Specialization Priority Alpha codes for Halo 4 are in the wild!

Wondering what "Free gift from Xbox LIVE" you just got does? Look no further.

I just got an email from Xbox LIVE saying I got a "free gift" - and it turns out they've finally started releasing the codes to unlock the other specializations for those of us who played Halo 4 multiplayer before November 20th. The code redeems as "Specialization Priority Alpha" - which is a mouthful and not particularly descriptive, to say the least!

Luckily, WOTS is here to give you the scoop. Essentially, those of us who didn't shell out for the Legendary Edition only had 2 specializations available. The plan is for Microsoft to eventually release all of them to everyone, but for the time being they're still quite limited. Microsoft did say that they were going to reward those of us who were "early adopters" by giving us codes that unlocked these extra specializations before they go public.

So, if you've got a code in your email from Xbox LIVE about a "Free Gift" - chances are you've just got an unlock code for the rest of the specializations.

Bear in mind that you can't switch specializations until you've completed your current one. For most of us, this means getting to level 50 in the default "Spartan 4" specialization.

The two that are already unlocked for everyone are Wetwork and Operator. In addition to unique armor unlocks, each specialization has a unique ability associated with it, which you unlock by getting 10 levels in that specialization. For instance, Wetwork has the "Stealth" armor mod, which gives bonuses to movement noise and against Promethean Vision. Operator has the Wheelman armor mod, which gives bonuses to driving vehicles. The 6 others that just unlocked for early multiplayer people like us are:

Stay tuned to WOTS for the latest tips and strategies for getting the most out of your specializations! What specializations are you most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments.