Top Ten Ninja Kingdom Tips, Tricks, and Secrets (Part 1)

If you are a big fan of Clash of Clans, you may notice a lot of borrowed concepts in Ninja Kingdom. In fact there are many small little nuances that make the game unique and an enjoyable experience in it's own right. If you want to get an edge on your fellow Ninjas check out these Top Ten Ninja Kingdom Tips to give you a leg up.

10. Upgrade Clan Hall and Oni Altar ASAP

Summoning the Oni and joining a Clan are two huge benefits in the early game that will give you the advantage versus noobs. When you are just getting started, you get to try out the Oni, but then it is never really explained how you get him back. You also start with this broken down Clan Hall, with completely no explanation. For each you need to upgrade your Palace once, and then pay a small sum to restore the building. Make these building a priority, and start reaping the benefits every battle.

Pro Tip If you have friends that play Ninja Kingdom, some of the same logic applies to the Troop Portal, but since the wait times for getting new troops are so long, it isn't as awesome of a benefit compared to the others.

9. Free "completes" for short build times

If you are like me, you are wary of IAP currency and the games attempts to get you to spend it. You are right to suspect Ninja Kingdom, because it will encourage you to waste the small quantity of Jade you get for free, but in a somewhat divergent move from games like Clash of Clans, Zynga decided to give you plenty of little opportunities to "quick finish" things for free. For example - the level 1 Goldsmith and Sushi Chef can be fast completed for free, as well as the first upgrade of those buildings.

Pro Tip Use this trick when you want to leave the game for a while and want to take advantage of the time away by finishing up short upgrades to start longer ones.

8. Ninjas will only jump single walls

The wall-jumping Ninja is a powerful troop somewhat like the "Hog Rider" of Clash of Clans, but much easier to aquire. On the attacking side, you'll love them, but on defense you may quickly find them to be devastating. One solution is doubling up your walls around critical buildings and defenses. Ninjas can't jump double walls, and will simply "decloak" and start attacking first wall. Even a large mass of Ninjas typically won't stand much chance when they are exposed and attacking a double wall (provided they are in range of other defenses).

Pro Tip Protecting your Mortar(s) with a double wall and a Sentry Bot nearby or Bombs near likely angles of attack is an effective way to repel even a large force of Ninjas.

7. Set traps for "Clan Assist" troops

Enemy "Clan Assist" troops can put a real damper on things especially at lower levels where the difference of a few high value troops can really swing the tides of battle. Luckily, Clan Assist troops always approach from the same direction, so their path of attack towards your base is predictable. You can exploit this in a number of ways to minimize or eliminate the effectiveness of Clan Assist troops. Consider placing traps in their path to slow or destroy them. You may also want to place low value buildings or a small "wall maze" to try and slow them down until your defenses have chewed through most of the attacking force.

Pro Tip Placing the pit trap for your Jade Mine in the path of the Clan Assist troops creates a good opportunity to keep your Jade Mine full and productive, even after a loss.

6. Set free Jade Miners

Even many of the more powerful troops in the game may fall to the sneaky Pit Trap that feeds the Jade Mine. Enslaving Shoguns can't be too choosey, and as such as you look for opponents you may find some that have a full Jade Mine of valuable troops just waiting to defect to your side. As you plan a potential attack, look for Samurais or Ninjas in Jade Mines which can create a distraction and aid your army - even if you haven't unlocked them yet!