How do I clear Candy Crush Level 76

So you got past Level 65 and you thought it would be smooth sailing from here on out right? Well I'm sorry to say that you have many punishing levels ahead, and among them - Candy Crush Level 76. This is one of those levels with the strange teleporting level wrap mechanic. At first it can be difficult to even discern where the end of the level actually is, but even once you figure that out you may have many frustrating attempts that end with the Ingredients close to the bottom, but not quite there. Don't give up fellow Crusher! We've got tips for you right down below.

Hello Striped, My Old Friend

Like most Ingredients levels, one of the more powerful tools in your toolbelt will be the humble Striped Candy. Pretty much any of the Special Candies can be of some help, but Striped Candies can allow you to cover the most ground in a single move. If you see an opportunity for Special Candy Combo of Striped + Wrapped or Striped + Color Bomb, its worth sacrificing some moves to get it, as it can easily win the game for you. For regular Striped Candies, your goal should be to use vertical stripes to move Ingredients all the way down a column. Horizontal stripes are less useful, but can be critical in breaking up locked sections of the board, especially in the critical "bottom" area.

Precious "Bottom" Matches

The "bottom" of this board (which is really the top left side) is absolutely crucial to winning or losing. Mismanaging this section can cause you to get it locked up with no matches such that even when you've moved ingredients all the way to the bottom of the right side of the board, you can't progress further. As such, I will tend to re-roll the level until I see at least a few good matches in that area, and then I will try and hoard them until I have one or more Ingredients at the bottom of the right side. This greatly increases your chances of getting all Ingredients into the critical "bottom" area, and after that it just takes luck to get them all the way out. If you do manage to get stuck at that point, vertical stripes from the bottom left area, or horizontol stripes from the top right will be your main weapon to get "unstuck".

If Candy Crush is getting you too stressed, check out some similar games here or here. Good luck, and keep crushing!