How do I clear Candy Crush Level 23?

Welcome to Candy Crush Level 23 – one of the first challenging levels in Candy Crush Saga. Up until this point, you’ve probably thought this game is so easy… well that is about to change. Level 23 is by far not the hardest level you’ll face in the game, but it give you some early insight into how the CCS model is equal parts “cute puzzler” and “demonic obstacle course”. Read on, and we’ll go over what you’ll encounter, and how to succeed.

Candy Crush Level 23 Guide

I used to like Meringue

This level is constructed with columns of meringue. While the columns are in place, you can only match candies that are between them vertically. Mergingue is destroyed any time you match candies adjacent to it, so you can either form matches in the vertical open spaces, or work from the top down. Clearing out the meringue should be your first objective, because once it is out of the way it is much easier to create matches and form special candies.

All your jelly are belong to us

With the meringue out of the way, it’s time to use the skills you learned in our Special Candy and Combos guides to whoop up on some jellies. You’ve got plenty of moves, so even clearing most of them with regular matches will work. As agent86ix mentions in our Beginner’s Guide, you’ll have better luck if you work from the bottom and let random candy matches clear jellies that are towards the top.

If Candy Crush Saga is getting you too stressed, check out some similar games here or here. Good luck, and keep crushing!