5 Quick Clash Royale Clan Chest Tips

The introduction of the Clan Chest to Clash Royale has got to be one of my favorite additions to the game to date. It encourages different styles of play, and it makes working together in a Clan more meaningful. Filling the Chest is not a trivial task - but if you use the tips below you should be knocking them out in no time.

1. Clan Management

Running a clan is tough work no matter how you slice it, but the Clan Chest introduces a new element to consider when evaluating current members and recruits. Now more than ever, dead weight on your roster can really hurt you. If members become inactive, those that remain have to work that much harder to offset the lost Crown production. It takes 1600 Crowns to reach Chest Tier 10, and you have 3 days to do it. With an ideal Clan of 50 members, thats 32 Crowns per member, or an average of just a little more than 10 per day. That may not sound like much (and it isn't really), but if your Clan is anything like mine there may be a decent number of members that can't produce that many consistently. Worse yet, in bigger Clans you never know how many will just completely no-show.

Pro Tip When your Clan gets more than a few members, requests will start rolling in. When you are recruiting for maximum Clan Chest production, look for members that are in lower arenas with a decent 3 Crown win ratio. Players high in Jungle or Legendary are going to have a harder time producing Crowns, and likely will be less willing to drop trophies to increase output.

Pro Tip The best way to assess a members potential Clan Chest "value" is activity and past performance. The weekend is a good time to review both how much a member has donated over the week, and how many Crowns they contributed to the last Crown Chest. Remember that new members are only eligible for a Chest if they get in before the day it starts (so don't go too hard on the new guy if he wasn't eligible for the last chest). I recommend routinely kicking members who don't show very low activity (<10 Crowns in the Clan Chest, <20 donates per week). If worse comes to worse, you can always invite them back later - and it will make the job of the active members that much easier.

2. The Easy Route

If you've played Clash of Clans then dropping trophies is no new thing to you, but if your a Day 1 Clash Royale player, it probably feels pretty scary to give up that ladder spot you've worked so hard for. Well, if you want to succeed at the Clan Chest you are going to have to learn to deal with it. High ladder matches in Legendary are a tooth-and-nail fight, and when you are playing near your personal high trophy limit, you are unlikely to have maximum Crown production. There isn't a really good alternative to just dropping trophies (500 - 1000 minimum) to get to a range where you can more easily crank out 3 star wins. Is it kind? No. Is it fair? Absolutely not. Is it fun? Sometimes, but it can definitely get a bit tedious after a while.

Warning Before you drop any trophies, consider filling up your Chest slots. If you are pretty quick about dropping and rebounding back up you may not even miss out on any chests. What is far more important is that you don't get a really rare chest in a very low arena (like I did). Keep in mind that when a Chest unlocks, you can leave it in the slot to block it. Missing out on a few Silver Chests is worth it to avoid the risk of a wasted rare Chest. Of course you can also use our Chest Calculator to check where you are in the cycle, and then you'll know if you are at risk or not.

Pro Tip Set a reasonable target for what Arena you want to get to, and try to find something else fun to do while you are dropping trophies. You could read some of our other clash articles, and of course there is always Reddit. Remember that however many you lose (or nearly so) you'll want to make back before the Chest is full - so try not to go to crazy and drop all the way to Goblin or anything. If you don't make it all the way back to your typical Arena, your rewards from the Clan Chest will be less.

Pro Tip If you do find that your fellow clanmates filled the Chest before you could make it back to your usual arena, rumor has it that you can wait to open the Clan Chest till you get back to your ideal arena and still get the rewards for that arena. This would make it generally different than most other chests. I've yet to independently confirm this rumor, but when I do I'll update this article.

3. The Secret Handshake

A protocol has emerged for signaling to your fellow Clashers that your King is into the "rough stuff". Load up a deck with all offensive spells, and as soon as the game starts send direct damage the King Tower. Some opponents may be skeptical, especially if you only use Zap or Arrows, so I recommend going "all in" with a Rocket or Lightning, and in general just empty your hand of as much as you can throw until you are out of Elixir. If you are doing things right you should be able to lose a round in about 30-45 seconds. If you add in a little overhead for starting and ending rounds and round up to 1 minute, that means at 30 trophies/loss you can drop about 1000 trophies in 30-45 minutes. As you get into lower Arenas, your trophies per loss will go down, making it harder and harder to drop.

Warning There are definitely a lot of people out there thinking the same thing. If you go low enough, normally around Spell Valley, you'll start to encounter a lot of like-minded individuals who will be resistant to letting you lose. Perhaps they also want to lose, or maybe they are just trolls. For this reason, it can be ideal to drop on Sunday night (the night before the Chest starts) to increase the likelihood you'll encounter players who genuinely want to win. It is also a good idea to try and keep enough real cards in your deck that you can actually take down undefended towers, especially once the chest is in progress.

Pro Tip Mirror, Lix Pump, and Rage can be used to crank your Elixir production Sim City style for those drawn out battles. Pound for pound the Skeleton Horde is one of the fastest options for DPS as well, if you want to throw in a troop card. If you are doing something in another window, try and wait a second to see if your opponent is playing before you switch windows. It normally becomes apparent pretty quickly.

4. Deck for Success

Once you've reached an Arena level where you are 1-2 tower levels above the average competition, its time to transform from Santa Claus back into the Grinch. Pull out your most brutal noob slaying deck and prepare to lay waste. Cycle decks and in general any deck that has fast Tower KOs are what you shoot for - so Hog Rider, Elite Barbs, Lumberjack, Rage, Goblin Barrel, Skelly Horde, and Minion Horde are all great choices. Keep in mind that even if you lose occasionally, your next round is likely to be pretty easy so no big deal.

Pro Tip If you've never built a fast or beat down deck, you can check out statsroyale.com for the current top meta decks (see their "top lists" in the upper right corner). I recommend sorting on win % rather than average stars, because for the opponents you are facing 3 crowning really shouldn't be an issue most of the time. Look for a fast deck that you have decent card levels for, and fire it up. Feel free to try out crazy decks too, because it will never be a better time.

Pro Tip If a loss seems imminent, go for a Tower if you think you can get it before a 2-1 or 3-2 loss. Shooting for a 2-1 or 3-1 loss is also a great way to hover in your "farming" Arena, until you are ready to start making the climb back to your regular home.

5. The Home Stretch

Keep a close eye on how many Crowns your Clan has left to fill the Clan Chest. With the current time windows, it is usually possible for an active clan to fill their Chest in about 2 days. Getting to level 7 or 8 is very quick, but since the Crown counts are lopsided, the last few levels take a little while. Make sure that several clan members continue to drop trophies and farm 3 Crowns until you know you've got level 10 in the bag. Our clan has missed it before, and there is nothing sadder than a partially filled Chest.

Pro Tip For a Level 11 King Tower and decently leveled cards, deep trophy drops (from say Legendary to Spell Valley in the current arena balance) can generate ~150 Crowns per day pretty easily. Once reaching Frozen Peak it becomes much more difficult so that ~50 Crown per day can be earned, slowing to a trickle in Legendary. Factor these rough estimates into where your members need to be in order to finish out your chest and fill that sucker up chief!

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