Candy Crush Diaries: Level 141 to 148

Candy Crush Saga Level 141 starts the Gingerbread Glade and introduces chocolate covered meringue, which is like regular meringue but more… chocolatey. No doubt this is going to cause some heartache, but let’s see if we can power through it nonetheless.

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 141

Well, looks like the new mechanic for this episode is… chocolate covered meringue. At least it doesn’t spread like chocolate, although it requires another match to clear.

Level 141 goes down pretty easy, once some of that meringue out of the way. As it often goes, the first level is just a warm up for things to come.

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 142

Level 142 ups the ante a bit, by adding some ingredients and using the new chocolate meringue to block them from reaching the bottom. However, I didn’t find it that challenging. Just making a bunch of vertical striped candy is enough to make this one a piece of cake.

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 143

Okay, sheesh. Those last two were a bit easy, but this one looks downright tricky. A bomb right in the middle, surrounded by tons of chocolate meringue.


Oh what? There’s jelly too? Holy cow. All of the jelly is under that chocolate meringue.

Despite these challenges, I only took two attempts – the first one was aborted due to the bomb going off, but the second worked better than I expected. A couple of striped candy + color bomb matches made short work of all that meringue, once I’d cleared the bomb.

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 144

Bombs behind meringue, and a strict move limit. Fun times. There’s so few moves and so much to clear that just exposing the bombs took me all my moves the first time through.

I did somewhat better on the second try, and lucked completely out in that the two bombs on the right just sort of randomly cleared themselves while I was making other matches. Go random luck!

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 145

Ugh, I really hate these timed levels. There’s a chocolate cache at the bottom here that takes over whenever the meringue starts to go. The first time out, I failed miserably, partly because I wasn’t paying attention to the timed aspect. On the second try, though, I managed to make a few good candy combos and I blew the chocolate away!

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 146

Whaaaat? 13 striped candies and a massive regular candy order… with just a single match to start from? Crazytown.


The center area opens up pretty quickly, though, and once everything is out of the way the board is just wide open for more matches. Again here I managed to clear it on my first try, and the cascading Sugar Crush lasted a good minute or so before it finally died down. Wheeeeee!

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 147

Level 147 has a bunch of jelly surrounded by a bunch of meringue. No chocolate meringue this time, though… Usually the levels from an episode feature that episode’s new mechanic. Odd. Whatever, this is a pretty standard level, just match candies together, make the special combos, and boom, we’re outta here.

There’s the occasional bomb to contend with, but I came SO CLOSE the first time through – just two squares of jelly left on my last move. :(


Then I got stuck, wasting life after life here. Those top corners can hide bombs until it’s too late, and the bottom area is just not big enough to reliably make large matches. Additionally, there’s a lot of jelly in the corners and edges that resist matching.

This is the sad truth: there’s no real amount of knowing that can get you past this level. It’s just a matter of throwing lives at it until the randomness works out. It’s levels like this that peel back the veneer of Candy Crush Saga and expose it for what it really is, a candy-themed slot machine.

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 148

Well, with that depressing life-sucking level out of the way, let’s move on. Level 148 features some ingredients, and a checkerboard of meringue to go with it. Luckily this one’s not as bad as the prior one – just gotta clear out a big area to make the big matches in, and it’s easytown.

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