Clash Royale Chest Order Calculator

Updated May 3, 2016 SuperCell adjusted the chest order in the May 3rd patch. They added one additional Magic (#83) and one additional Giant (#230) to the cycle, replacing 2 Gold chests. If you were playing before the patch, you may need to adjust your Magic/Giant count – add one extra Magic/Giant opened for each of these you passed before the patch.

Magic Chests Opened:

Giant Chests Opened:

Recent Chests Earned:

  • S for Silver Chests
  • G for Gold Chests
  • I for Giant Chests
  • M for Magical Chests
  • U for Super Magical Chests

More Info About This Tool

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It’s believed that chests in Clash Royale aren’t random – they’re on a cycle. There are a total of 240 chests in the cycle, after which it repeats. In each cycle, there are 4 Giant chests and 4 Magical chests (As of May 2016). Super Magical chests are actually random, and can replace any chest in the cycle.

The purpose of this tool is to help you find out where you are in the cycle. All you need to know is how many magical and giant chests you’ve earned, and what chests you’ve earned recently. This helps us to place you in the cycle.

The more chests you can input, the closer we can get to where you are in the cycle! With less info, we can guess a few possible places you might be.

It’s certainly possible that Supercell could edit this cycle at any time, and they might come up with some other way of handing out chests in Clash Royale altogether.

This tool is still a work in progress! Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see!

  • Yokoya

    Ooh, this is useful.

  • Joshua G

    Doesn’t let you put an l for the giant chest….please fix…other than that it’s useful!

    • agent86ix

      Hey Joshua!

      I think you’re using a “lowercase L” when you should be using an “uppercase I” – like the second letter in “Giant.” Try that and see if it works. Stupid fonts and stupid letters looking the same :P

      • Chibble

        Uppercase ‘I’ doesn’t work for me either. I’ve tried in Firefox & IE. Otherwise, great tool.

        • Chibble

          Ah hah! It works perfectly. As well as putting in the uppercase ‘I’ you also have to put a 1 in the ‘Giant Chests Opened:’ box.

  • Jamvoid

    Magic Chest Opened : “1” Giant Chest Opened : “1” Recent Chest Earned : “s”

    Too many combinations! Enter more info!

    Pls help

  • Robert Y.

    In the next update, magical and giant chests will be more common, which means they will change the chest order. If they do, will you update this? I find this extremely useful, and it will help a ton!

    • agent86ix

      Yep, if the chest order changes I plan to update the tool. I’ll have to find someone who has dumped the new chest order. I hadn’t heard about changing it, though, do you have a link to the patch notes?

  • J N

    What do I do if I don’t know how many magical and giant chests I have opened?

    • agent86ix

      That makes things quite a bit trickier. You can try guessing how many you’ve opened, there are only certain valid combinations (usually very similar number of magical/giant chests). The tool will tell you if your Magical/Giant chest count doesn’t work.

  • SLAY3R

    I know I’ve opened 3 giants and I’m assuming I just forgot about 1 magical, so I put 3 magicals, 3 giants, and ssgssss. It said I’d get a magical. I got a golden. Any ideas? I even tried it with a different number of magicals and giants unlocked but it still says I should have gotten a magic chest instead of my lousy gold chest -_- i assumed it was because I played some matches to open a crown chest when my slots were full, but you said that doesn’t matter… Pls help .-.

    • agent86ix

      Perhaps you’ve opened 4 magicals total? If so, there are three possibilities, and 2 give you gold next. Track your next few and you should be able to nail it down!

    • Robert Y.

      It might be because of the patch on May 3, they changed the order a bit, so you will have to add 1 magical and/or a giant for each one you passed before the patch.

  • Mateo Arana

    Ive opened 1 giant and 1 magical, but because of that patch thing should i introduce 2 magical and 2 giants? because my recent chests are GSSS but if i introduce that i shows an invalid combo, or am i doing it wrong?

  • Elettroяave

    This is very helpful! it’s the only way to calculate the position in the cycle! All other apps are not updated (new giant chest at #230 and the magical)

  • Roberto

    Chest order can be found at

  • zyee

    if I dont have free spot for chest, will my chest been skiped if I won a game?

    • agent86ix

      Nope, if you play and win with full chest slots, you keep your spot in the cycle. The cycle only moves when you actually get a chest. Thus, there’s no risk in playing when slots are full – you won’t miss out on your guaranteed magical or giant chests.

  • Roxon YT

    I don’t unerstant this how des it works I got 3 giant chests and 2 magicals It says invalid combo

    • agent86ix

      If the tool says “invalid combo” that means you can’t have opened that many magical/giant chests. The order is set in stone, and there are only certain combinations of magical and giant counts that are possible.

      What this means is, you forgot about a magical/giant chest that you opened, and/or you opened some before the patch and now more have been added to the cycle, screwing up your numbers.

      Try 3 giant and 3 magical and see if you get better results. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how many chests you’ve opened, so I can’t really solve this problem completely for you.

  • Bryant

    I have been following cycle 11 and it has been correct about my chests until i was supposed to get a magical but then i got a golden instead.

  • Emma

    Giant chest I not working . Fix your tool. It’s annoying

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