Top 5 Tricks for Eagle Eye Eddie in Farmville 2: Country Escape

By far the most challenging part of Farmville 2: Country Escape is Eagle Eye Eddie. He makes outrageous demands on a daily basis, and he holds the key to unlocking all those precious Prized Animals. His stamps can be hard to get, though. In this guide, we'll cover my best 5 tips and tricks for dealing with Eddie!

# Learning the Ropes

If you haven't already read our guide to Eddie, Stamps, Prized Animals, and Ribbons in Farmville 2: Country Escape, I suggest you start there. Don't worry, we'll be here when you finish!

Done that already? Okay, let's get into my advanced tips and tricks for dealing with Eddie:

# # 5: Use the Market

The Farmville 2 Country Escape market is a powerful and extremely useful tool for finding stuff that Eddie wants you to sell him. The market rolls over every 5 minutes, so it pays to check there regularly when you can.

In particular, there are certain things that are almost always on the Farmville 2 Country Escape market:

All of these things are prime candidates for market shopping. It's also pretty easy to find other crops and animal products there.

I don't worry too much about how much they're being sold for. There's a cap to the price something can be on the market for in Farmville 2 Country Escape. Additionally, Eddie pays 15% more than the default market price, so you're likely to turn a profit on your investment. Even if that's not the case, the extra experience and the chance for a stamp often outweighs any additional cost you might incur.

Pro Tip If you've got a farm in the Facebook version of Farmville 2, you can connect them and transfer small quantities of items to your Country Escape farm. Some things that are relatively rare (like Lemons) are common in the Facebook version. Click here to read more about connecting your Country Escape and Farmville 2 farms!

# # 4: Focus Your Efforts

When Eddie is away, you can tap on his hangar to see what he's going to ask for the next time he lands. You might be tempted to try and stock up on everything he will be asking for. However, it's unlikely that all of that is going to fit in your Farmville 2 Country Escape barn.

Instead, I suggest focusing your efforts on one or two of the items that are more difficult to find or harvest. Usually any common things that Eddie asks for will be in such a high quantity that having a few of them on hand before he lands is not going to help much.

Meanwhile, you might miss out on the opportunity to buy something rare on the Market, or have difficulty crafting something that takes a lot of resources to create.

Pro Tip Since he always asks for 2 groups of each item, Eddie always asks for an even number of an item, and the minimum number he can ask for is 2. For things that are rare or expensive, chances are he's going to ask for either 2 or 4 of them. This is important to keep in mind when you're in the planning phase for Eddie's next request.

# # 3: Collect Rare Stuff Early

There are a few items that Eddie frequently asks for that are really hard to get. These include:

The common theme here is stuff that you find in Farm Scenes that isn't guaranteed. If you're seriously serious about stamps, I suggest having around 4 of each of these items in your Farmville 2 Country Escape barn at all times.

Pro Tip Did you know that each of your Farm Hands has different bonuses depending on where they forage? We have a list of them on our Farmville 2 Country Escape Wiki article about Foraging. This info can help if you need to divide your efforts, if the scene won't fit all your farm hands, or if you need to ask for a Helping Hand.

# # 2: Sell Rare Stuff Last

Okay, so you prepped for Eddie's landing, and now he's here. You can immediately sell him that Mint you foraged for! Great!

But wait, that's not such a great idea. If you've already got a small quantity of the rare stuff, getting it out of your barn isn't likely to make a big impact in your barn space. On top of that, if for whatever reason you can't play more Farmville 2 Country Escape to fulfill the rest of Eddie's order, those rare items won't be available the next time Eddie needs them.

Thus, my suggestion is to hold onto your rare items until you've filled the rest of the order. If something happens and you get distracted, at least you won't have to go foraging at the pond for another 36 hours to get more Mint!

# # 1: Don't Be Afraid To Skip!

Eddie's demands are often very unreasonable. If you've not yet sold him anything at all, you can opt to skip a set of things he wants. I suggest you use this frequently. I will tend to skip if:

Good Luck!

Hopefully now that you're armed with these tricks, you can more easily deal with Eddie's crazy whims. Good luck getting your Gold Stamps!