The "Meta Game"

Halo 3 introduced me to the concept of the "meta game". A game within a game. A game that you played, by playing another game. The philosophical ramifications are vast - but it is also fun and a great diversion, especially in a competitive online game where you might not be doing so hot.

Since Halo 3, I've tried to incorporate aspects of the "meta game" into various other game experiences. No previous effort compares to my success in Call of Duty: Black Ops(with the help of agent86). The game we invented in CoD:BO is the "Offensive Emblem" Game. The rules are simple - 1. Define what offends you personally 2. Methodically report each violation of criteria determined in step 1.

Other than bonus entertainment, I didn't much expect that this amounted to much actual justice. If the mythical cornucopia that nourished baby Zeus was instead overflowing with poorly drawn T & A, bestiality, and snugly holstered pickle dongs - it still would not compare to the CoD:BO communities ability to produce vulgarity. Imagine my surprise and encouragement when I read that there was actually a somewhat reasonable punishment scheme for emblem offenders. Apparently the ruling censors of Xbox Live have also gone on record against the common defenses that "it's a mature game" and "you are blocking my free speech".

How uplifting. Now to get in a few more minutes of "meta game" before the sun sets on CoD:BO. So long chainsaw phalli - you won't be missed.

Electric B