Unlocking New Levels in Pet Rescue Saga | Mystery Quests

Everyone's favorite/hidden/confusing King feature is back in Pet Rescue Saga - the Mystery Quest. Mystery Quests let you unlock levels in Pet Rescue Saga without having to pay for them, and it works even if your friends don't play Pet Rescue Saga! Sound good? Let's go over the details of Mystery Quests in Pet Rescue Saga.

Unlocking New Levels

Periodically in Pet Rescue Saga, you'll come to a bridge or other obstacle you can't cross without:

Unless you've got several friends who play Pet Rescue Saga, chances are good you can't round up three tickets easily. And I am morally opposed to paying $0.99 every 15-20 levels or so. Not happening, guys!

Luckily, with a recent update to Pet Rescue Saga, a third option is available - the titular Mystery Quest. Mystery Quests are free and don't require you to bug your friends!

Getting the Mystery Quests

Getting Mystery Quests can be tricky if you're new to Pet Rescue Saga. Here are the requirements:

Logging out of Facebook From Within Pet Rescue Saga

The option to log out of Facebook within Pet Rescue Saga isn't as hidden as it was in Candy Crush Saga.

Warning! People reported in Candy Crush Saga that logging out of Facebook would take their stockpiled lives away - if you've got a lot of friends sending you lives in Pet Rescue Saga, you might consider asking them for Tickets instead of taking the Mystery Quest route. I don't know that this is true for PRS as it was for CCS, but I felt like you should be warned. So consider yourself warned. Warned.

Playing Mystery Quests

Now that you're logged out of Facebook, you can go back to the bridge (or what have you) that is blocked, and you should have a third option to play Mystery Quests.

If you're already familiar with Mystery Quests in Candy Crush Saga, the rules are very similar here.