Candy Crush Diaries: Level 122 to 125

Here we go again! This time around, let’s see if we can finish up this episode by hitting Candy Crush Saga levels 122 through 125.

Candy Crush Diary: Level 122

Next up is level 122, which ditches the timed aspect but puts a bomb way down at the bottom of the level to start with. This one took a few tries. The candy drops in from the top when you first start, but the game still lets you roll this level. I got lucky with a wrapped candy early (again!) and took out the bomb in the first few moves.

After that, I tried to ignore the chocolate as best as possible, and was successful in almost getting 3 stars on it.

Candy Crush Diary: Level 123

Wow, look at all that meringue… Bad news is that it’s blocking jelly as well. The chocolate eventually got out, but some crafty wrapped/striped combos knocked it down.

There’s really no rolling here, I mean you can sometimes get some good candy aligned with the meringue at the start, but that’s about it. At least there are a decent number of moves.

I was expecting this one to take longer, but I got pretty lucky with my color bombs as well. It only took a few tries.

Candy Crush Diary: Level 124

Onward and upward to level 124. Gah, another bomb in peril. And this is an ingredient level, to boot. Through some miraculous luck, I managed to take the bomb out with only a few turns to spare.


I made a maaaajor miscalculation, though, and didn’t realize the number of ingredients that needed to be cleared here. It’s way more than the two that are initially on the screen. Bummer.

This one took some doing – breaking all the meringue is critical. Once that’s out of the way, it’s much easier to make larger matches. Several lives and color bombs later and I’d cleared the level.

Candy Crush Diary: Level 125

Hoo boy, this is going to be a tough one. Jelly + meringue, and it’s the last level of the episode, which usually means extra hard.


There’s so much to clear here and so few moves that the solution is going to be difficult. The one thing that reliably works on these levels is matching a color bomb with a striped candy. If I roll a few times, I can sometimes get the color bomb, but it’s really important that I save it for the striped candy match.

I had to give it a good 10 lives or so, but I finally cleared it. Yay! Onward to the next episode, after a quick bugging of my friends for tickets.

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