Candy Crush Saga Tips & Guide (Part 2!)

You Candyholics are back for more?! Okay, let’s get this started. If you’re late to the party, you should start at part 1!

(Don’t) Take a Hint

If the game thinks you’re stuck because you haven’t made a move in a while, it will highlight a match you can make. These hints are almost always terrible, and unless you’re super stuck with no moves, they aren’t worth taking. I’ve seen it want me to destroy a 5-candy match with a 3-match instead, or have me focusing on the completely wrong area of the level.

Whenever I get one of these hints, I always say to myself “OK, that’s specifically an area I should not be focusing on.” Occasionally the hint gets it right, but it’s so rare it’s silly.

Keep on Rollin’

The starting state of the board is more or less randomized. The layout is always the same, and the objectives are almost always in the same spots, but what candies are where tend to vary. On some Candy Crush Saga levels, where you have only a few moves, the starting layout can be critical. As long as you haven’t moved yet, you can back out of the level and go back in again without losing a life.

You can back out of a level by tapping the yellow arrow icon in the lower left corner of the screen, and then tapping the red “door” button. Or, on Android devices, just press the “back” button which is always the leftmost button at the bottom of the screen.

If you do this repeatedly, you can get starting candy positions that are advantageous. For instance, you might get to start with your candy aligned in such a way that you immediately can make a 5 in a row match and get a color bomb right from the start. This can make a big difference if you’ve only got a couple of dozen moves to complete a rather complex objective.

This doesn’t work on the version on the Facebook website. You can’t roll levels on Facebook, I’ve been told. You also can’t do this on timed levels, since they start as soon as you load the level. And I’ll repeat, you can’t back out once you’ve made a move.

Stay a Step Ahead

When you’re up against a level that has a very low move count, you’ve got to plan your moves carefully. I always ask myself if the move I’m about to make is going to help me win the level. If not, is it setting me up for a move that will help me win? If the answer is no to both of these, the thing I’m considering is probably a bad move.

On these low move-count levels, you really can’t afford to waste 2 or 3 moves on things that don’t clear jelly or move ingredients, or whatever the goal is. Chances are pretty good that you’ll lose the level if this happens.

Get a Life (or 5)!

Any time you fail an objective, the game takes away one of your lives. You start with 5 and these replenish over time, with one new one every half hour or so. You can also get some bonus lives by connecting with Facebook, or by harassing your friends.

Candy Crush Saga: No More Lives :(

No more lives?! ARGH!

Candy Crush Saga is at times unfair, and is totally random. Therefore, you are almost guaranteed to lose occasionally. (I’m looking at you, Lemonade Lake!) Don’t feel bad, sometimes the deck is just not stacked in your favor. In fact, the game’s creators hope you lose! This is how they make money and spread the game – when you want just one more try at a particular level. That’s why the game starts out easy (to hook you) and then gets challenging quickly. If you get your friends playing or fork over some cash, they achieved their goal.

Several people have noted that it’s possible to “cheat” the timer system by taking your device offline (ie, signing out of the Facebook account you’re using on your phone) and then setting your clock forward. Setting your device’s clock forward can sometimes cause unintended side effects (like alarms and reminders going off early) so one sneaky reader suggested setting your clock back a month or so, and then setting it forward whenever you need more lives.

Personally, since I tend to roll my levels a lot before playing them, I don’t tend to run out of lives before I run out of play time or levels.

Tickets? We don’t need no stinking tickets!

Periodically when you’ve cleared an entire area, you’ll need 3 tickets in order to proceed. The first one of these ticket checkpoints is at level 35 – in order to get to level 36 you’ll need a set of tickets. You can get these by bugging your friends, who will have to at least load the game in order to give you one.

Candy Crush Saga: Mystery Quests!

The button for quests used to be really hidden. Since then, they’ve made it rather obvious!

However, you can also get tickets by playing Mystery Quests. This option is at the bottom of the “You need a ticket” message. It used to be pretty hidden, but it’s there!

If you want to know more about Mystery Quests or you don’t see the Mystery Quest option, check out our Mystery Quest article here!

Got any of your own Candy Crush Saga Tips? Leave a comment and let us know!

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    • Am on level 95 I keep winning but it does not move up level to 96 Can you tell me if am doing anything wrong please

      • EBongo

        Hi Kim, welcome to WOTS! Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve finished a chapter so you forgot, but 95 is the last level in the chapter. If you want to move on you need to either play Mystery Quests, get tickets from friends via Facebook, or pay.

        • linda merrick

          end of chapter level 95 which i won with two stars so when i doent give me the mystry quest…just pay or ask friends…guess i only have two and it takes do i continue?

          • EBongo

            Hi Linda, welcome to WOTS! Are you playing on a mobile version of the game, or on Facebook? The Mystery Quests are only offered via mobile.

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  • AJ

    If you are playing on a stand alone device, not attached via Facebook, the timer is based on your device’s clock. So if you run out of lives, reset your calendar date to a day in advance, reopen CC and you have 5 lives again. Reset your calendar back to the original date, and your lives are still there. Great for poundimg a hard to get level, or those mystery quests you have to wait 24 hours for

  • Rica

    Could someone explain the rolling? I tried backing out a few different times and lost a life every time. I did not make a move.

    • All you do is go into the level, and before you make a move, hit the back button or go to the menu in the lower left corner and hit the “door” button to quit the level. It shouldn’t cost you a life.

      Rolling only works on levels that don’t have a timer. I don’t have the “freeze time” charm so I don’t know if that makes a difference for timed levels.

      I can confirm it still works on the latest Android version, but I’ll have to check with EBongo if you’re on iOS.

      • EBongo

        I use this ability extensively on iOS. It does only work for non-timed levels. I don’t play the game on Facebook though, possibly it doesn’t work there?

        • SweetTooth

          I’m on an iPad 3. How do I do away with the Facebook Logo? I don’t, and won’t, do any social media.

          • I don’t think there’s any way to permanently remove the Facebook logo. I just ignore it, personally.

            These casual “free to play” games get their money either by charging you for little add-ons (“microtransactions”) or by going viral and getting a whole bunch of people to play. They’re essentially really incentivized to have a social media tie-in. Thus, it’s completely integrated with the app and there’s no way to turn it off. :(

    • Rica

      Thanks for the help. I play through facebook and, although I’ve tried different varieties, I lose a life no matter how I back out of the game. Not having much luck at all with level 65.

      • Abbey

        The only way to beat Level 65 is to get the candy coated chocolate balls twice and combine them with the striped candies to set off mega-striped candy explosions. There is no other way to clear all the jelly!

  • Dianao16

    Pls don’t think me a moron, I just need new glasses! Lol! But here I am on level 30 and I still can’t make out what it says or what happens when that grey bar flashes across the board! HELP someone!

    • Are you talking about when you first enter a level? That message just explains the goal of the level, like “Clear all the jelly” or “Bring all ingredients down to the bottom” or whatever the goal is for the level.

      You can also see that on the screen before you enter the level, so it’s not a big deal if you miss it.

      Hope that helps!

      • Dianao16

        @agent86: No, not that. Looks just like those but happens right smack dab during the time you’re playing the level. And it goes so quickly it’s easy to miss what it says. Especially with the grey/silver color, the writing is so pale! Help somebody! I’m stumped, it’s happened a few times.

        • I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about here… I’m stumped!

          Sometimes if you make a bunch of matches with a single move, you’ll see text like “Sweet” or “Delicious” but other than that I don’t think I’ve seen pop-ups while playing.

          If you’re playing on a device (Android or iOS) maybe you could take a screenshot? How you do it depends on your device, but on my Nexus 4 you hold “power” and “volume down” at the same time.

        • Pete

          Hi, I know the banner you mean. Not sure of the exact wording but basically it means there are no possible moves left and shuffles the candies so you can carry on with the game

          • Ah, I think you may be correct! I had forgotten all about that message.

    • karen

      I believe it says that there are no more moves and it scrambles your board so that you can make a move and continue playing

    • Guido

      wondering about the grey banner with white text. Can’t read it and it’s only up for a second. It says something about no more something left???

      • Yep, this is a popular complaint that it goes away too quickly. If you see this, it means that there aren’t any more matches left, and the candy will be shuffled around to make more. You get to keep your special candies, although they’ll move around randomly as well.

  • dejm

    When I back out of a level, I lose that life

    • I’ve heard that this is the case in the Facebook version. If you’ve got a mobile device and can sync your progress with Facebook, you might consider playing on the mobile device instead. Rolling levels is practically the only way I can win some of these tougher ones…

  • Dianao16

    @Pete: Ah Pete, finally my answer!! I do believe you’re right! That’s it I’m sure now! Cant thank you enough & I’ll keep pluggin’ away.( only on level 30, still a rookie!) Thx tons! :)

  • Dianao16

    @agent86: I finally got my answer from Pete but thanks for your help too, I appreciate it. Btw I play it on iOS on my iPhone 4S not connected to Facebook. Not sure about doing that yet as I’m only on level 30. (a rookie, lol)

  • Kate

    I tried messing w my phone’s clock, which worked fine until I had to reset back to the correct time to use text messages. Now the “new lives” timer is at like 3300 minutes–until the time I would have earned more on the fake time. Annoying to have to change clock forever now? Any way to reset?

    • I’ve read that this happens to people sometimes, which is why I don’t do it myself. Five lives is enough for me to get frustrated and want to take a couple of hours off. :P

      A couple of suggestions that might help:

      Crusher, one of our pro Candy Crush Saga commenters suggests setting your clock back before you start playing, say, a month. Then, every time you need lives, set your time forward. That way, when you reset your clock at the end of your crushing, you’ll end up moving it far into the future as far as the game is concerned, and everything ought to reset.

      This tip probably won’t help you in your current situation – you might have to just wait out the long timer while you’re sleeping or something.

      Another tip I’ve heard is to quickly:

      • Switch to your device’s settings and set your clock forward
      • Switch to Candy Crush Saga and note that your lives have reset
      • Switch back to your device’s settings and reset the clock to the correct time
      • Switch back to Candy Crush Saga

      Supposedly this will trick the game while still keeping your clock from getting permanently screwed up. However, I’ve not tested it, so I don’t know if it works 100% correctly.

    • EBongo

      Hi Kate. There are several credible sources on the web which state that you can also play a “shell game” with Facebook syncing. You’ll notice that every time you connect to Facebook, the game says something like “your progress is now synced with Facebook”. Once you do this, you should be able to check via the Facebook web app and see that it shows the same max level you’ve reached. After you’ve done that, it’s safe to uninstall the app from your phone and reinstall. Re-syncing to Facebook should then restore your progress. Be warned that this is risky business, so you’ll have to trade off waiting out the clock or trying this approach. I can’t make any guarantees, but I thought I’d mention this alternative since you seem like you might not be the “wait 3300 minutes” type :) .

  • Johnny

    I am on a nexus 7. The level 35 quest option disappeared after I finished one a few days ago, and I cannot get it to come back. Help.

  • Ken

    Hi I’m playing mystery quests and as I’m about to play for the second ticket I get a pop up message that say : The candy for this mystery quest has not yet been created. Complete the other quests first and check back later.

    What does this mean? I’m stuck

  • addicted

    On android devices, if you are logged in with Facebook, if you run out of lives, you can go to system settings -> apps-> candy crush saga->clear data, then reopen candy crush saga hit connect with facebook button and your previous progress will be restored along with 5 more lives. Much easier than messing with the clock or uninstalling/reinstalling! Hope this helps someone.

  • Crushed

    Help…. I have been playing on iPad but it hasn’t got updated for along time now. I want to continue on FB apps but how come nothing happen when I click on “Ask friends”? I have passed 365 and have been waiting for weeks now. Thanks….!

  • FSUSeminoleGirl

    I beat level 35 and now I’m waiting to unlock the next round. I’ve had two friends send me one ticket each and I beat a mystery quest level – shouldn’t that equal three tickets? Or does beating one mystery quest level/round not equal one ticket?

    • I’ve always done 3 quests, myself. Perhaps someone with more experience will respond, but I believe that they’re tracked differently. I think you need either 3 tickets or 3 quests, and a mix of both doesn’t count.

  • I can’t pass the second quest at the train station past level 65 I meant, sombody help me. I can’t figure out how to get enough points to meet the key.

    • Mystery Quests are randomly chosen, so what level you have to replay depends on your game. You’re going to have to get enough points to get 2 stars on the level, unfortunately. Do you know what level you’re having to replay? I think it will tell you for just a moment at one point.

      • Sara

        It’s level 50 I’m having to replay and I need 160000 points to pass it, I haven’t got it yet!!! It’s the points I can’t get but I can clear the board easily.

        • Nancy

          I can’t get enuf points on the mystery quest of level 50 either. I clear the board no problem, but lose because of the points. Did you figure it out? Help!

          • AJ

            this happened to me… over a few days, when I went to play that level, the score came down by 7, 500 pts each day. it came down from 160, 000 down to 125, 000 when I beat it. another level did the same and came down to 100, 000

  • Monica

    How in the world do I stop the chocolates on level 65? The rest of the suggestions I understand but it’s those darn chocolates that are “eating me up” !!!

  • BetGR

    BRILLIANT – with these hints, I beat level 65 in 2 attempts – without buying boosters. I had been trying for a week before reading this!

  • Clair Noonan

    Stuck on 391 help!!!!!!!!

  • oilsrme

    I’m getting really tired of level 65. It gets to thatpoint of absolutely no possibility of winning. I won’t pay or connect to fb. Ready to walk. Discouraging & annoying.

  • Vicki

    I am stuck on the third quest on 36. Any help please?

    • Which level is your third quest? I’m not 100%, but I think they are different for everyone.

      If you let us know, perhaps we have a guide to the level or something!

  • tpv

    Just finish level 35, see no Mystery Quest button option, only to pay or ask friends. Play on iPad. Any advise?

    • This is such a common problem (and popular question!) that we devoted an entire article to it – check it out over here.

  • suzy

    Can’t get past .35on candy crush don’t do face book

  • Charlotte

    Help! I’m stuck on 45 and not sure how to finish the level. I clear all the candies and jellies but do not know how to get rid of the candy in the center square!

  • JG

    It’s unfortunately not very useful to mention that you can back out of a board if you haven’t made a move yet if you don’t say how to do so!

    • Duly noted, I will try to elaborate. On the Android version, though, it’s as simple as pushing the big “back” button that’s on every screen :)

  • Harry

    thanks for posting this, stuck on 65 and thought i was an idiot. knew the bottom up strategy,,did realize you could destroy the chocolate, will give it a try.

  • dave c

    I’ve been dtuck on 65 for a month! I have noticed thst if I abandon the game a few times, when I come back, it will duddenly be much easier to win on most levels. They absolutely do not want you to quit playing. It looks like they monitor your level of frustration and tweak the game a bit to keep you going. Kinda like a slot machine that dribbles small psyouts so you keep putting $$ in.

  • Having trouble reading notice that flashes on level 29. I’m so frustrated with this it’s not fun anymore.

    • You’re not the first person who has had this issue – at least one other person has complained about it. Maybe it would be good to [talk to King on their Facebook page?](

      In the meantime, if you can’t read the prompt at the beginning of the level, it’s just explaining the goal of that level. You can also see the goal of the level by tapping the small button to the left of the “Play” button before you start the level. This will bring up a little popup that you can use to read the goal.

      If there’s a gray notice that flashes on the screen while you’re playing, chances are that’s the “No more moves, reshuffling!” popup. That just means that there aren’t any more matches you could make, so the game will shuffle the candy so that there are matches to be made again. It’s not a big deal, and it happens a lot on the later levels where the level layout is really tricky.

  • B

    Please please tell me EXACTLY (PLEASE) how to get past level 95. I know the jellys go through the middle and then over to the sides. I don’t know how to get them down on the sides. Thank you.

  • anand

    There is no yellow arrow at the bottom left of the screen to keep “rolling”

    • EBongo

      Hi anand! This tip only applies to the mobile app versions of Candy Crush Saga. If you are playing on Facebook, you unfortunately can’t use this trick.

  • stacey

    hi i have completed levels 377 378 379 on my iPad and it won’t progress forward on my phone i have turned my phone on and off uninstalled it and installed it again and nothing please help

    • I’m not aware of any issues, but you might want to talk to King directly. They have a Facebook Page where you can contact them.

  • Carole

    Stuck on 79 for days now getting bored

  • gina

    I always give friends extra moves when it pops up when I load the game. I’ve never received any though, & if I did, I wouldn’t know how to use them during a level. Anyone receive/know how to use the extra moves?

    • I know you can give other folks extra lives, but I’m not aware of any extra moves you can give out. I don’t connect to Facebook, so I may be incorrect about what you can and can’t give your friends, though.

  • raneem

    I lost my levels when i switched facebook account in candy crush saga what shall i do? I want my levels back but I cant log in to my old account??

    • EBongo

      According to the Candy Crush Saga FAQ the only place your level progress gets backed up is via Facebook. If you have lost access to your Facebook account, you may be out of luck unless you can recover that account by working with Facebook (which is probably possible if you still have access to the email address you used). Alternatively, you can post your question over on the King Forums – but I have thus far unfortunately not found that forum to be very helpful. Good luck!


    why do all the chocolate bars keep appearing.

    • EBongo

      Hi Nancy, welcome to WOTS! Chocolate is one of the most hated obstacles in Candy Crush Saga… because it just keeps coming. You can check out our strategies for defeating it in our chocolate guide. In the early levels, it is possible to stop it you completely destroy all chocolate on the screen. In later levels with “chocolate machines” – it gets tougher.

  • Jeanne

    Keep getting msg saying I have already purchased extra lives but they have not downloaded. I am on level 65. It won’t let me purchase any extra lives!

  • Connie

    Having trouble passing level 70…any tips?

    • Connie,

      You’re in luck, EBongo just wrapped up a level 70 guide, which you can find right here!

  • Steve

    Getting three stars on all boards until they have the next update. Any idea how to create the checkmark candies? Are they totally random? They are useful b/c they seem to always turn into chocolate bombs.

  • Diane Hoeh

    How do I get friends pictures back that disappeared on my candy crush game. Can’t see who sent or who needs life’s and tickets..

  • agent86ix

    You can start by signing back into Facebook, which will take the Mystery Quest option away. You’ve still got to pass this checkpoint to get to the next episode, which means you’ll need to get your friends to send you 3 tickets, or you’ll have to pay $0.99.

  • molly

    I bought 5 extra moves at the end and it says “youve already purchased this in-apppurchase but it hasnt been downloaded yet.” help!!!