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SxSW Gaming 2017 Con Awards

Shadow Tactics SxSW Gaming 2017

SxSW Gaming 2017 changed up the formula from previous SxSW Gaming events. This year, entry wasn’t free! There were still a lot of booths occupied by award nominees from all corners of the globe, but there was also a section dedicated specifically to student game developers. All this mixed together to create a different SxSW experience from what we’re used to. Let’s take a look at the “best of the best” games that we picked from SxSW Gaming 2017!

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Fragments of Him Review: Piecing Him Together

Fragments_of_Him Gameplay

Fragments of Him definitely made me think, and it certainly made me appreciate the people in my life that I love and love me back. The method of storytelling is unique, and throughout the game I felt like it was on the precipice of crossing over to greatness without ever quite getting there. Read on and check out my full take.

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Kingdom Review: My Horse for a Kingdom!

Kingdom is a minimalist RTS from Noio & Licorice, and published by Raw Fury. In this 1D, simplified take on a traditionally complicated and involved genre, you are a would-be king (or queen) tasked with growing and protecting a tiny kingdom. We checked this game out at SxSW, and then immediately found it on sale on Steam! I’ve logged a dozen or so hours already, and managed to destroy a good many kingdoms already. Should you mount up and check this one out? Find out in my Kingdom review!

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The Magic Circle Review: Magical Mystery Detour

The Magic Circle is the debut game from the developers known as “Question” – a studio made up of former AAA development veterans. Their past experience includes significant work on the Bioshock series, as well as Dishonored and South Park: Stick of Truth. The Magic Circle is a… unique game, with a bunch of unexpected twists and turns. I’ll do my best to explain without spoiling too much in my The Magic Circle review.

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Skyshine’s Bedlam Review: Tactical Insanity

Skyshine’s Bedlam is a post-apocalyptic tactical, roguelike RPG released in September of last year. However, the fans were vocal about their dislike of certain bits of the game, and Skyshine went back over it with a fine-toothed comb. Now, the “REDUX” edition is available, promising retooled combat and difficulty. If you passed on Skyshine’s Bedlam before, should you pick it up now? Let’s go over the game as it stands today in my Skyshine’s Bedlam review!

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Deliver Us the Moon Preview

Deliver Us the Moon is an episodic, exploration-focused game that we had a chance to check out at SxSW Gaming 2016. After the con, I snagged a key for the demo and scoured it from top to bottom! In this article, I’ll share the details of the experience and developer KeokeN’s plans for the full game!

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Enter the Gungeon Review: Gunning for the Past

Enter the Gungeon may be the most hotly anticipated game in WOTS headquarters since… ever. We’ve seen Gungeon at four cons, played co-op, met Dave Crooks, seen the giant bullet costume that Sony made, and discussed it internally ad nauseum. It’s finally here, guys! Enter the Gungeon is ready for prime time! Let’s not waste more words introducing it, it’s time to kick off the Enter the Gungeon review!

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“Surviving Indie” at SxSW!

While EBongo and I were downtown for SxSW Gaming, we took some time to take in the “Surviving Indie: A Real Look Behind Indie Game Dev” panel hosted by Richard James Cook. It was an interesting look at the less glamorous side of indie development, both in the early days of the medium and today. I’ve collected my notes and thoughts from the panel – it was truly an interesting experience! If you missed it, read on to catch up!

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Con Report: Best of SxGaming 2016

Our second year of covering SxSW’s Gaming Expo is complete! Like all the cons we cover, it was a whirlwind ride of playing game demos, meeting cool people, and generally soaking in gaming culture. Without further ado, let’s discuss our

The Flame in the Flood Review: Smoke on the Water

The Flame in the Flood is a survival and river rafting game released by The Molasses Flood, an indie studio made up of ex-AAA studio “refugees.” The Flame in the Flood follows Scout and her faithful canine companion Aesop as