" (slash-rant) about game design and how this particular mission gets it so, so wrong.

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SteamWorld Dig 2 Review

I first encountered Image & Form's SteamWorld series back in October 2014 when I played SteamWorld Dig for the first time. I've kept tabs on Image & Form since then, and when they released SteamWorld Heist, they managed to take one of my favorite genres (turn-based strategy) and make a highly polished and interesting game in the SteamWorld universe. Now, Image & Form has returned to craft a sequel to SteamWorld Dig, the aptly named SteamWorld Dig 2. Utilizing my well-honed journalistic skills of "begging for teh codez" I landed a review copy and spent the weekend digging as deep as I could.

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Sundered Review

Sundered is the second release from indie studio Thunder Lotus, who we have met on several occasions over the years. Their previous game, Jotun, knocked our socks off with its extremely detailed visuals and giant boss combat. Does Sundered clear the bar that Thunder Lotus has set with Jotun? Read on to find out in our Sundered review!

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Galaxy of Pen and Paper Review

Galaxy of Pen and Paper is the latest release from Brazil-based Behold Studios, makers of fine entertainment software like Knights of Pen and Paper and Chroma Squad. We first met Saulo Camarotti at SxSW a few years back, where he was showing off a beta build of Chroma Squad. Saulo graciously provided us a review key of GoPaP prior to release, and I've been zipping around the galaxy questing like a crazy person since. Find out what I learned in our Galaxy of Pen and Paper review!

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