WOTS at SxSW Interactive 2015!

South by Southwest Interactive is taking place next weekend in downtown Austin. As we're an Austin area gaming focused blog, we've got our press access lined up. We're planning on heading down and checking out the Gaming Expo and the Geek Stage March 14th through the 16th. I've been doing my customary pre-convention research, so let's see what we're excited about!

Panel Highlights

There are a few panels that I've earmarked and would like to see, if possible:

We'll have to see how the panels work out - at PAX it was an hour long wait to get into practically any panel, and we have a lot of other stuff to do while we're at SxSW. Speaking of...

Gaming Expo Booths

I've compiled a list of the video game-related booths that are on the SxSW site:

Alientrap Games,Apelaw,Behold Studios,Blank Media Games
c3sk,Consala,Dead Mage,Devolver
Down to the Wire,Dreadbit,Echostone Games,Elevator Entertainment
Funktronic Labs,Gambitious,Golden Ruby Games,Heart Machine
Honor Code,House House,im8bit,Ink Stories
Kabam,Made With Monster Love,Media Indie Exchange,Newmark Software
Nod Labs,Numimous Games,One Degree Games,On the Level Game Studios
Osome Studios,Pop Sandbox,Q-Games,Quickfire Games
Radial Games Corp,Ragesquid,Rip Studios,Robot Loves Kitty
Self Made Miracle,Shield Break Studios,Ska Studios,SongArc
Sound Self,Spacetime Games,Star Citizen,Steel Crate Games
Team 17,The Good Mood Creators,The Mollasses Flood,tinyBuild
Tipping Goat,Toca Boca,Pencil Test Studios,VooFoo Studios
Zanrai Interactive,Zombie Night Terror,,

Wow, 54 booths! Apologies to anyone I missed - we're probably going to be walking the entire expo floor, so we'll probably see most everyone's demos as long as we don't run out of time.

There are a bunch of these studios that look like they've got some interesting games to show, and a few of these booths are going to be people we met at PAX or at Game On Austin. I never can predict what's going to blow me away and grab my attention until after the con is over, though.

Getting in Touch

During the expo, we'll probably be around on Twitter, so follow @agent86ix and @EBongo to stay in touch. Afterwards, we'll be posting to our SxSW category on WOTS, and probably to Indie HYPE over on Kotaku.