Candy Crush Diaries: Level 149 to 155

The first half of Gingerbread Glade was no walk in the park, so what will the second half bring? Let’s get to crushing candy and clearing meringue to find out.

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 149

Man, whenever there’s chocolate I dread the level. This one’s got some chocolate stuck at the top, but it’s blocking any replacement candies from falling. Pretty much the only solution is vertically striped candy, stat.


I did find it useful to make a few matches near the top of the screen right from the start, so that the vertically striped candy matches punch through the chocolate and the meringue right away. Otherwise, this is a slog.

After clearing that stuff out, there’s still the order to fill. A TON of striped candy, plus a wrapped + wrapped combo, and a bunch of a particular color to work with as well. It’s a painful combo, but a few lives down and I made it through!

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 150

Level 150’s got a lot of that chocolate meringue to content with, and it’s protecting a big area of jelly covered in licorice swirls to boot. The only options are to match down the sides or carefully along the bottom of the big meringue cage.


Really, I only have to break through one side or the other in order to get to the middle. However, the randomness of Candy Crush means that I’m probably going to waste effort on both sides regardless.

Wrapped candy is kind of worthless, what with the jelly being towards the top of the level. It’s only really good when comboed with striped. This one takes a few tries and a bunch of special candy, but eventually I emerge victorious!

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 151

The unique parts about this level are that it is timed, plus there’s a figure-8 swirl of chocolate meringue through the middle. There’s not a lot else going on here to cause difficulty. I managed to blast through it pretty quickly, a welcome respite from the difficulty of the previous level.

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 152

Man, what is with all the heart shaped levels in this episode? The game is so brutal it’s almost sadistic, but then the level design is constantly telling you how much it loves you. This whole game screams “abusive relationship.”

Heart-shaped meta-commentary aside, this is a standard ingredients level with some chocolate meringue in the way. It can be tricky to chip the meringue away, but that’s what special candies and special candy combos are for.

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 153

This bell-shaped level eschews the chocolate meringue in favor of normal meringue, and at first it seems pretty straightforward. However, (and this is a big ‘ol however) the order is asking for a color bomb + color bomb match. Ugh.

Normally that wouldn’t be so bad, but the shape of the level is kind of designed to make it very difficult to get 5 in a row. Plus, the color bombs can’t be moved laterally once they’re made, so you’ve got a very small area to work with. I found it best to try to make my 5-in-a-row matches down the center three columns. It’s tricky, but doable.

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 154

Upon first loading 154, the game tells you to clear the jelly. However, there’s no jelly to be seen! Insidiously, the jelly is hiding behind the three squares of chocolate at the bottom.


At first the chocolate is blocked by the empty tiles, but quickly I found it spreading outward once I’d cleared some of the meringue.

The chocolate makes this level super punishing, since it’s likely to get out and spread before you can really get a foothold on clearing it. It’s down to making special candy combo matches again, which is difficult to do without clearing a lot of the meringue.

Candy Crush Diaries: Level 155

The last level of this episode is finally here! This time there’s a diamond of meringue, covering some jelly. The far edges of the meringue are one-match only, so that’s definitely a priority to clear fast. That opens attacking the diamond from the bottom, but there’s still so few moves on this level that clearing it took me a lot of special candy and special candy combos.

Like on level 150, clearing a big area to make big matches is definitely a priority. Focusing on one side of the board gave me the leg up I needed to finish this level and wrap up the episode!

Next up on Candy Crush Diaries: To be continued…!