Tips and Tricks for Bubble Witch Saga 2

Bubble Witch Saga 2 is the latest game in King's Saga empire. It's a bit more skill-based than some of the other games King makes, though. You might find yourself in need of some Bubble Witch Saga 2 tips and tricks. Look no further than our Bubble Witch Saga 2 guide to get all the tips and tricks you need!

Color Confirmation

If you play on a phone or tablet, chances are you have to put your finger on your device in such a way that your hand blocks the part of the screen where the color of the bubble you're about to shoot is shown. If you're double unlucky, you might accidentally tap the bubble launcher, which switches the current bubble with the next one. Argh!

Here's a quick tip for these situations - the color of the line coming out of the bubble launcher is the same as the color of the bubble that will be fired. Double check that the color is what you expect before you fire, and you'll avoid a lot of heartache.

Color Elimination

Have you ever been down to your last few bubbles, and the color you want just isn't coming up? You might be tempted to just quit in frustration, or toss away all the remaining bubbles.

Wait, stop! Don't! If you can manage to clear all of a particular color off the board, that color will stop coming up in your bubble launcher. I've even seen it change the color of the next bubble when I completely eliminated the color that was coming up next! Even those worthless bubbles can save you when you're down to the wire.

Getting the Pot Hot

Whenever you make a match that releases some extra bubbles without matching them, those extra bubbles will fall down towards your pots at the bottom of the screen. These bubbles can add up to some major points!

Every time you match bubbles, more spiders will show up down by your pot. These guys act like pinball bumpers and bounce any falling bubbles around, earning bonus points with every bounce. However, if you fire a bubble without making a match, some of your spiders will fly off. (Wait, spiders can fly?! Well, I know what I'm going to have nightmares about tonight...)

Finally, if you manage to make enough matches in a row, you'll get a "hot pot" bonus - all your points will double! This hot pot bonus will go away if you shoot a bubble without making a match! If you know that your next shot will break your chain, and you've got bubbles bouncing around, you might just want to wait a bit so that you get the maximum benefit from your hot pot.

Threading the Needle

On many levels, you're going to have a strict limit to the number of bubbles that you can fire. With that in mind, you've got to make each shot count.

While it may seem like bubbles that touch each other will automatically stick together, the bubbles themselves are actually on a grid. With some careful aim, you can fire bubbles deep into pockets of other bubbles! This will help you eliminate the chains that hold bubbles together near the top of the screen, and can release a lot of extra bubbles for bonus points.

Watch the aiming line carefully and you can see where a bubble is likely to stick once fired. The further your finger or mouse cursor is up the screen, the easier a time you'll have while aiming. You can try this and see - move your finger back and forth just a bit close to the bubble launcher and it will move the aiming line a lot, while moving it back and forth further away will move it less.

On the Rebound

Bouncing a bubble off the wall is an essential skill. This will allow you to bypass big chunks of bubbles at the bottom of the screen so that you can break the bubbles holding them up instead. Whenever you find yourself running out of bubbles before you reach the end of a level, chances are good you need to be bouncing more and aiming higher rather than tackling everything from the bottom up.

The downside to this is that your aiming line is very short after it hits the wall. Making tricky rebound shots is complex for this reason. It helps to practice this move at times when missing isn't a big deal so that you can get the general gist of it prior to having to use it for real.

Another trick I sometimes use is the "piece of paper" trick. If you put your phone or tablet down on a flat surface, you can hold the bubble line in place with one finger and use something flat (like the edge of a piece of paper) to extend the stub of the aiming line out to where the bubble will fall.

You can also line up the piece of paper so that it shows the path you want the bubble to take, and then you can aim to hit the line the paper is making. That might be easier for folks who find it hard to manage both their phone and the paper.

Do note that there are some angles that just won't work - sometimes you can't thread through a tiny opening in the bubble wall and bounce off the wall. You'll have to clear more bubbles out before you can proceed.


Bubble Witch Saga 2 is more skill-based than many of King's previous games. Hopefully, with these tricks your abilities have magically improved! Regardless, stay tuned for more Bubble Witch Saga 2 tips, tricks and guides from the wizards at Without the Sarcasm.