Saints Row 4 Guide - Epic Jump Quest

I have a habit of getting all the achievements in Saints Row games, and Saints Row 4 is no exception. Most of the ones this time are pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, except for this one - Epic Jump Quest. I got this one yesterday and figured I'd share my tips.

For the Saints Row 4 Achievement/Trophy "Epic Jump Quest" you must jump from the roof of Three Count to the Nuke Plant without touching the ground or landing on a rooftop.

The Locations

Epic Jump Quest - Where is Three Count?

Three Count is a casino-slash-crib that was key to the plot of SR3, and since Saints Row 4 takes place in SR3's Steelport, it's located in the same place as last time.

What, you don't remember where every building is in a game that came out years ago? Fiiiine. Three Count is in the far lower left hand corner of the map, in southern Carver Island. Once you get near it, you should be able to see it from a distance - it's got a giant glowing Luchadore on the front of it.

Epic Jump Quest - Where is the Nuke Plant?

The Nuke Plant is the Decker's hideout from SR3, and again, it's in the same place as last time. The Nuke Plant is in the far upper left corner of the map, in the Stanfield district. It's not in great shape, but the cooling towers are still visible from a distance.

Making the Trip

The Cheesy Way

Okay, so there's a really easy way to do this that completely bypasses any "challenge" this achievement creates.

  1. In a single player game (not co-op!) go to the top of 3-Count as I mentioned in the above section.
  2. Jump
  3. While in the air, open the menu, pick the phone, and then pick a flying vehicle like the XOR or Void
  4. Fly to the Nuke Plant
  5. Easy Cheev.

But, if you really want to do it the way the developers intended, it's not that hard. I will describe how in the following section.

The Other Cheesy Way

Okay, okay, we'll get to the "real" way here in a second. In our comments, Cerxi and Playa both point out another easy, cheesy way.

  1. Go to the top of 3-Count as I mentioned in the above section.
  2. Pull out your Abduction Gun
  3. Fire the Abduction Gun at your own feet
  4. Wait while you are "abducted" high into the air
  5. At the top of your "jump" start gliding towards the Nuke Plant
  6. Either hit a couple of tall buildings and run up the side to gain height, or use a fully-maxed-out triple air dash to stay aloft longer
  7. Maximum cheesy-cheev profit.

Now, on to doing it the "hard" way.

The Real Way: Epic Jump Quest Setup & General Tips

Prior to embarking on the Epic Jump Quest, I'd suggest you pick up a few powers from the Jump tree:

If you are approaching a building and are a bit too high to hit the wall, consider looping around the side to lose some altitude before you go in to run up the side. You don't want to land on a roof here.

Epic Jump Quest Route

The "birds eye" view of the Epic Jump Quest Achievement route looks like this, from the Saints Row 4 map screen:

However, the "direct route" the waypoints will show you is probably not ideal, since you can't land on the ground. You're going to want to target larger buildings so that you can run/jump off the edge of them in order to gain height.

I suggest starting by heading northwest towards the tall buildings in this section of Carver Island. You can try going directly north, but the smokestacks here are kind of hard to hit, and it's hard to get a large amount of height off of them. Also, there are a lot of buildings with similar height, which means you can't really use your glide power for very long.

From these buildings, head towards the skyscrapers to the northeast, just east of the middle highway bridge between the two islands. You can get some decent height here, but watch out for the floating platforms!

From this area, there are a set of skyscrapers to the north you want to aim for. Unfortunately, these are the last really tall buildings before you hit the Nuke Plant. From here, you want to glide as fast and as straight as you can so that you make it to the plant without landing.

I was able to hit the cooling towers of the Nuke Plant and run up the side without too much trouble on my second attempt. The achievement popped as soon as I touched the side.