Top 3 Alternatives from the makers of Candy Crush Saga

If you haven’t been living under a stone for the last few years, you’ve likely already heard of Candy Crush Saga. It is a fun, if sometimes punishing game, but even though it can be quite addictive, you may grow bored or frustrated with it at some point and want to try something else. If you haven’t already checked out the previous recommendations from agent86ix and EBongo(me), you might give those a look. However, there are also three other great puzzle matching games from King that are worth a look when Candy Crush isn’t scratching your matching itches.

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Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes is like a cuter, fuzzier, friendlier version of Candy Crush. Little helpful boosts are plentiful, and somehow the whole vibe of the game, especially the early game, is just much more approachable. Mechanically, Farm Heroes is almost identical to Candy Crush. You’ll find the same basic match-3, with the same Special Candy style matches of 4/5 in a row and L/T/cross shapes. If Candy Crush is frustrating you, or if you are just out of lives and looking for a break, give Farm Heroes a try. For some quick tips to get you started, check out our Farm Heroes Saga Beginner’s Guide.

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Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue is a significantly different game from Candy Crush, but still a puzzler at it’s roots. Instead of cutesy candy, or cutesy crops, here the cutesy medium is among the cutest of all: cute animals. What’s worse, these cute animals are in need of rescuing. You do so, with a different puzzling mechanic in which groups of matching blocks are selected for removal. The challenge of each level being to remove them surgically such that you both clear enough blocks, and in some cases save enough pets, to win. Pet Rescue Saga is a great change of pace when you are tired of the switching match 3 mechanic of games like Candy Crush. Check it out, and while you are at it get a jump start with our 5 Weird Tips for Pet Rescue Saga.

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Pepper Panic Saga

The latest game is King’s lineup is another match 3 puzzler called Pepper Panic Saga. While the basic matching and match types are heavily borrowed from Candy Crush (and games before it), the twist is that one pepper in each match stays around and becomes more spicy. As peppers become more spicy they eventually catch fire, causing chain reactions which often lead to a “Pepper Panic”. I’d probably panic too if peppers started catching fire and exploding in my general viscinity. Anyway, Pepper Panic is filled with many of the tropes you are used to if you play Candy Crush, but it also seems a bit more on the challenging side to me. If you are seriously addicted to puzzlers, Pepper Panic is a great test of your puzzling skills. Be warned that setting peppers on fire is dangerous work, and should not be attempted without first reading our Pepper Panic Saga Beginner’s Guide.