Candy Crush Diaries: Level 118 to 121

EBongo was telling me yesterday how he still occasionally loads up Candy Crush Saga to play a few lives. I quit the game quite some time ago, but he mentioned that it has changed significantly since then. Between the Booster Wheel and the Dreamworld, is there still more entertainment to be gleamed from Candy Crush Saga? In my Candy Crush Diaries, I aim to find out.

Candy Crush Diary: Level 118

Now, where did I leave off? Oh, level 118. This level is plagued both by chocolate and some meringue, with a line of jelly down the middle.


After a few attempts, I determined that really the chocolate needs to go ASAP. I rolled the level until I had a pair of matches that could defeat the chocolate right out of the gate.

After this, it’s a matter of removing all the obstacles and clearing that jelly. Being in a column, it seems like a striped match would be the best idea. However, it’s hard to get a striped match in this column.

I came pretty close a few times, but used up a good 10 lives attempting this one. Finally I got lucky with some bombs and a big bomb/striped match, and I cleared the level. Whew.

Candy Crush Diary: Level 119

Candy Crush level 119 – Oh man… There’s just a ring of candy here around a center of all sorts of nasty stuff. There’s only the one ingredient, although it’s still a challenge to clear out enough of the center to make it down to the bottom.


Sometimes the ingredient starts out on the far left or far right, but I’m not sure if that makes it easier or not. I’ve gotten stuck with no moves several times on this level, which is a testament to the tight spaces it features.

Luckily, it didn’t take more than a a half dozen tries to make it through. Time again to move on…

Candy Crush Diary: Level 120

Candy Crush level 120 is not any easier, unfortunately. More chocolate, and more jelly. Plus a bunch of cages, and my reinforcement candies are blocked by some meringue.

Again, I roll to clear the chocolate, and then I try to focus on the lower half of the board. That gosh darn meringue is keeping me from being able to get candy in the corners, though. On my best run I come pretty close to finishing, with just a bit although I’m still a considerable ways off when I run out of turns.

Hmm. More luck and more lives are going to be needed here. I regroup again and manage to make a striped/wrapped combo, which clears most of the center! Yay! It’s not smooth sailing from here, but I manage. Onward to 121.

Candy Crush Diary: Level 121

Whoever came up with Candy Crush level 121 is a terrible, terrible person. It’s a timed level, but there’s also bombs. Oh, and they start a bomb right in the middle of a bunch of meringue. No point in trying to roll this one, I’ve just got to power through it.


A few failures under my belt, I finally manage to hit the center area early and take out the bomb. Then it’s just a matter of frantically matching to hit the score total before time runs out. A few “+5” time boosts don’t hurt, either!

Next up on Candy Crush Diaries: Levels 122 through 125!