Tips to beat Two Dots Level 72

Update! This level was radically changed in the version 1.1.2 update. Click here to see tips for the new level.

Several readers have reached out and asked for some tips on Two Dots Level 72. Ask and you shall receive friends! Level 72 can be fairly difficult, and like most levels in Two Dots that involve Fire, if you don't have the right strategy... you'll get killed with fire. Without further ado, here are some quick tips.

It burns

Because of the shape of this board, you need to consider each move carefully with respect to Fire control. Just about every time the Fire grows you are losing 2 moves - the first where you didn't clear a Fire Dot, and the second to clear the Fire Dot which spread because you didn't clear one. Naturally, this can get out of hand quickly - so you need to take control early and keep it throughout the round. For starters, take out that pesky fire Dot on the top left ASAP. You don't need two fires growing. It may be worth rerolling the level until you've got a good move to clear it.

Warning When you first start clearing the fire on the right, be very careful to avoid dropping Fire Dots into your safe area below. If it happens, clear them immediately. The Fire Dots only fall down in this area you let them grow into the top of the column and then clear Dots below them. Try to strike quickly to start working the Fire back to the right, and you soon won't have to worry about this nuisance.

Forward Progress

The bottom left area is the best part of the board for making Squares. Also, watch for the chance to create Bombs (Squares that enclose other Dots), since they actually appear fairly often here and are a good alternative if you can't make a Square.

Pro Tip As you snake through the level on the right, don't use a Square if you don't have to. Many times you can clear two or three Fire Dots just by making "match - twos". If you use your Square too soon, you'll only clear one fire Dot, and the random drops may not be as favorable. The best use of Squares is when you are down to single Dots of that color that are touching the fire. I believe this nuance is what makes Level 72 challenging for so many people, since you need to try and hold off on Squares until they are most needed.

Pro Tip Avoid spending moves to make Squares unless you don't have any moves that can clear Fire. Inevitably you will get stuck every so often, and that's the opportune time to set up a Square.

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