Candy Crush Cheats: Treats or Tricks?

With the popularity of Candy Crush Saga, it’s no surprise that there are TONS of sites out there that claim they can help you cheat. Don’t be fooled! These sites are huge scams, and they can ruin your credit and steal your identity and money! Read all about these Candy Crush “cheats” in our guide, and learn how to spot them and how to keep yourself safe!

Candy Crush Cheats: Tricks or Treats

We’ve all been there. You’re stuck on that one really hard Candy Crush level, and you’ve been there for weeks. It’s really tempting to Google “candy crush cheats” to find a way avoid spending money. You might even see Candy Crush cheats advertised on King’s Facebook Page or on their official forums. Could these cheats be real? What’s the harm if you just click the link? You may see a lot of folks commenting that it really works, and it’s totally free. Don’t click those links! These sites capitalize on your curiosity and only exist for one purpose: to scam hard-working crushers like yourself.

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Candy Crush Cheats: Spotting a Scam

So you see an advertisement for a cheat, and it looks innocent enough. They’ll tell you that they help you cheat and get free lives, or free boosts, or even just skip the level you’re stuck on for free. But there’s always a catch:

  • Just click this link to get your free Candy Crush lives!
  • Just install this app on your phone to get past this hard Candy Crush level!
  • Just like and comment on this Facebook post to get your free Candy Crush boosts!

The common clue here is that they want something, and they want it up front. It may seem like something that’s free for you to do, but it’s all designed to make money.

  • Websites sell advertising space based on the number of people who visit a site. Thus, clicking that link makes them more money.
  • Many app and game developers make more money the more their app or game is installed. Thus, tricking you into installing their app makes them more money.
  • Wonder why they always ask you to like and comment on Facebook posts? Liking and commenting on a Facebook post makes that post more visible to other users, so more people will see it and click the link or install the app. Thus, the more likes and comments something gets, the more money can be made from it.

So, essentially, they’re promising you something in return for helping to make them money. By the time you’ve followed their steps, they’ve already made their bucks. If it doesn’t end up working for you, who cares? They got what they wanted already. If the worst that happens to you is a bait and switch, where you click a link but end up getting no cheat, count yourself lucky. There are many much worse possible consequences.

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Candy Crush Cheats: Is anything safe?

If you frequent WOTS, you’ll know we provide a lot of tips, tricks and strategies on Candy Crush. There are plenty of sites like ours which do offer legit help for folks that want to play the game the way it is intended, and beat tough levels without spending money. If you don’t know internet lingo too well, or if English is a second language it may all look the same – but if you avoid words like “cheat” and “hack” and keep an eye out for the signs of a scam mentioned above you are usually safe. There are grey areas, and some folks use the words interchangeably, but if you want to be safe it is best to avoid when in doubt.

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Candy Crush Cheats: The Consequences

So you might look at those things above and say “It didn’t cost me anything, so what if it didn’t work. I’m willing to take that risk to win the game!” However, the consequences of falling for one of these scams can be extreme.

It’s possible to get your computer or phone infected by a virus, adware, or malware by visiting sites and installing apps. Some of these are relatively benign – the “best” of these programs just slow your computer down and hijack your browser to make money off of you. Some of these, though, can really wreck your life.

If you fall for one of these “bad” scams, you could end up with your identity stolen. If this happens, it’s possible to lose money from your bank account or have fraudulent charges or credit cards opened in your name. This can really screw up your credit score and make it hard for you to get a loan, or in some cases even a job.

Beyond the monetary impact, it’s also possible to lose access to your email and social media accounts. Can you imagine the amount of damage someone could do if they had access to, say, all your private emails, Facebook messages, and photos you don’t want shared? It’s all up for grabs if you fall for these Candy Crush cheat scams.

Scared yet? Well don’t worry, we’ve got 5 quick tips to help you avoid Candy Crush Scams.