Unlocking New Levels in Pet Rescue Saga | Mystery Quests

Everyone’s favorite/hidden/confusing King feature is back in Pet Rescue Saga – the Mystery Quest. Mystery Quests let you unlock levels in Pet Rescue Saga without having to pay for them, and it works even if your friends don’t play Pet Rescue Saga! Sound good? Let’s go over the details of Mystery Quests in Pet Rescue Saga.

Unlocking New Levels

Periodically in Pet Rescue Saga, you’ll come to a bridge or other obstacle you can’t cross without:

  • Bugging 3 Facebook friends for “tickets” – which are different from lives!
  • Paying $0.99 (In the US anyhow, it’s probably different elsewhere…)

Unless you’ve got several friends who play Pet Rescue Saga, chances are good you can’t round up three tickets easily. And I am morally opposed to paying $0.99 every 15-20 levels or so. Not happening, guys!

Luckily, with a recent update to Pet Rescue Saga, a third option is available – the titular Mystery Quest. Mystery Quests are free and don’t require you to bug your friends!

Getting the Mystery Quests

Pet Rescue Saga Mystery Quest Option

Getting Mystery Quests can be tricky if you’re new to Pet Rescue Saga. Here are the requirements:

  • You must be playing on a phone or tablet – if you’re playing on Facebook directly, Mystery Quests are never an option.
  • You must update the game – in the Android version, Mystery Quests are new to the game as of Halloween Update 2013. I imagine the iOS version was also updated around the same time.
  • You must not be logged into Facebook within the game. This doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not you’re logged into Facebook on your phone or on your PC!

Logging out of Facebook From Within Pet Rescue Saga

The option to log out of Facebook within Pet Rescue Saga isn’t as hidden as it was in Candy Crush Saga.

Pet Rescue Saga Mystery Quest - Facebook Logout Button

  • If you’re on the “map” screen, click the blue “paw” icon in the lower left and then click the red “door with arrow” icon
  • The button to log out from Facebook is just below the Play! button

Warning! People reported in Candy Crush Saga that logging out of Facebook would take their stockpiled lives away – if you’ve got a lot of friends sending you lives in Pet Rescue Saga, you might consider asking them for Tickets instead of taking the Mystery Quest route. I don’t know that this is true for PRS as it was for CCS, but I felt like you should be warned. So consider yourself warned. Warned.

Playing Mystery Quests

Now that you’re logged out of Facebook, you can go back to the bridge (or what have you) that is blocked, and you should have a third option to play Mystery Quests.

Pet Rescue Saga Mystery Quest Dialog

If you’re already familiar with Mystery Quests in Candy Crush Saga, the rules are very similar here.

  • Mystery Quests are randomly chosen repeats of levels you’ve already cleared.
  • Mystery Quests tend to have higher score requirements than the original level – usually it’s something like the 2-star score goal instead of the 1-star goal.
  • Once you clear a Mystery Quest, you must wait a full 24 hours to play another.
  • It takes three Mystery Quests to move on. You cannot mix and match tickets and quests. You need 3 of one or 3 of the other to continue.
  • Kaye Stevenson

    How do I get to level 41 on Farm Heroes Saga? It looks like I have completed level 40 twice so I am wondering what to do next. Thanks for any help.

    • agent86ix

      Hey Kaye, welcome to WOTS!

      The article you’re looking at here is about Pet Rescue Saga, so it’s probably not going to help much for Farm Heroes Saga.

      However, you’re in luck! We’ve got one for unlocking new episodes in Farm Heroes Saga, just click here to read all about it.

      • Kaye Stevenson

        Thanks so much for your reply ! I read over the info. The problem is that when I ask my friends to help me the choice shown for me to request via FB is “lives”. At this point I don’t need “lives”. I need help getting through the road block which I believe would be 3 tickets. Do you have any further info on this. I did see where Farm Heroes Saga doesn’t have the same way to get these “tickets” like Pet Rescue Saga does. Sorry my reply is so long but I would appreciate your knowledge on this.

      • Kaye Stevenson

        I just figured the problem out. I needed to actually click on the roadblock itself which came up with the correct request I need which are those blasted tickets. Thanks again for your help.

        • agent86ix

          Yes! I was just about to ask if you were clicking the roadblock itself. As you can see from the screenshot on that article, “ask friends” is an option from that screen. But it seems like you’ve got it all sorted on your own :)

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  • TonyInSF

    I’m stuck on the third mystery quest trying to unlock level 103. It wants me to save 3 pets, which I have successfully done many times, but it wants me to score 20,000 points in only 35 moves! I can barely make it to 10,000 or 15,000 tops.

    • agent86ix

      Hey Tony,

      The trick to getting the target score is typically to focus on really big matches. If you can match those x2 blocks in the cages below along with a really big match, you’ll hit that score target in no time.

      The points you get go up more than linearly, so that means that matching 8 blocks is worth more than twice what matching 4 blocks is worth. Saving up one color can be tricky, so you’ll want to open up the key blocks and get those metal blocks out of the way ASAP.

      • TonyInSF

        Right after I posted this, I finally passed. I was already opening the key and clearing as many big blocks as possible; but I started to get colored balloons which allowed me to wipe out huge numbers of blocks and finally pass 20,000 points…but it was hard work and took a long time!

        Thanks, Agent 86.

        • agent86ix

          No problem! Glad to hear you made it past that Mystery Quest.

          Those balloons are a blessing and a curse – on the one hand, they can clear a lot of blocks at once, but on the other they don’t give much in the way of points for the match, I believe. What you can use them to do is eliminate some colors in order to make even larger matches of colors for which you don’t have any balloons.

          • TonyInSF

            Yep. That’s what I did. I waited until there was a substantial number of blocks of that color before using the balloons, but that was the hardest level I’ve encountered so far. Thanks, again!

  • jenn8706

    I Have Been Stuck On A Mystery Quest For Level 411 For What Seems Like Forever! On The Regular Level It Takes 1200 Points To Pass And The Mystery Quest You Need 2000. Impossible! Tried Every Strategy I Can Think Of. Someone Please Please Help. Dont Want To Pay To Move Forward And Don’t Have Facebook

    • agent86ix

      Hey there Jenn!

      Are you sure you’re not playing Candy Crush Saga? This article is for Pet Rescue Saga. We’ve got one for the Mystery Quests in Candy Crush Saga right here.

      That said, those score totals are a real pain! You’ve got to keep at it and eventually Lady Luck will shine upon you. There’s not much else that can be done but pay money or throw lives/time at it until you get lucky enough to win!

      My compatriot EBongo is well versed in the higher levels of Candy Crush Saga, so he might chime in with some level-411 specific tips as well.

      • jenn8706

        Thanks FoR Replying Agent86Ix.It Is Pet Rescue Saga That Im Referring To. Guess Ill Just Keep At It Til I Get Lucky. I Just Get So Frustrated And Want To Give Up Sometimes But Ill Try To Keep Going! I Play Candy Crush And Farm Heroes Also. Love All The Games But Hate When I Get Stuck!

        • agent86ix

          Hey Jenn, I didn’t know Pet Rescue Saga went up to 411! I think I’m near the end of the levels on my Android phone, and I’m in the 140’s or so. But I could be missing something!

  • Ken Starr

    I keep sending friends requests and have always gotten new levels opened. This time I have sent requests and nothing is happening. I have plenty of friends and I refuse to pay to play. Friends have even told me they sent back the request.

    • EBongo

      Hi Ken – sorry, something odd happened and this comment took a while to post! I wish we had some more helpful advice, but unfortunately this issue is very common with King games, and in fact Facebook games in general. It’s unclear where the problem lies exactly, but sometimes the messages your friends send you through FB to unlock levels seem to be temporarily broken. Closing your browser and resetting your computer is always a good measure in cause there is a problem on your side, but more than likely it is a server side issue with King that you’ll just have to wait out. We’re sending you some good WOTS mojo – and we hope the problem resolves itself soon.

  • jay el

    Can’t get 20,000 points on the 3rd mystery quest after level 417, any ideas? I usually have no trouble buzzing through all these levels but the point total seems impossible. I’ve even arranged up to 16 bricks with double points and no luck

  • jay el

    Oops 12,000 not 20,000 – just seems like that many

  • Charu A

    hey…I m stuck on the second mystery quest after 387…..How to get enough points in it??

    • agent86ix

      Hey Charu,

      I’ve yet to get that far in Pet Rescue Saga, so I don’t have any specific tips for you, unfortunately. When it comes to score, you want to make the biggest matches possible, and include “x2” blocks in the largest matches you can. The points per block cleared don’t scale linearly. Thus, matching 2 blocks and then matching 2 more blocks is worth less than matching those 4 blocks in one move.

      Perhaps another one of our readers has gotten this far and has a specific strategy for this level?

      • Amanda Kelly

        Hi, My husband and I are also stuck at this quest. we find it impossible to get 20000 (the most we have got is 16000). at our wits end as to what to do….. have tried many different strategies with no avail. even blocking at most got 4000 points but not enough… what next????

  • Maddness

    Hi I’m on mystery quest 58 rescue 3 pets and gain 21000 points. I rescue pets easy but I can’t seem to get the points. I need some help please.

    • katie

      snap!!! It’s driving me mad! I just can’t get the points, need some help!

    • agent86ix

      Hey there Maddness!

      Sorry for the late reply. Super crazy lately! Ahem.

      I just went back to level 58 to try it out and see what I could find. This is a level where there are infinite blocks and generally one pet drops down from the top at a time. Try to focus on bringing a bunch of the same color blocks together, and you’ll get some massive match bonuses plus charge your rocket fast.

      Once the rocket is charged, use it to save a pet if you still need pets and one is stuck. If you’ve got a good pet thing going, you can use it on the right or left columns to get a bunch of diamonds. Each diamond is worth 1000 points, so that goes a long way. The diamonds will also drop from the top from time to time, so saving them can also be a priority for points.

      I managed to get 22,000 points in one try with this general strategy, so I’m sure you’ll be able to clear it soon!

  • agent86ix

    Sorry guys – this is way past where I’ve gotten to! I’d love to help if I was that far, but sadly I’m not :(

  • agent86ix

    Hey maddness, welcome back :)

    128 is a rough one. You’ve got to use the blocks that aren’t blocked by the lock to charge your rocket, and use that to free the key. This pattern repeats twice in the level. Do bear in mind that only certain columns work for freeing the key – you’ve got to break up the checkerboard of “virus” squares so that they can be matched together.

    Once you’re past those two, you’ve got to clean up the bottom. Chances are you’ll get just one more rocket at this point, so try to save that and the balloon for as long as possible. It takes some luck and some planning, but eventually you’ll get past level 128!

  • Sherrie Garner

    I’m on mystery quest trying to get to 133, need blocks cleared, 20000 pts. Can’t get the pts. Help!

  • agent86ix

    Hey Marie!

    Perhaps you’ve gotten to the end of the levels that King has put out so far? 597 is no easy accomplishment, congratulations!

  • lynston

    Hiya, just had new galaxy Note 3, pet rescue did not transfer to my new phone and if i downloa it from playstore it takes me back to beginning and not to level 297. How cami maintain my level on me phone?

  • jane

    Hi, I have finished level 762 it won’t let me pass keeps saying current levels completed new contents coming soon, but I’ve noticed people pass this level, also on my kindle it’s knocked me back 20 levels, just maddened me with the money I spent on items, reported it to king but got no replies, any one no what’s wrong? I’ve done everything possible. X

    • agent86ix

      Hey Jane,

      Whenever there are “new levels coming soon” it usually means that King has to update the game in whatever store you use to get your games (ie, the Kindle store, Google Play, or iTunes). Sometimes they don’t release the updates at the same time on each platform, so it might be people who are past this point are playing on different devices. That said, check for an update in your device’s store and you might get some more levels.

      If you log into Facebook, all your progress should sync across all your devices. If it doesn’t, that sounds like a problem on King’s end.

      I totally agree that if you’re paying good money to play their game, you ought to have it work right! Keep bugging them!

  • agent86ix

    It may be that 853 is the last level King has made so far, which means you might be in for a looooong wait.

    Usually more levels are added with an update to the app, so make sure you check the App Store for your device regularly!