Candy Crush Saga Hard Levels

By all rights many levels in Candy Crush Saga could be considered hard. You can get unlucky, there are game mechanics like Chocolate and Bombs to understand - but in most cases there is also hope. These articles are about the other cases. When we talk about Candy Crush Saga Hard Levels, we are referring to those most brutal of levels which may require dozens of attempts, and have you stuck for a week or more. Luckily, even though they can be brutal, it is still possible to beat even the hardest of Candy Crush Hard Levels if you have the right strategy and some tips from WOTS. Check out these articles for tips and tricks on the toughest Candy Crush levels.

See any Candy Crush Saga Hard Levels we missed? Add a comment with a level that is giving you trouble, and we'll get you some tips to knock it out!