Tips to beat Two Dots Level 69

Update! This level was radically changed in the version 1.1.0 update. Click here to see tips for the new level.

By the time you've reached Two Dots Level 69, I'm sure you've already developed a healthy dislike of Fire. By all rights, Fire is even more evil than Chocolate in Candy Crush Saga, and that is saying something. Level 69 can seem impossible, but with the right strategy you should be able to pass it within a few attempts. Check out these tips to finally defeat the fire!

Off to a good start

This level always spawns with a Square in the middle, but the rest of the board is random. I recommend rerolling until you have Dots touching the fire that can be destroyed when you form the center Square. This will keep the Fire from growing on your first turn, and will help you get a small jump start on eliminating it.

Control the Fire

While you don't have to eliminate the Fire to win, you'll have to come pretty close. Try to break Fire Dots every turn, to keep it from growing. Squares are always nice, but if you need to spend moves to set up a Square, or the Squares you have don't match Dot colors which are touching the Fire - it will be better to choose moves the break Fire Dots first. Removing the Fire should be your number one priority. On turns when you have no moves to break Fire Dots, try to set up Squares.

Pro Tip It's not uncommon to get a long column of matching Dots on top of the Fire. Don't match these all at once!! Instead, stretch them out by matching only two at a time until you have only two or three Dots left. This will net you more destroyed Fire, than if you match them all at once.

Pro Tip It is sometimes better to "waste" a move if you can't break Fire Dots. If you have multiple guaranteed matches sitting on single non-matching Dot, it is sometimes worthwhile to "waste" a move somewhere else to let the Fire grow into the non-matching Dot. Try not to make the move a total waste, and spend it in an area of the board where you have a chance to get a Square, or at least some sequential matches.

Warning As you reach the point on each side where the Dots widen to form a square, watch out for the Fire splitting. Once split, the two separate parts will both grow each turn, and this can burn up moves fast. If you're going to make a move that splits the Fire, try to have a move behind it that will destroy the small split off piece so that it doesn't grow.

Finishing Touches

Once the Fire is gone, or at least gone enough to free up all of the Anchors, then you still have the Ice to deal with. Don't over think it. Squares are great, but the main thing is to watch the Dots above the Ice, and line them up so you can get as many matches inside the Ice as possible. Squares are an important part of this, as they keep Dots moving through, and they make matching up colors easier - but don't miss a chance to match 3 or even 2 of the Ice Dots (depending on how many moves you have left). Simple matches can still be a path to victory.

Do you think Two Dots Level 69 is the hardest in the game? Do you think another level is harder? Leave a comment and let us know what you think! Looking for more Two Dots Tips? Check out our Quick Tips article here.