Now you can eat real Candy Crush Saga Candy!

How many times have you said to yourself – Self, crushing candy in Candy Crush Saga is fun, but why can’t I eat the candy? Well, the enterprising business folks over at King have a solution for you: actual Candy Crush Candy. After seeing that strange wobbly Color Bomb dance for the thousandth time, don’t you want to taste one? Well read on for the details!

Candy Crush Mixed Fruit Gummies

Remember the Unicorn from the Minty Meadow that lost his horn? I’ve never been a big fan of his. He looks like kind of a jerk to me, and after the abuse of Level 65 I wasn’t really feeling like doing anyone any favors. Nonetheless, he’s now the face of the Candy Crush Mixed Fruit gummies. It is hard to go wrong with gummies, so maybe its time to forgive the Unicorn for his jerk face.

You can check out the Mixed Fruit Gummies here.

Candy Crush Jelly Fish

Is it really fair to call Underwater Twin a “twin”? Ever since meeting her in the Savory Shores I considered it dubious that she shared little in common with Tiffi other than a passing resemblance. I might just have called her Mermaid, but then I’m fairly unoriginal. The Jelly Fish are one of the best Special Candies in the game, so these particular candies have a special place in my heart.

You can check out the Jelly Fish here.

Candy Crush Sour Fruit Gummies

If you are among the few elites who have made it to the Sode Swamp that starts at level 411, you might remember Mr. Snappy. Like most crocodiles, his grammar is horrible, and when it came to helping him out it was just a means to an end. That said – I really love sour gummies. Since candy boxes don’t talk I think I can forgive his offenses to the English language in exchange for some tangy sour candy goodness.

You can check out the Sour Fruit Gummies here.

Candy Crush Color Bombs

Before you think I’m heartless and immune to the predicaments of the Candy Crush minor characters, I should mention that I did feel bad for the Dinosaur in the Jelly Jungle. I mean who wouldn’t? You see that baby dino cry, and before you know it you are crushing candies to try and help him. King must have been wooed by those big eyes too, because they made him the mascot of the best candy of all. The Color Bomb! I know you’ve been dying to know what those taste like. Check them out!

You can check out the Color Bombs here.

These are some great starts, but I am disappointed that you can’t seem to purchase any Striped or Wrapped candy yet. Perhaps Mr. Toffee is still working on it. In the mean time, enjoy crushing these varieties!