Tips to beat Two Dots Level 55

While you could make an argument for many different levels, I believe Two Dots Level 55 is one of the hardest in the game. The board layout, and the non-intuitive behavior of the Ramps make it very challenging to break all the Ice in the small number of moves you are given. You can't give up now! Read on for tips and tricks to get past Two Dots Level 55.

Ramping it up

One of the key challenges of this level is the behavior of the Ramps. You may have seen them in previous levels, but in Level 55 it become very important that you understand how Dots move around them, so you can carefully plan out your moves.

As you can see in the picture, Dots in the column that ends at the top of the Ramp will get injected into the column at the bottom of the ramp. If you learn the pattern, it is fairly easily to predict how the Dots will "flow" when matches are made, but for larger matches it can take a significant amount of time to study.

Warning Take your time, and plan your moves carefully near Ramps. All too often, you'll see a move to line up a Square or set up a match to break Ice and find that your alignment it foiled by Dots inserted by the Ramp.

Precious, Precious, Squares

Squares are as important as ever in Two Dots Level 55, but because of the Ramps and the narrow opening on the two sides I find them very hard to make. As with most levels, if you can get "Squaring" it will really help you make a lot of progress in minimal moves. In many cases, it will cost way to many moves to get a Square chain started, so to have the best chance at winning I suggest rerolling until you have a Square to start, or can set one up with only a few moves.

Do you think Two Dots Level 55 is the hardest yet? Leave a comment, and let us know if you are loving the challenge.