Top Ten Ninja Kingdom Tips Tricks and Secrets (part-2)

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Welcome to part 2 of our Top Ten Ninja Kingdom Tricks, Tips, and Secrets. If you are starting in the middle, use the navigation above to check out the first five!

Ninja Kingdom Completing Quests

5. Wait to claim quests

In the early game, you’ll be completing quests all the time. You may be tempted to claim the rewards right away, due to the giant tempting Claim Button and your thirst for achievement. With few exceptions, there is normally nothing urgent about claiming the reward, and in effect all of these quest rewards can form a virtual Swiss Bank Account of resource pools which your opponents can’t touch.

Pro Tip The larger your stockpile of resources, the more that opponents can take on a successful raid and almost no base is invulnerable. Try to save quest rewards for the really “high dollar” upgrades like Oni Training and advanced Building Upgrades.

Ninja Kingdom Oni Targetting

4. Use Oni targeting

A unique feature of Ninja Kingdom when compared to games like Clash of Clans is the Oni targeting ability. When you deploy the Oni, it will attack the nearest building at random, but you can change its focus at any time by simply clicking a different target while the “Oni” unit is selected. This is an increadibly powerful ability, arguably the most strategically useful in the game. As you gain experience in raiding, you should constantly be retargeting your deployed Oni to maximize its impact.

Pro Tip Use the Oni first to target “Area of Effect” defenses like Mortars, Sentry Bots, and Palaces with the Princess. The Oni can tank a huge amount, and eliminating these priority targets will allow your horde units to clean up the rest.

Ninja Kingdom Clan Walls

3. Clan wall health

Thanks to a tip from Mei Zoe on the Zynga forums, we learned that the hitpoints for Clan Walls are actually slightly higher than those of regular Walls. You only have a small number, even when your Clan has unlocked all of them that are available, but they are enough to surround a few priority defenses or other buildings.

Warning For some reason the level 4 wall bucks the trend and the Clan Wall actually gets worse temporarily. Go figure – but be aware that when you get to that level your Clan Walls will be at a temporary disadvantage until you upgrade.

Pro Tip Try and remember where you put your Clan Walls, since they are hard to find otherwise. In the event you’ve already peppered them all over, it is possible to tell the difference if you click on each wall until you’ve found them (though admittedly tedious).

Ninja Kingdom Rescue the Princess

2. Save the Princess!

What self-respecting gamer sees a Princess in distress and doesn’t save her? Well despite your moral imperative to end her captivity, there is also an awesome perk to saving her. Once you’ve completed the last Single Player level and freed the Princess, she’ll patrol your village and rush to the Palace to defend it! Her attack isn’t super powerful, but it does damage enemies in groups and can be very effective at thinning groups of enemies distracted by other buildings. It also has the tendence to bounce enemy troops off target, sometimes causing them to reacquire a new target, wasting time and health. One has to wonder if the Princess can shoot pink balls of energy how she got kidnapped in the first place, but regardless she’ll be a welcome addition to your village.

Ninja Kingdom On Fire Bonus

1. Gain the “On Fire” bonus from single player

Rounding out our Top Ten Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Ninja Kingdom is a doozy. If you’ve played more than a few battles you’ll be aware that when you get 3 wins in a row you received an “On Fire” bonus for your next battle. What you may not have noticed is that the “wins” for this bonus count regardless of whether the battle was a Single Player or Multiplayer Battle. Even better, it doesn’t even matter if it is a Single Player Battle you’ve already beaten. This means that you can take a handful of Grunts to the first Single Player battle and with about a minutes worth of work you’ve got another “On Fire” bonus in the shoot for your next Multiplayer attack. Given the stat and speed bonuses associated with the bonus, it is really worth it when you are farming for big resource pools in well defended bases.

Pro Tip Waiting for your Oni is a great time to go grab some wins in Single Player and prime your “On Fire” bonus. If you have Grunts queued to train, you’ll keep gaining troops even though you spend a handful for each Single Player win.

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, it seems this trick has been removed with a recent patch. You can still get the “On Fire” bonus with consecutive Multiplayer wins, but not by defeating previously beaten Single Player Campaign levels. Since some of the tips above still apply to “On Fire” in general, I’ll leave them for posterity :).

Well that concludes our Top Ten Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Ninja Kingdom. Know any we didn’t include? Leave a comment for your fellow ninjas!

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