How do I clear Candy Crush level 29?

By the time you’ve reached Candy Crush Level 29, the game has started to get it’s hooks into you. You’ve passed through some frustrating stuff… but for some reason you just keep coming back. I’m certainly not one to judge, as I’ve spent many hours banging my head against difficult levels. Hopefully, by sharing some of that experience I can help you get past the tougher levels like this one.

Candy Crush Level 29 Guide

Oh Meringue

Similar to Level 23 you start out this level with a clog of meringue in the bottom of this level. Clearing that out is your first priority, because it will open the matching space up for more options and better potential for special candies. If you can manage a Wrapped + Striped combo toward the bottom, that can wipe out much of the meringue in one swoop.

On the down low

After clearing out the meringue, your focus should be on making matches toward the bottom of the level. As jedi master agent86ix has pointed out in our Beginner’s Guide, working from the bottom increases your chances of random matches, and this can help you knock out higher jellies, without having to spend extra moves.

Swipes and stripes forever

Like a lot of jelly levels, you can clear a lot of ground on Candy Crush Level 29 by using Striped Candies as well as Special Candy Combos which include Striped. The row and column blasting capabilities of these candies will help you clear more jellies per move, and can also be helpful to reach pesky jellies in an area of the board that has become “locked up” with unmatchable candies.

If Candy Crush is getting you too stressed, check out some similar games here or here. Good luck, and keep crushing!