Destiny Black Spindle Tips

By all rights, getting the Black Spindle in Destiny is one of the hardest things I’ve accomplished in gaming to date. It requires a significant amount of teamwork, strategy, and execution… and if that isn’t enough it is time gated such that you only rarely get to attempt it! You might think it is impossible or something only really “elite” players can complete, but it is not! In fact, I feel just about any decent team with can do it, if they are patient and prepared. Read on for a full break down with plenty of Black Spindle tips, or check out our video guide here:

Having the Right Team

There are a lot of things you can do in Destiny regardless of class composition, but I would argue that the Black Spindle secret challenge on “Lost to Light” is not one of them. The final battle requires very specific roles, and that means that while it is may be possible to run with say 3 Hunters, a balanced team will make it much easier. My recommendations are as follows:

  • Team DPS Booster – The role of this guardian is to help the team get the most out of periods where your team will focus DPS on the boss.
    First choice: Nightstalker Hunter Second choice: Defender Titan (Weapons of Light)
    I give Nighstalkers the narrow lead here since they are also very effective at revives and taking down Blights (with Shadowshot, or quick DPS then smoke). Weapons of Light will give the greater damage boost, but is harder to place for maximum effectiveness.
  • Team Tanking Booster – The role of this guardian is to help team survivability against mass waves of adds, and boss himself. First choice: Defender Titan (Blessing of Light) Second choice: None Having Blessing is huge for pushing back adds. When added to a Stormcaller or Sunbreaker it makes clearing the field much more survivable, and every death avoided is tens of seconds back on the clock.
  • Primary Add Control – The role of this guardian is to periodically wipe the playing field of adds, particularly the devil spawn psions which multiply like a plague. First choice: Stormcaller Warlock Second choice: Sunbreaker Titan The sith lord can make short work of psions when spec’d for best chaining, and is also effective against pesky Taken Centurions. In a pinch, a Sunbreaker Titan can also do a fairly effective job, and is a little harder to take down when running out into the fray.

Bringing the Right Gear

The timed portion of the fight will include many “bullet sponge” elemental shielded enemies. As you progress through the rooms, you will face primarily Solar shields, but Void and Arc also make appearances. If possible, try to balance your team so that you are a little Solar heavy, but have Void and Arc options. If you have to choose, Solar is better. Some notable choices are as follows:

  • No Time to Explain – A great choice as a primary, since it maximizes ammo usage and is effective against the many adds you’ll face.
  • Red Death – A good choice for increased survivability in the last room. Suros Regime is an alternative, but I find it feeling like it has a bit less bite and ammo could be an issue.
  • 1000 yard stare – Easy to get from the campaign quest line. Getting a solar drop is ideal, but void is a good backup.
  • Quillum’s Terminus – Possibly the best heavy slot choice due to ammo efficiency and increased damage to Taken. Not sure if all are solar, but all of mine have been, and they melt Solar shields.
  • Most other raid weapons – Effective vs. Taken, and benefit from Cocoon. Make sure you have enough sniper coverage on your team though.
  • Sleeper Simulant – Very effective at taking down Blights at range, and a pretty effective yellow bar destroyer. Limited ammo is the biggest drawback.

The Run

Your first challenge is to actually get to “the challenge”. For an experienced team this is not a big deal, but it does take several minutes and is a tedious step. Basically you need to run the mission as normal until you return to the third relic room. When you get to that room run directly across from the entrance and on the opposite side you’ll find the door to the “Tanik’s” strike open. There aren’t great time pressures to get to this point, other than a desire to make attempts as fast as possible. In my experience of ~ 40 runs, I’ve never been denied access to the Tanik’s door, unless my team wiped. As such, I suggest you move at a measured pace, particularly in the 2 relic room. Many teams I’ve run with will try and rush that room without clearing adds and end up wiping, blowing the whole attempt. Take your time and clear Acolytes and Knights before you go for the relics – it will only add at most a minute to your attempt. Once you enter the Tanik’s door you’ll come to the regular gravity lift and hear a message from Variks.

Pro Tip Pop a heavy synth before you fight Ogre right before the “head fake” end of the mission. This will allow the cool down to run during the fight, and you can pop one more in the final room. I used this opportunity to memorize the location of my heavy synths, so I could go right to it and spam the button when the pressure was on.

In part 2 of this guide, we’ll break down each of the rooms and provide tips for finishing the fight on time.

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