Getting Free Boosters with the Candy Crush Booster Wheel

Are you stuck on a Hard Candy Crush Level? Do you think King owes you something for all of the pain and suffering they have put you through with this sweet addictive game? You bet your Licorice they do! Well, luckily they have finally seen the light, and decided to offer you one free booster every day. The Candy Crush Booster Wheel is a tiny bit of daily redemption for all the pain you’ve endured at the hands of Candy Crush. Read on for details on reaping your just reward:

Candy Crush Booster Wheel

Spin That Wheel

To claim your free booster, you need to log in each day either via mobile or on Facebook. If you play on mobile and like to stay signed out of Facebook (as I usually do, to play Mystery Quests ) then you’ll need to sign in at least long enough to spin the booster wheel. Boosters obtained from the wheel are stored and usable, even if you sign back out of Facebook.

Possible Prizes

Not all of the booster that you can purchase in the Yeti Shop are available via the Booster Wheel, and for some strange reason there remains a difference between the exact boosters available on Facebook and the mobile version. The details of the prizes you can win via the booster wheel are as follows:

  • Color Bomb
  • Striped Candy and Wrapped Candy
  • Jelly Fish
  • Lollipop Hammer
  • Coconut Wheel
  • Free Switch “Hand”
  • Jackpot (3 each of other rewards)

While it appears you have some influence over the wheel, more than likely your result is determine ahead of time randomly, and the movement of the graphic just continues until it can land on the result the King servers decided on. This is the case for similar prizes in similar games, and would prevent methods of exploiting the booster wheel.

Quick Tips for using Boosters

Like I previously mentioned, boosters you earn via the wheel are stored, so it is now in your interest to log in every day at least to get the free booster. Sneaky, huh? If you keep this up, you’ll soon stockpile a decent number of them, and you’ll feel less worried about spending them on hard levels.

Pro Tip If you like to use our tip to reroll levels you’ll have to be careful how you use boosters. Boosters are consumed on each roll of a level, so if you turn them on, you’ll use them up, even if you decided to reroll without playing the level. Generally, it is a good idea to just play the level out once you’ve turned on boosters, even if you don’t like the initial layout. For levels you plan to reroll a lot, consider not using boosters.

Pro Tip The Color Bomb Booster and Striped and Wrapped Candy Booster have a very small impact. You seem to get them more often, so don’t worry about using them up.

Pro Tip Jelly Fish Booster and Coconut Wheel Booster are the best for clearing a lot of candies at a time. These will help out clearing obstacles like Meringue and Chocolate, and are generally good at most objectives including Jellies, Ingredients, and “Complete the Order” (when the objective is plain candies). Try to save these for the Hard Levels in case you get stuck and want a leg up.

Pro Tip The Lollipop Hammer Booster and Free Switch Booster are there to help you finish levels when you’ve only got a few moves left and you are close to winning but can’t quite make it. These Boosters are nice, because you don’t have to decide to use them until they are absolutely needed. When you get short on moves, or when a bomb starts flashing, check to see if you have any of these saved. Often just one is all you need to get past even the hardest levels. You have to use them before your last move though, so take a second to consider if you’ve only got one move left.