Two Dots Game Review - More Dots, More Fun

You may recall in my list of top games like Candy Crush Saga that one of the contenders was Dots by Betaworks One, a simple, beautiful game about connecting the dots (a brief shout out to all the old folks like me who can't avoid hearing Pee Wee Herman's voice when thinking that phrase). While I love minimalist puzzlers like Dots and Blek, I have to admit that I tend to expect them to be a one time stroke of genius by a small developer.

Well along comes Two Dots. Lightning has struck twice for Betaworks One with a sequel that is improved and evolved compared to its predecessor. As much as you may love the Zen simplicity of Dots, if you are like me, you crave the accomplishment of other puzzlers like Candy Crush Saga or Puzzle and Dragons. Boy are you in luck. Two Dots takes the minimalist puzzling mechanics of Dots, adds objective mechanics like "anchors" (think Ingredients in CCS), and spins them into an 85 level buffet for your insatiable puzzling appetite - with more surely to follow. Cute characters, entertaining music, and satisfying sound effects show the level of polish that was put into this sequel.

Now, there are IAPs - and depending on your previous experiences you may find them frustrating or the accepted standard in "Free to Play" apps these days. For my own part, I don't mind them, but I would love an option for a one time fee to get unlimited lives. As agent86ix and I have discussed over on Reddit its not so much about the expense but the desire to not cheat.

Monetization aside, if you love puzzlers like Candy Crush or Farm Heroes, Two Dots is definitely worth checking out.