Tips to beat Two Dots Level 35

Are you addicted to Two Dots yet? We love it so much that we can't put it down. There are some tough levels though, and one of the first really hard ones is Two Dots Level 35. You are pitted against Anchors and a Dot matching target, and it just seems like you don't have enough moves to ever finish it. Well before you smash your phone, try these tips to beat this tough level.

Know the real goal

One of the big deceptions of this level is that the Dot matching target is the least of your worries. You can't completely ignore it, but if you are successful in getting enough Anchors, you will almost always meet the Dot color matching goals. You must focus on Anchors to win.

Pro Tip Take note the initial Anchors on the board are not enough to win. In fact, they aren't enough by a long shot. What's worse is that new Anchors will not spawn until you clear the initial six. Make it a priority to clear these, so that you have more to work with in your remaining moves.

Squaring is caring

Like most tough levels, Two Dots Level 35 is all about making Squares. You simply don't have the moves to get enough Anchors out, if you aren't connecting a Square almost every single turn. After you make a few Squares, you should find it pretty easy to keep making them. Keep an eye on the colors you need to clear to get each Anchor out, and don't be afraid to make a simple match if it means nabbing another Anchor, since it will increase the odds of a new one spawning.

This level will definitely take a few attempts, but if you stick with it you can succeed! Still need more help? Check out 5 quick tips for tough Two Dots levels, or read our article on the secret of rerolling levels. Got any Two Dots Level 35 tips of your own? Leave them in the comments... and keep connecting!