Top 4 Clash Royale Tournament Tips to Win Top Spots

Clash Royale Tournament As part of the latest update SuperCell added Clash Royale Tournament, and after a week of clashing it up we’re ready to share our Top 4 Clash Royale Tournament tips, along with some bonus pro tips along the way. Enjoy!

1. Finding a Tournament

One of the first things that can be kind of a challenge if you don’t want to create your own Clash Royale Tournament is actually finding a tournament to play in. At least as of SuperCell’s initial release it seems finding tournaments is pretty easy but they are all full. To some extent this unavoidable and secretly a good thing since the games popularity is ultimately good to keep the community thriving, but it can be a bummer when you just want to get a match. The trick that I’ve found works best is to just repeatedly mash the “magnifying glass” icon with no search terms, and keep trying to join the very first tournament you find.

Pro Tip You can leave a Clash Royale Tournament at any time by pressing the blue info icon on the leaderboard page and choosing “Leave Tournament”. If you spam your way into a tourney you don’t want to be in, just leave and try again. Ideally, try and find a tournament with a time duration and enough time left that you can get in enough matches for a top spot.

Tournament Rules

2. Tournament Rules

The Clash Royale Tournament meta is extremely different. To an extent, P2W players don’t have as big of an advantage since level caps are signficantly reduced. In reality what this means is that Rares and Epics that are maxed tend to face off better against Commons. The Royal Giant in particular feels much weaker, but other noteable Commons like Goblins and Zap will also be a known quantity that can’t win on level alone.

Pro Tip Clash Royale Tournament Rules also mean an especially long 3 minute Overtime. This tends to favor “beat down” decks that benefit from the 2x Elixir in Overtime, but it can also mean that “chip” damage from troops like Goblins and Fire Spirits can add up to a downed tower. With weaker RGs, defensive buildings like Inferno Tower and Hidden Tesla can help to prevent chip damage and possibly distract beat down troops while you build a counter attack.

Big Log Tournament

3. A Spectator Sport

A surprising amount of info can be gained by sizing up your competition before you wade into battle. If your Clash Royale Tournament is long enough, or if you’ve got some time to kill while you wait for it to start – look at your opponents decks and see what is popular. Pay particular attention to the “Cards won” stat on each players profile. If they’ve got a large number, chances are that they’ll be a contender.

Once things get started, try to spectate the folks at the top to learn their decks and how they play them. If one of the big guys is playing a combo you don’t defend well against, either make adjustments or try to avoid them.

Pro Tip While you are spectating one of the big matches, if you see a top player that you’ve got your eye on, wait till their match is over or almost over and then queue up. A surprisingly large portion of the time, this will guarantee you a match with them – giving you a chance to steal some big trophies.

Clash Royale Tournament Bracket

4. Hold em/Fold em/Walk/Run/Etc

An interesting nuance of the Clash Royale Tournament trophy system is that when you start you have nothing to lose, but the more you play the less you have to gain while your risk of losing reaches a maximum. Keep an eye on the time left, and who your chief competition is. If there is an opponent you don’t want to face, try to only match up when they are already in a match. When you are in the spot you are shooting for and you have a good lead on the next closest opponent, stop playing. Opponents will get anywhere from a few trophies all the way up to 40 for a big win, but if you have a 70-100 advantage you’ll be pretty hard to over take once time is short. This is not the bravest way to play, but hey – a win is a win.

Do you know any Clash Royale tournament tips that we missed? Leave a comment below and let us know!