Candy Crush Saga Tricks, Tips, and Guide (Part 1!)

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Candy Crush Saga is sweeping the social and casual gaming spheres like a bag of Hershey’s through a room full of chocoholics. It’s easy to see why – it’s massively social, blending elements of “classic” match-3 games like Bejeweled with puzzle and objective elements. It can be tricky, though, and it’s super punishing when you fail.

With that in mind, I’ve been collecting my “secrets for success” and I’m here to share them with all of you out there enjoying this game on Facebook or your iOS/Android devices.

Need Help for a Hard Level?

If you’re looking for specific strategies for a level you’re stuck on in Candy Crush Saga, check out our Candy Crush Saga Wiki page, which lists all our level guides in one easy to use list!

There’s also a list of our general guides, including guides for Chocolate, Mystery Quests, the Dreamworld and much more!

Connect 4

Connecting four or 5 candies in a single go is almost always a good move. If you match more than 3 candies in a single move, before any chain reactions start, you’ll create a special candy that is super powered.

  • If you match 4 candies, you’ll create a special “striped” variant – this candy will wipe out an entire row or column when matched.
  • If you match 5 candies, you’ll create a special “color bomb” that can match with any candy. Further, it will remove all candies of that color from the board. This can really shake things up and lead to massive combos!
  • If you match two groups of candies in an “L” or “T” shape, you’ll create a wrapped candy that detonates like a bomb when matched. It will take out the 9 surrounding candies, which can be useful for tricky areas of the board.
Candy Crush Saga Special Candy

Mmmm, delicious points…

When you can, make matches that create these candies, as they can extend your reach to new or tricky areas of the board. Matching these candies can also clear jelly squares in addition to clearing normal candies. So, if you can get a striped candy into a row or column with a tricky jelly, you can take it out by matching the striped candy. Similarly, you can match a color bomb to clear a jelly square that has a candy of the same color on it, regardless of how far apart the color bomb and the jelly square are!

Would You Like Stripes With That?

It’s possible to combo multiple special candies together to get extra special effects. For example:

Color BombStripedWrapped
Color Bomb Clear the whole board All candies of the striped candy’s color become striped and detonate All candies of the wrapped candy’s color are removed, plus one other color of candy
Striped All candies of the striped candy’s color become striped and detonate The row and column of the match are cleared The 3 rows and 3 columns around the match are cleared
Wrapped All candies of the wrapped candy’s color are removed, plus one other color of candy The 3 rows and 3 columns around the match are cleared A large explosion, clearing the area around the match

Another thing to note is that the colors of the special candies don’t have to match and you don’t even need a 3-in-a-row match to match two special candies together.

Get Crushed

Even if you’re playing Candy Crush Saga for score, focus on the objective – the more turns you have left at the end of the round, the more bonus you’ll rack up when the objective is complete. For instance, if you clear all the jelly from a level and have 10 moves left, bonuses will fly in from outside the screen and create mega chain reactions that are worth massive points. The more moves you have, the more massive your end-of-game bonus.

Candy Crush Saga Sugar Rush

A Sugar Crush in progress – clearing the level early earned me a bunch of striped candies, which will all explode and take out a bunch of other rows, earning me mega bonus points.

Also, any special pieces (striped candies, color bombs, etc) will automatically activate when you win, during the “Sugar Crush” event, which triggers when the level has been won. Thus, if you don’t need to match one of these candies in order to win, ignore it! You’ll get credit for having matched it, even if it was difficult (or even impossible!) for you to have done so.

Bottoms Up!

The key to getting high scores in Candy Crush Saga is (obviously) matching a lot of candies. The more candies you can match in a single move, the better off you are. It stands to reason, then, that a move that shifts more candies is better than a move that shifts few candies. From this comes a simple axiom – start at the bottom.

Candy Crush Saga Level 23

Matching the blue and red candies towards the bottom right from the start will give you a leg up – this is especially true here, where some of the squares are blocked until you clear the frosting!

If you can’t make progress towards the objective (ie, clear jelly, move ingredients, etc) and you don’t have any 4, 5, or 6 candy combos, pick the matches nearest to the bottom of the screen.

The candies at the bottom of the screen tend to be the “stalest” and stay there the longest. However, if you match them, you move the entire column on top of them, making more candies shift position. This gives you a better chance of making a secondary match, which scores double points.

Chances are good that if you’re going to lose by failing an objective, you’re going to have unmatched pieces near the bottom of the screen. It pays to match early and often down there!

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  • Dawn

    When you match the striped candies, is there a way to do it so that you can make sure the wipeout goes vertical or horizontal? It seems to me to be random, but maybe I am just not being observant enough. Thanks!

    • Dawn,

      Excellent question, I’ve been trying to figure this out myself since I started playing. I need to play a bit more and experiment, but I think it has something to do with either the orientation of the match (whether the candies line up vertically or horizontally) , or the position of the candy in the match (ie, is the striped candy at the end or in the middle?).

      I think (and don’t quote me on this yet :P) that it’s the orientation, and you’ll always get a column clear if your candies are matched in a row, and a row clear if your candies are matched in a column.

      • Crusher

        Stripes will match the direction you had to move a piece to make a match. So, if you’re pulling a piece horizontally to complete 4-in-a-row, the stripes will be horizontal. If you move the piece vertically to complete the 4-in-a-row, the stripes will be vertical. If a 4-in-a-row is made randomly as pieces fall into place, the stripe orientation seems to be random as far as I can tell.

        Also useful is that when you match striped candies with either another striped candy or a wrapped candy, you can control which rows/columns they will fire on. When matching striped with wrapped, the position you drag to will be the center-point of the 3×3 “explosion”. When dragging striped into striped, the position you drag to is again the centerpoint, but this time the “explosion” only covers a single row and column.

        It’s hard to explain without an illustration, but just pay attention to how the lines get cleared relative to which direction you drag the pieces. Sometimes that extra bit of control is enough to make the difference between clearing more jelly or activating other special candies that you do/don’t want to activate in the same move.

        • I thought this, but it doesn’t hold out, unfortunately! For instance, just now I moved a striped candy horizontally to make a match, and it cleared the column instead of the row. Then, just now, I moved a candy vertically and it cleared the row…

          I’m beginning to suspect it’s just random, and one of the (many) ways this game expresses its hate towards us players :P (I’m looking at you, CHOCOLATE!)

          • Crusher

            I didn’t explain clearly enough. The stripes match the direction of the moved candy when you create the striped candy. However, when that striped candy is then activated, either from moving it yourself or being triggered by other movement, it will always clear in the same direction as the stripes that are on the candy.

            So for example, if you move a candy horizontally to complete a 4-in-a-row, it will become a horizontally-striped candy. If you then move that candy vertically to make a match, it will still clear horizontally because that’s the direction of the stripes. In other words, the stripes on the candy tell you which direction will get cleared, and the direction you move to create that candy tells you which direction the stripes will go.

            This is all assuming the game plays the same way across all devices. I can only vouch for how it behaves on my iPad since that’s the only way I’ve played it.

          • liah

            The row will be cleared depending on which way the stripes go. If the candy stripes are vertical then the vertical line will go etc.

        • Ooh, wow. That’s awesome. I’ll have to test this out and see if it holds in my version (I play on Android). It’s certainly the best idea I’ve heard on the subject, so thanks for sharing!

      • Leah

        Stripes will clear columns in the direction of their stripes. Vertical stripes=vertical row cleared Horizontal stripes=horizontal row cleared Vertical + horizontal stripes=row cleared in each direction

  • Melinda

    Thank you for your helpful tips ;-) was wondering how to get a ticket for the plane from level 35. Thanks for your time.

    • Hey Melinda! Glad we could help. You’re just one click away from the answer to that question – it’s in part 2!

  • monica


  • alex

    Lots of people playing this game.i want to join.

    • It’s a game in Facebook and on Android/iPhone – go grab it and get started!

  • Wow, this article is really getting popular! Hey, all of you folks finding us for the first time today, how did you find us?

    • Crusher

      I googled “candy crush” + “quest” and the Part 2 article came up as a hit, which I subsequently followed to this page. Still didn’t find any tips on how to clear the quest that has stumped me. :)

      FWIW, it’s the last one after Level 140 or thereabouts. I don’t have it in front of me to identify more precisely, but the threshold score is around 130K with 40 moves, full of caged candies and bombs, and I never come close, even with lots of special candies used along the way. I’m only interested in boost-free tips since I refuse to spend any real money on this game.

      Speaking of boosts, here’s a tip you may want to add somewhere that I was slow to realize…there are a few times during the game when you’re given three free boosts, presumably to see how they work and tempt you into buying more. Well, when they first show up, they are activated by default, whether you really wanted/needed to use them or not. I blew through most of my free boosts on lower levels where they weren’t remotely necessary or useful, not realizing until much later when a new one showed up that I could de-select it and be more strategic about when I wanted to use it.

      • At the time I posted that comment, there were something like 100 new hits to this article every minute. Things have since calmed down a bit. I could not figure out how that many people were finding us – the data I had showed they were all typing the URL directly into their browsers, which I know is completely bogus…

        My partner-in-crime EBongo mentioned the “auto activated boost” tip to me today. He just got involved in the game recently. It’s too late for me, as I didn’t realize it at the time. I also have no interest in paying any money; I take my “free to play” very seriously :P

        I’m still fairly low level (I just hit the mid 50’s) and I find the game to be somewhat punishing, and definitely luck-based.

        • Crusher

          Yeah, there’s definitely luck to getting favorable starting positions and drops, esp. when you start hitting levels with bombs that have to be cleared in N moves before it’ll end your attempt even with lots of moves remaining.

          I’m up to 147 now using no boosts except for the accidentally auto-activated ones early on. I’ve sped up since learning to manipulate the clock so I don’t have to wait for lives to recharge. If you haven’t seen that yet…

          1. With your lives “full”, go into settings, turn off “auto-set” of time and manually change the date to one month prior. (It doesn’t have to be exactly 1 month, but I find that’s enough for me.)
          2. Return to the game, lives should still be full. Play until you run out. Then manually change date to one day forward, go back to game and lives should be full again. Rinse. Repeat.
          3. When you’re done playing Candy Crush, get your time and date correct again. The game won’t care, but having wrong time/date will wreak havoc with any calendar-based alerts, might make your texts not work (because of timestamps too out of sync, I assume) and so on.

          Rolling the clock or day forward works, too, but will start triggering alarms/alerts if you have a bunch of those and just generally cause annoyance, and when you revert to correct time, it will add additional time to your natural recharge. If you see some big number when you’re done with lives after going back in time, it’s because you weren’t topped off to begin with.

          Again, I can only vouch this works in iPad version. Don’t see why it wouldn’t for others, but I haven’t tried.

        • Lin

          Question. How do u clear center jelly on level 45. Been trying for over a week

          • 45 is a huge pain. My suggestion would be to roll the level until you’ve got a 4-of-a-kind match that will put a striped candy in a spot where you can use it to clear that center square. Then, focus on the licorice cages around the outside, and try for a color bomb. If you don’t clear the licorice cages early, you’ll have far fewer chances to make 4 and 5 candy matches. If you can start the level by clearing that center square once, and then you can get lucky with either a color bomb or another striped candy to clear it again, the rest is straightforward.

    • agent77

      I’m looking for answers. Found your great site… Thanks for the awesome tips… I’m “crushing” over here in Saudi Arabia!

  • I’ve been trying to figure this out myself since I started playing.

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  • Kathy B

    What does collecting orders mean

    • I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about. Where do you see that?

    • Crusher

      I don’t remember the exact level when you reach the “Collect Orders” type of level, but it’s pretty far into the game. The little symbol is a pink circle with a checkmark in it, and the “orders” refer to objectives that vary depending on the level.

      Sometimes you have to clear a set number of different color candies, or activate a kind of candy (like striped or wrapped), or combine different kinds of candies. The exact thing you have to do and how many times will appear near the top left, where you can also keep track of how many are left.

      In case you haven’t noticed, the color of the blob on the level map corresponds to the level type, which is handy if you want to replay previous levels and want a specific kind of challenge. If my memory is right…

      Pink = Collect orders Blue = Clear jelly Green = Collect ingredients Purple = Timed Orange = Reach score in X moves

      A new boost becomes available for the “collect orders” levels (not always available, though) that is a candy with a checkmark in it. As far as I can tell, if the orders include anything with striped or wrapped candies, then matching this boost candy will randomly turn it into one of those types – striped or wrapped. Not super useful in my experience, but in higher levels, sometimes you’ll see some for free (like the fish).

      If there are other kinds of levels, I haven’t unlocked them yet. (I’ve completed 288.)

  • chris

    how do i get to level 36 with out paying or facebook

  • I bought numerous helping items and they were charged to my pay pal account. Each was in the dollar range. Suddenly there was a $200 charge on my pay pal account from I contacted both and stated that I had not purchased anything for that amount for the game. Within a day, emailed me that they were doing a one time only credit back to my pay pal account and that someone else must know my password and be using my game!!!! I know this is not true. So, please be careful if you decide to purchase anything of the items available!

    • Ah, man, that’s terrible! I’m glad they fixed it for you, but gosh, that makes me even less likely to buy stuff :(

    • EBongo

      It’s funny, because I was just thinking about this topic, and the recent Apple lawsuit caused me to write a post about it. With the rise of freemium games, we get to enjoy a lot of cool new games, but the dark side of in app purchases can be pretty dark. Glad your situation got resolved… and welcome to WOTS!!!

  • Hinal Mistry

    How to unlocked leval 36 of this game,without asking my Facebook friends?????

    • Well, you can read about Mystery Quests here. You had to scroll past this answer about 3 times in order to post this comment though, so I don’t know if that is actually going to help… :)

  • Pete

    I’m trying to clear the quest passed level 200 and the second quest is quite a pain. In the past I’ve noticed that when I play one of these Mystery Quests long enough, the score that I need to obtain lowers making completion far more doable. Right now it wants a score of 150k and the closest I can come is 120k (and that was a stretch as my average score is around 90k). So my question is does anyone know how long I need to wait before the score will lower?

  • Bonnie

    I can’t seem to get past the third quest after level 125. I can’t find any information about it anywhere. I have tried all of the things that have helped me win my other levels. Can you point me in the right direction?

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  • WingedProdigy

    I’d like to make a correction regarding the matching of a colour bomb and a wrapped candy. This doesn’t turn all candies of the wrapped candy’s colour into wrapped candies, it merely wipes two colours off the board instead of one. The first colour cleared is that of the wrapped candy used for the combo, the second one seems to be random, but it often grabs the colour of which there are the most candies on the board for me.

    • Ah, quite right. Thank you for pointing out the error, I believe I’ve corrected it. Thanks again :)

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  • SK

    What does “roll” mean? How do I do it? Does it mean just finish a game so I get a better order of sequence? Stuck on 79!!!

  • Susan

    I bought three candy bombs, but I don’t know how to activate them. I’ve had them for that last 10 levels. Thanks.

    • On the screen with the “Play!” button, (which is after the map screen, but before you get to the game level itself) you should see a row of buttons. One of these buttons is the color bomb boost, I believe.

  • poppy

    I changed my date and it worked yesterday bit now it’s up to ovcer 2000 hrs. help

    • mike

      Make sure to change the date back before you enter the level to play.

  • kanimozhi sankar

    i’M AT 530th level.the last level of candy crush saga till date

    • EBongo

      Congratulations Kanimozhi! Fear not, King will release more levels soon (they always do). Have you beat all of the Dreamworld levels available too?

  • agent86ix

    Everybody’s Mystery Quests are different levels, so I can’t really tell you how to win yours unless I know what specific level the game picked to be your Mystery Quest.

    Usually it’s just a matter of getting a higher score while still doing what the level requires. Some are harder than others in this regard.

  • bindu

    I am not able to clear level 168 I need help plz

  • Darel Maxfield

    New to the game and am at Level 110 awaiting the time permission to move up. I noticed that some of the lower levels somehow recreated the ability to play for candies and thus for bonus’s. Are they forever done now that I got candies a second time or will they come back later in the game and allow me to play those levels for more candy?